New gaming terminal receives approval in Ontario


New gaming terminal receives approval in Ontario

TCSJOHNHUXLEY’s new gaming terminal, the Qorex Electronic Gaming Solution, has recently won approval by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO).

The Qorex terminal will provide players with the benefits of online and electronic gaming, while also delivering the thrill of live gaming. Multi-game selection, improved security, and better performance for users and profitability for operators are just some of the features announced by the company.

It has a 23” widescreen, with its modular design allowing it to be configured anywhere on the gaming floor. Users can thus simultaneously bet on live casino games such as poker and roulette. These games can then also be linked via live camera feeds to the dealer games from around the casino floor. The terminal also seamlessly integrates with all other TCSJOHNHUXLEY Saturn Roulette wheel games, as well as Blaze Gaming tables and the Winning Number Displays. It is also SAS-compliant to allow player tracking and loyalty program installation.

To complement this, the Qorex HLite system can be installed as well, with a number of products which are modular as well and can provide flexible configurations and attractive LED designs and signs. These can be configured to create stunning centerpieces on the gaming floor, with carousel arrangements or large-scale stadium-based setups also possible.

TCSJOHNHUXLEY already has a strong presence in Ontario, with over 250 gaming tables being supplied, 40 Saturn Roulette wheels and over 100 winning number displays. With this approval, the company will be able to see its systems deployed in many casinos, allowing customers to have a new experience once casinos are allowed to reopen again.