1. Nomini Casino
Welcome bonus up to C$1,540 in 3 bonuses
Welcome bonus up to C$1,540 in 3 bonuses
  • Live chat support available 24/7
  • Large portfolio of games
  • Games proved fair

Do not be afraid to lose as you get 10% cashback for every to lose with Nomini


Do not be afraid to lose as you get 10% cashback for every to lose with Nomini

One of the most popular online casinos is Nomini. The reason why the casino is very popular and has many visitors is that they are always new and innovative both with the games as well as with the promotions. The next promotion it offers to the customers is the 10% cashback promotion with the Live Casino games. 

With Nomini Online casino you do not have to worry about the losses and the money you have spent on the Live Casino, as you shall always expect the 10% cashback up to 230 CAD every week form every Monday to every Saturday. The promotion is only valid for the Nomini online casino registers. 

The rules of the promotion are very simple. You have to spend the money on the Live Casino games from every Monday 00:01 CEST, to every Saturday 23:59 CEST. Then the calculation behind. You should receive the cashback money from every loss while playing Live Casino. The slots or any sports games do not contribute to the promotion and the wagering requirement. 

The minimum cashback you can get from the promotion is 8 CAD, while the maximum cashback you can get is 230 CAD. There is no minimum deposit requirement, yet you have to make at least 1.5 CAD bet every week, in order to be eligible for the promotion. 

One more thing which might appear interesting for the players from Italy is that they shall receive additional free spins for every single day they have spent playing with the online casino. The minimum free spins amount if 5, which is for one day of being active, and the maximum is 100, for playing for 6 days. 

Any withdrawal made 24 hours prior to the promotion shall void the cashback. If you are willing to receive your cashback, please reach out to the support team of the online casino. The cashback amount is calculated following way (total deposit-total withdrawals-total bonuses received)*10%. All cashback amounts are subjected to the 1X wagering requirement before any active withdrawal. All the rest terms and conditions apply to the promotion.