Live5 and Loto-Quebec tied a knot


Live5 and Loto-Quebec tied a knot

In the new real world where the COVID-19 has taken over and the pandemic has affected the lives of everyone all across the world, it is becoming more and more important to deliver the new opportunities and possibilities to people for entertainment and relaxation purposes. Canada is one of the countries which is doing actually good and tries to implement and introduce new measures of entertainment and to involve people more in those tiring times. 

Loto-Quebec is one of the companies which has started thinking about solving the problem and addressing it in the best possible way. Recently it has been announced that Loto-Quebec and Live5 decided to pair up and offer customers some new services and possibilities. 

The new beginning 

Loto-Quebec is already fully ready to enhance the offerings and services. The gaming offerings shall now be more varied as the two big companies decided to merge their strengths. This is vivid because of the latest move in the online gambling industry. The Crown corporation recently announced the merger with Live5 in order to enhance the portfolio and diversify the options for the players. 

This is the perfect news for the players, who are seeking for new opportunities and the gaming titles, which can now be provided by Live5. The move is also very clear and smart, as Live5 is the innovator in the field, and it shall be very comprehensive for Crown to pair up with the innovator of the field, via inking the collaboration. Now that most of the brick and mortar casinos are closed, players are seeking alternatives. 

Doors wide shut 

Casinos all over the world have been shut and Quebec state is none of the exceptions. The casino and gambling halls are closed all over the state, leaving only the lotto tickets as an alternative option. This limits customers in choice and thus the Crown had to come up with a better alternative in order to keep players involved and interested. 

The Crown will be diversifying its portfolio via several new services and opportunities. Not only the lotto tickets will be an option from now on, but the sports betting online, as well as some other new innovations. 

Live sports betting 

Live5 will be able to offer its services and products in Quebec for the first time, meaning that it shall also increase the enhancement of its reach among society. As the partnership has been inked, the Loto-Quebec’s platforms will be full of new and very exciting content. SG Digital is the gaming giant that is responsible for making all of this come true and the new partnership to be arranged. The company brought the second breath to the online industry in the state and provincial gaming, with a bunch of new slots and big titles. 

It’s all about diversification

Live5 did not stay quiet about the news, and the Chief Executive Officer of Live5, Lloyd Butler, recently pronounced his position regarding the collaboration. He stated that the new collaboration should give the company an opportunity to enhance the footprint on the global online gambling industry. Loto-Quebec strives to modernize and optimize the online operation going into the second half of the current year. 

The lockdown and its impact 

As Llyod Butler mentioned in his announcement, this shall be only the beginning as the company is planning to collaborate with some more gaming developers in Canada. The goal is achievable in several months and the more popular the operator gets the better it is for the local market. SVP Casino at SG Digital, Dylan Slaney also outlined that the premium OpenGmaing platform has once again proven the flexibility in facilitating partnership online. 

One more news is that the Mise-o-jeu online sports betting offerings have also been finally confirmed last Tuesday, which means that more diversified possibilities shall be brought to the thrilling sports industry. This also gives the players an opportunity to place their bets on the official platform, which shall soon be available in Canada.