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Your ultimate guide to gambling sites in Canada [2022]

Canadian gambling sites come in all different shapes, forms, and sizes. Gambling is one of the world’s favorite entertainment activities, with the global market for casino games online having reached US$45.8 billion in 2017. According to the sources from the very government of Ca…

Canadian gambling sites come in all different shapes, forms, and sizes. Gambling is one of the world’s favorite entertainment activities, with the global market for casino games online having reached US$45.8 billion in 2017.

According to the sources from the very government of Canada itself, Canada’s gaming industry supports over 135,000 jobs and generates around $9 billion to fund the government’s community programs and services, making gaming the largest entertainment industry in Canada. It’s because of this reason that some of the best online gambling sites for real money are based in Canada.

The pace of growth is still going strong, and Canada’s market is projected to grow more and more with each passing year. With the internet’s grasp becoming more firm on everyone’s day-to-day life, most of what we used to do offline we now do online, on the web, and that includes gambling.

In the past, if you told gamblers that most of their favorite games would be played more online instead of in an actual casino, many won’t have believed you.

Something like showcasing top 10 online gambling sites, today, we’ll be discussing what are the characteristics of a good gambling site, how to choose one from many options, and how to compare those options. We’ll show you how to do your own personal research based on objective qualities every good gambling site needs to possess and come up with a correct answer based on that. Reviews and comparisons are fine and we have no problem with them, but with so much conflicting info and misinformation online, we believe this is a much better approach that in the end will yield far greater results.

Here’s our best gambling site list

The following is our list of best gambling sites in Canada that we composed following hours after hours of research. The list is based on multiple different factors that all play into making up a great gambling site. No matter what experience level, budget or specific preferences one has, anyone can find a gambling site to fit their needs here.

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What’s the best gambling website Canada like?

With so many options available online currently and more-and-more being added every day, choosing a good online gambling site is no easy task. Unless you have a lot of experience and have already tried a lot of different websites, having proper guidance from somebody else who already has experience themselves is your best bet. However, obviously not everyone has such a luxury. Beyond that, it may seem that you’re left with either with trial-and-error or just luck. However, this definitely isn’t true.

The following are specific characteristics that you can examine when looking for a good gambling website. They are by no means any guarantee that the website will 100% be good. Rather, we’d like you to look at these as guidelines, as a compass of sorts, that you can use to guide yourself in the right direction.

Good Customer Support

Customer service is one of the aspects that is so overlooked by gamers that we decided to start off with it. It’s definitely very confusing why people underappreciate it so much when it’s so important for their safety. One very common characteristic you’ll find among top rated online gambling sites is a good customer support system. You could argue that the reason why these casinos have a good rating is because of good customer service

You can assess the level and quality of customer service by how responsive they are to your concerns, and to what extent the company is willing to go to in order to alleviate your concerns. The working hours and variety of communication medium is also an assessment of how serious the casino is taking the matter. The most commonly used method of communication with casinos is the online chat, but if your casino should definitely have phone support too.

Responsible Gaming Policies

A good gambling website Canada doesn’t exist with a good, in-depth and comprehensive responsible gaming policy section. Yes, it’s that important. Responsible gaming can be looked at as a collection and set of rules and policies that are in place for player’s protection. These policies and rules can be enacted in case a player has a problem with a bit too much gambling.

Restrictions like capped money amounts, time-restrictions and age restrictions are some of the common components of these policies. This concept was devised by governments and social organizations in order to prevent negative scenarios where too much financial, emotional and other sorts of damage can be done through excessive gambling. How much effort a gambling website puts into its responsible gaming section is a direct indicator and measurement of their trustworthiness.

Fair, Transparent and Comprehensive Terms and Conditions

It’s astounding how little people care about the actual terms and conditions of the real money gambling sites that they play at. We’re not going to pretend that anyone enjoys reading them here, no one does. It’s long, tedious, boring and full of complicated jargon. However, they’re still important, and the only actual reliable source that you can use to get familiar with what rules are in place on the gambling website. The mere act of playing on the website is your agreement to everything written therein, so it’s in your own best interest to take a few minutes to read it. Trust us, that it’ll pay off.

What are the features of high-quality online gambling sites in Canada?

Over the years, we have tried out and examined some of the top online gambling sites in Canada, and have identified some specific traits that are common among them. These are definitely not the only things you need to be looking for, as it definitely depends and varies between individual casinos based on multiple different factors. However, you can safely use these as a rule of thumb, something that can steer you in the right direction.

Website, Application, and Platform

Paying attention to how the website looks and functions is one of the fastest and easiest ways that you can assess the level of your casino. With how easy it is to build a nice and functional website these days, the best gambling sites in Canada have no excuse to not have the best websites possible. With as much profit as casinos are making, investing money in a good website or application is a no-brainer. For a company, a well-made and professional website is a sign that they take it seriously, and are doing everything they can to maintain high quality.

With that being said, don’t put too much importance into a website and platform to the point where it clouds your judgment. It’s an important and noteworthy aspect, but at the end of the day what matters is the service itself.

Banking system

Casino’s banking system, as in the deposit and withdrawal process, is probably the one thing in which most casinos lack in, and it separates best gambling sites in CA form the mediocre ones. This is actually way more important than most people would think, and often find this out way too late.

If you were asked what payment method you’d prefer to use when dealing with a gambling site, chances are very high that you’d say a Visa card or a MasterCard. Not always, but that’s probably the case for most people. The thing is, that due to a large number of international regulations licensing requirements, not every online casino is able to offer these card payments. Sure, the large, established and experienced ones will most likely be offering pretty much all the popular payment methods, but you’d be surprised at how many don’t.

Best Canadian gambling sites will do everything to make sure that the banking process is as simplified and accommodating as possible. This includes not only payment, but withdrawal process as well. Some casinos may allow account deposits via cards but have only methods like Wire Transfer, crypto, etc for withdrawals.

One very common complaint that a lot of people have towards online casinos is their sometimes-ridiculous withdrawal processes, which can stretch up to 20+ days in specific cases. This isn’t always done deliberately, though. Due to a large number of regulations and legal procedures that gambling websites have to adhere to, the process can sometimes be a bit stretched. This is why you always need to make sure to be fully aware of what the approximate time frames are for these processes, to make sure you’re not making any gambling decisions based on withdrawals that you’re expecting earlier than you should be.

This brings us to the next point – online gambling sites Canada may sometimes have different types of fees incurred for withdrawals, and sometimes even deposits. This will not be the case for the vast majority of better casinos, but it still does happen sometimes, so make sure to be aware of upfront. Why does this happen? Mainly because of the fact that sometimes casinos have charging processors from different parts of the world, sometimes far away overseas, and these descriptors charge you a processing fee for the transaction. Therefore, make sure you and casino are on the same page regarding this issue, to prevent any unpleasant “surprises”.

Bonuses and promotional offers

What also distinguishes top online gambling sites Canada from the lesser ones are how much promotional offers and free bonuses they usually offer. The odds are without fail, always in the casino’s favor. Therefore, a casino offering generous bonuses and freebies shows you that they care about their customers.

Usual bonuses to expect are matching bonuses for first-time deposits, re-deposit bonuses for your consecutive redeposits, free spin bonuses, cashback bonuses after a week with a net loss, etc.

However, as always, there’s a catch – these bonuses, no matter what specific kind they are and when they’re given out, always have some kind of a wagering requirement. Explained in simple terms, the wagering requirement is the casino’s minimum required playthrough before you’re allowed to cash out winnings obtained from your bonus. This rule exists in all online gambling sites in Canada and is designed for the safety of the casino that is providing said promotion. These rules ensure that players don’t just take the bonus and leave, and play a decent amount before they’re able to claim the benefits of the promotional offer.

You can usually check the casino’s available offers in their promotions section on the website; most casinos should have one. If you’ve been playing at a casino for a long time, you may probably be eligible for some kind of a loyalty benefit/program, or in some rare cases even a VIP bonus program, which usually provides much higher benefits than the usual ones. So, make sure not to hesitate to check with the Casino if there’s anything they got for you.

Gaming Software

While the details like ease of payment, sleek website, and platform, and good bonuses are all very important, what’s equally important is the security and integrity of the software you’re going to be playing with.

Best real money online gambling sites will be making sure to use the software that is built from actual professionals that have been tried and tested on the market. Why? Because when it comes to gaming for real money, security is of utmost importance. If you’re willing to put your hard-earned money at risk, you need to make sure that the software itself is trustworthy. Luckily, casinos pay a lot of attention to this themselves and are usually only sticking to several solid developers that have proven their worth.

Companies like NetEnt, Microgaming, RTG, etc have been on the market since the 90’s, and have given us classic and universally-loved games that are still being played to this day., powering some of the best online gambling sites in the world. Therefore, try to build the habit of actually looking into who’s the actual source of the next game you’ll be choosing to play. Being aware of these details gives you more control, security and peace of mind with knowing your money is in good hands.


If you read this article fully and are willing to internalize and implement the advice given here, you should have no problem finding best gambling sites for Canadians and winning at them.

Make sure to always seek out new information and objectively examine your gaming habits, so you can always progress and put yourself in a better position to win.