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C$ 1 600 deposit bonus
C$ 1 600 deposit bonus
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JackpotCity has launched the special 100% bonus for your first 4 deposits


JackpotCity has launched the special 100% bonus for your first 4 deposits

There are many online casino game providers, which lure new players with their welcome pack bonuses. What or who should you choose? We will explain what we look for and why JackpotCity online casino is one of the best stater options, available right now on the Canadian market.

First of all, the rise of the online casino is unstoppable. We see new platforms emerging every week, if not every day. Players in Canada are simply spoilt for choice! It is quite confusing to make sense of everything out there – especially if you are a new player, who is just starting out. This is why we thought we might guide you through the entire process.

For starters, JackpotCity has been around for some time now. The online casino started out in 1998. It has shaped the online gaming community from the very beginning. It has seen it grow, feeding into its expectations. Put it this way, they are experts in their field. They know the market like few other operators in Canada.

But why is their welcome pack bonus better than anything else we happened to come across on the market? Read on and we will get down to it, in greater detail.

Whopping $1,600 for any new players

While we realize that not everything in life is about money, the starter reward is an impressive sum. Especially, if you consider that you only need to put $10 forward, in order to be eligible to play and claim your bonus. The first rule is simple: JackpotCity casino will double your money on the first four deposits you make.

There are only a few things that you should keep in mind. The maximum you can put down to get an extra 100% is $400, per each deposit. If we multiply that by four, we will get $1,600, which is the total you are eligible for, as a new player! You can spend that money in any way you like in the online casino, but remember, existing terms and conditions apply.

JackpotCity online casino only requires you to wager 50x. They will take care of the rest. Use those funds to lay down your claim for those juicy jackpots, which come to almost $20,000,000, at the time of writing. We should also mention that many of the games, available on JackpotCity casino come with exclusive features, such as progressive jackpots and free spins.

We particularly recommend that you browse through their extensive catalog of slot games, which include more than 300 different positions.

Are you a player that likes to bet or play big?

The potential welcome pack bonus, which is offered by the online casino provider is a hefty amount of money! It will definitely suit a player that likes to put big stakes and is not afraid of making bold decisions. But with just a $10 minimum deposit, it will also appeal to an average player, with a stricter or tighter budget.

The truth is that the bonus is simple to explain. There are no strings attached and it will speak to anyone, accessing the online casino for the first time. Aside from the real money incentive, its beauty lies in simplicity. We commend on JackpotCity’s straight-talking, generous attitude. It is likely to strike the right note, with the new players.

Players in Canada like honest offers. It is part of our northern, straight-talking spirit. JackpotCity online casino definitely gets the gist of it! Time after time, it has launched spectacular offers, which appealed to players from all over the country. This time is no different. See how the operator can help you out, in landing that big win.

Trust your instincts and let the game take you away! Playing at an online casino has never been so simple before. As we mentioned before, there has never been a better time to start. Trust JackpotCity to guide you through the entire experience. Feel the excitement on your skin, as you browse through some of the top releases, from the best developers worldwide.

Your welcome pack bonus will get you sorted right away. What are you waiting for? There is a whole world of opportunities.