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Welcome deposit bonus up to C$ 1 200
Welcome deposit bonus up to C$ 1 200
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Royal Vegas is launching a special 100% deposit bonus


Royal Vegas is launching a special 100% deposit bonus

Bonuses are very important in the gambling world. With time, they have become even more popular. Why do we see this trend? More and more platforms are coming up with fresh, new ideas for rewarding their users.

Royal Vegas has a long history of creating top games, for gamblers around the world. Since its inception, the platform started to offer new bonuses and promotions, targeting its new users specifically. This has definitely helped to cement the platform’s reputation, as one of the top providers on the market.

In two decades, the platform has developed many, many games. Not only of them are as well known, but it can be proud of a number of top positions. The bonuses were always there to keep the players excited in the game. They are an important additional or complementary feature of every new release.

The platform offers an exclusive first-time deposit bonus to all its eligible users. New gamblers are able to receive as much as C$1200, just to “top up” their first few deposits. The formula is fairly simple. On the first day, any new, registered player must deposit up to $300. The platform will give them an additional 100%, on top of what they put in. The same logic applies to the second, third, and fourth day deposit.

These kinds of promotions really ensure that the company can maintain its lead in the market. One thing is certain: Royal Vegas has some of the best terms and conditions for users online. This is a result of hard work, put it in by everyone on the platform. It really offers a one-of-a-kind type of experience, putting the players’ needs first.

Royal Vegas made sure that they could keep up with the fast-changing, fast-developing modern world. This is why in addition to promotions, they have created a versatile gaming platform. The games are being updated every day, in line with the gamblers’ expectations. It is really a key factor, which makes the platform so special, in each and every way. Put it this way, it really stands out among the competition.

The team has come up with the idea to offer their services through smartphones. Now, if you have a smartphone device, you can also access their diverse catalog of games and start playing straight away. You will not miss out on anything, you will normally find on the standard, web version. Make no mistake: you are still able to enjoy all of the bonuses or promotions!

Keep in mind that this bonus is mainly designed for those, who have just started gambling on the platform. Its main goal is to ensure that any new player will receive the best gambling experience possible! The additional money gives newcomers the opportunity to learn more about their natural skills or abilities. It is a chance to test out different types of strategies and see what works for you, specifically.

You can withdraw your winnings very easily. How? You are able to access your money through your player account. The platform does not put any obstacles on your way. Quite on the contrary: Royal Vegas will do anything and everything to boost your experience of gambling on its platform.

Royal Vegas started its operations many years ago. It is an exceptional feat, to stay around in business for so long. Over time, they have successfully managed to harness change to their advantage. The industry might have changed a lot since they, but Royal Vegas has consistently stayed on top of their game, throughout all of these years.

But developing an extensive or vast portfolio of games and releases, as well as offering incredible promotion opportunities, Royal Vegas is a trend-setter in the industry. It is an example for other online casino platforms to follow. Today, it is one of the most successful providers in Canada and worldwide.