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$1,600 welcome package + 200 free spins
$1,600 welcome package + 200 free spins
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VoodooDreams introduces a special 100% bonus for your first deposit


VoodooDreams introduces a special 100% bonus for your first deposit

VoodooDreams is a Malta-based online casino, which offers a huge selection of games, ranging from online slots to live casino games like blackjack, roulette or poker. You can bet on your favorite live dealer games, streamed from real-life venues, across the entire world. Whatever your cup of tea, you can be sure that you will be able to find something just for you. But that is just the start. Hold on, as we explain what is really on offer.

VoodooDreams is quickly gaining popularity, among all sorts and types of players online. Many of them are new and have never even stepped into a real casino. This is why VoodooDreams offers some very attractive and interesting bonuses or promotions, specifically designed for new players.

Any player that registers an account with VooDooDreams and makes the first deposit is instantly given a bonus. The bonus consists of a 100% matching bonus, for amounts of up to $100. This means, that if you make your first deposit of $100, you will be starting with a $200 balance! Alongside this matching bonus, you will also be getting a total of 200 free spins, which will be slowly added to your account on a daily basis, in chunks of 10.

For every player who is just trying to get their feet wet, this is a piece of great news. The operator will provide you with a little cash boost, as well as free spins. They can serve as a tool to gain experience while essentially playing for free. Put it this way, it is the best of both worlds!

As with any bonuses or promotions given out by online casinos, all of these promos come with certain rules and conditions. First of all, you are only eligible for the promotion if you no less than $25, on your account. What is more, the bonus has a wagering requirement of 40x. It means that you have to play over the bonus amount 40 times. This is when you will be able to withdraw your funds.

VoodooDreams is definitely an interesting casino, as it offers some unique quirks and features. The casino has a clear theme and is based around magic. Even its promotions and bonuses are called “spells”. The game has a tournament system, in which players can compete against each other. Players can advance in these tournaments by calling a “duel”. Players who happen to win the most duels will be getting the most points in the overall tournament. Easy? Try it out for yourself, to find out.

These tournaments are very frequent: they happen all of the time! For example, there are daily tournaments, which automatically begin every day, starting at Midnight. There’s also a four-hour tournament, which takes place every second hour. Many tournaments have their own specific prizes, depending on their time-frame. The rarer the tournament, the higher the prices. For instance, the weekly tournament, which begins every Monday at 00:00, has the highest prize of 250,000 spirit points, for the person who finishes in the first place.