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Top BTC Roulette Sites in Canada

Do you know why crypto casinos are this popular in Canada? That’s exactly because they offer their customers to take part in the best online Bitcoin roulette games. Today there are so many excellent casinos based in Toronto, Vancouver, or other big cities of Canada that allow pla…

Do you know why crypto casinos are this popular in Canada? That’s exactly because they offer their customers to take part in the best online Bitcoin roulette games. Today there are so many excellent casinos based in Toronto, Vancouver, or other big cities of Canada that allow players to play their favorite versions of roulette and get plenty of benefits. Considering that you may find it hard to choose the best one between available options, we checked all these crypto casinos and created a list of top Bitcoin roulette sites. Take a look at these websites below and click “Play now” or read the reviews first, if you prefer to choose the most suitable one according to your taste. But in any case, your experience in the Canadian crypto gambling market will be amazing.

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Best Canadian Bitcoin Roulette Sites – Small Guide

Canadian crypto gambling sites keep pace with the rest of the online gambling industry and as a result, today you can find plenty of Bitcoin roulette variations on their game lobbies. While offering roulette games is nothing new for experienced gambling sites, crypto gambling is a relatively new thing to Canadian players. The crypto market just starts to take its first steps in the country but it’s already becoming increasingly popular these days. Considering that the number of crypto users is rapidly growing, gamblers would love to play roulette games in their Bitcoin and get casino bonuses with increased benefits. 

Roulette is and has always been one of the most popular casino games in the whole world. Not surprisingly, Canada is no exception. Players in this country frequently search for places where they can play live or regular roulette games with their Bitcoins. As you probably know, Canada is half a French-speaking country, and the history of roulette originates in France. This may be one of the reasons why Canadian players tend to be admiring classic roulette, lightning roulette Bitcoin, and all of the combinations of this game.  

The word roulette itself means “little wheel” in French. However, the rules and gameplay are not completely connected to France. Actually, roulette was impacted by two similar table games that were very popular back in the 17th century. These games were called “Roly Poly” and “Even-Odd”. One thing that these three games have in common is that players need to spin a wheel in each of them and bet on what they get from the spin. 

Just like this, the main idea of modernized roulette games in Canadian crypto casinos is that players have to bet on either single numbers, groups of numbers, or red or black colors from the spin. The numbers can be high or low from 1 to 36. This game is widely considered as a game of luck but still, throughout the years, players have developed certain strategies. As a result, you can find methods to play Bitcoin Russian roulette, live roulette, classic roulette, lightning roulette, and many other variations. Knowing these strategies helps gamblers play more effectively and increase their chances of winning. 

Even though there are so many variations of roulette, the most popular forms in the online gambling industry are live and regular roulette. Both of these forms can be divided into lots of variations like European or American roulette which is actually a great fit for crypto users. From these games, the European wheel has a 2.7% house advantage, and the American real carries only 5.26%. The rules are completely the same while playing them with your Bitcoins, but still, playing with BTC and other cryptos are accompanied by so many advantages. 

What Types of Bitcoin Roulette Can You Play?

Most of the new Canadian online casinos are currently working hard to create Bitcoin versions of all popular roulette variations. Although there is a huge diversity of roulette games on these platforms, let’s review the most popular types of Bitcoin casino roulette for Canadians. Without any doubt, gamblers from all over the world that use Canadian gambling sites consider American and European roulette the most advantageous. 

The English-speaking population usually prefers the American version, while French-speaking Canadians tend to prefer European versions. However, our top-ranked Canadian casinos provide lots of other roulette variations as well. You can choose to play classic roulette games and just spin your wheel, or take part in live roulette with real-life dealers and compete against them. In any case, the most common types of Bitcoin roulette games are the following:

  • European
  • French
  • American
  • Double-Ball
  • Multi-Wheel

Let’s review these games one by one in order to help you decide which one is the most appropriate for your taste. 

European Roulette

The main reason why Canadian players often choose European roulette is its simplicity. This is a game that can be played with only one zero on a 37-on number wheel. The rules of European free Bitcoin roulette are quite similar to American roulette. Specifically, the pays are exactly the same. The table of this game consists of red and black sectors, just like the rest of roulette games and these sectors are divided into 37 parts. Only one sector that is slightly different is the “zero” sector which is a green one. The main idea of European Roulette is nothing different. In fact, players need to guess which number or color they will stop. They can choose either from numbers, number groups, red, black, or green colors.

It’s important to note that with this variation, one zero house edge is cut to 2.70% or 1/37. This is one of the most common types of roulette as you can find single-zero roulette in every corner of the world, even in the US. However, the Bitcoin version of this game tends to be the most popular option for gamblers in some parts of Canada. The rules of BTC roulette are the same but unlike fiat casino roulette games, with Bitcoins certain benefits are obvious. 

French Roulette

Some features of French roulette makes it slightly different from its American and European counterparts. Just like with the European version, French roulette is played on a single wheel. Also, it features the common “en prison” rule which is also called half-back. This means that players can get half of their bets back if they place a bet on red or black colors, odd or even numbers, or numbers from the groups 1-8, or 19-36. But in order to get half of their bet, the ball must land in zero. 

However, this rule doesn’t apply only to French roulette and you can find roulette games with “en prison” outside France as well. There are so many high-limit rooms on Canadian gambling sites that offer players opportunities to participate in Bitcoin play roulette. It’s important to mention that sometimes players choose to imprison their bet instead of losing half of it. And in case their imprisoned bet wins on the next spin, the player will get it back without any winnings. But you should know that it totally depends on a certain casino. 

While some high roller casinos let the players double their imprisoned bets, at others, they just lose their bets. The main idea of this game is that the bet is placed in “prison” which is exactly why this rule is called “la Partage”. The maximum bet in French roulette is 35. 

American Roulette

American roulette is indeed the most popular type of roulette which is also most common. The wheel of American roulette is divided into 38 slots, including numbers 1-36, zero, and a double zero. The main rule is that players have to place their bets. This applies to crypto roulette for Canadian players as well.  Afterward, the dealer spins the wheel and the ball which will land in one of the slots on the wheel. All crypto casinos in Canada follow these rules with American roulette. In each of our recommended top casinos, the house edge is 1/19, or 5.26% on all bets. The only exception is the combination 0-00-1-2-3 which is very rare. This combination has a house edge of 7.89%.

Players need to use special chips for playing American crypto roulette. These chips have their own color. The chips then will be collected by the croupier from the table. This is another difference from the European version. Special chips are one of the features that make this game more dynamic and therefore, more attractive for Canadian players. Currently, Canadian casinos offer so many versions of crypto American roulette that are created by Evolution Gaming or other leading software companies.

Double-Ball Roulette

Double-Ball is the best Bitcoin roulette game that is available on Canadian online casinos. As you can see from its name, the main difference from other roulette versions is that in Double-Ball roulette, players use two balls that run after each other. Your bets double up on the entertainment value with two balls. Otherwise, the wheel that is used in this game is completely the same as in European or American versions of roulette. Balls in this game are launched through a special tube that uses compressed air. 

This version is a slightly modified European roulette where players place bets on wheels from one zero or a special combination of numbers from 1 to 36. Besides, in this game, you can place either internal or external bets. The maximum internal bet is 50 credits, while the maximum external bet is 1000 credits. Pay attention that the ratios of payouts are lower compared to classic roulette payouts. 

Double-Ball is a very famous form of Bitcoin roulette online in Canada. Players all over the world choose Canadian online casinos to play Double-Ball roulette with their Bitcoins. They usually aim to win the jackpot in this game which is possible with up to one credit. 


While European, American, French, and Double-Ball roulette differ from each other with just some rules, when it comes to multi-wheel roulette, things go to a whole other level. In multi-wheel roulette, there are eight wheels involved in the play. Even though general rules look almost the same as in European roulette, there are plenty of details that make it different and a  little bit more complicated. 

In fact, this variation of roulette is played at one single roulette table with eight roulette wheels to spin. Each of these eight wheels has one zero pocket which actually improves the chances to win with the odds. Most of the top software providers in the online gambling industry provide various versions of Multi-wheel roulette that are available on Bitcoin roulette sites in Canada. Multi-wheel crypto roulette contains eight wheels as well and each of them has 37 sectors with just one zero, as in the classic version. 

Players can place either internal or external bets. External bet means making a deposit outside the rotating element, while the internal bet is to choose certain numbers inside the wheel. Of course, choosing a bet happens before spinning the wheel. Players use the standard odds table to calculate the winnings. 

Can You Get A Bitcoin Roulette No Deposit in Canada?

Playing high-quality roulette games with HD visuals, placing your bets on wheels, and winning the game are just a few of the advantages players can get from playing roulette games online. No need to say that if you take part in Bitcoin roulette instead of regular roulette games with CAD, your benefits double. Canadian casinos offer a great number of bonuses and promotions for players who participate in Bitcoin roulette game on their platforms. These casinos offer deposit bonuses, as well as free spins bonuses but the most favorable form of a bonus is definitely no deposit bonus.

No deposit bonus can be claimed without spending any single BTC or CAD on these gambling sites. This is because players aren’t required to make deposits in order to take advantage of no deposit bonus. The purpose of this bonus is to convince users that their gambling experience on a particular crypto casino will be great. This encourages them to take a further step and register on a platform. Once you register, you can redeem your no deposit bonus. Mostly, this bonus is a part of the Welcome Bonus which is available for new players only. However, sometimes a welcome bonus is a deposit type, meaning that players receive a bonus after making the first deposit. But after registration, you just need to play roulette games in order to get a Bitcoin roulette no deposit bonus. With roulette games, no deposit bonus usually means free spins, because it’s the way of earning Bitcoins in roulette. 

While not all Canadian casinos offer no deposit bonus, each of them gives players chances to receive deposit bonuses. Besides, most of them also offer free spins in addition to a deposit bonus. 

Deposit Bonus 

The most common type of promotion for Bitcoin roulette players is the deposit bonus. Players usually receive deposit bonuses after registering at the casino and make their first deposit on a certain game. The deposit bonus is usually part of the Welcome Bonus which is 100% at most times. This means that players can get the exact amount of Bitcoins that they have deposited initially. For example, if a casino offers a 100% bonus match and you deposited 25 mBTC, then you can receive 25 mBTC back. But sometimes, the deposit bonus on Canadian Bitcoin roulette casino can be 200% or even more. In this case, you can double your gains and receive 50 mBTC. 

Keep in mind that Canadian casinos usually have certain terms and conditions for redeeming your deposit bonus. Specifically, you have to pay attention to the minimum and maximum limitations for deposits and withdrawals. Also, often there are wagering requirements and you need to wager your bonus a specific amount of times in order to withdraw your winnings. 

Free Spins 

Free spins bonus is another popular form of promotion.  While free spins are not applicable for all types of casino games, players can use them for roulette games. Generally, free spins can be spent on slot machines. In the terms and conditions of a specific bonus, casinos indicate which slot is applicable for the bonus. But if there is no restriction of a game, then you can use free spins on online roulette Bitcoin games as well. 

Free spins bonus for roulette games is as simple as it sounds. Once you get free spins, you can go to available roulette games in the game library and spin the wheel completely for free. However, make sure that the bonus is not limited to a particular game. Canadian online casinos offer free spins from 20 up to 200, in addition to regular deposit bonuses. But if you want to find the special bitcoin free spins bonus, go to the page of promotions and check carefully to see whether or not they have a special free spins bonus. 

Is Online Roulette Bitcoin Worth it?

This guide definitely proves that playing online roulette games with Bitcoin can have plenty of advantages. Gambling with Bitcoin, in general, is accompanied by so many favors like fast transactions, increased security, anonymity, and many more. When it comes to Bitcoin roulette online in Canada, all these benefits apply as well. 

Particularly, gamblers who play roulette with Bitcoin can make deposits and withdrawals very securely. Blockchain technology is completely decentralized by the government and therefore no authority is involved in the process of your transactions. This is why Bitcoin transactions are very fast and convenient. Besides, Canadian Bitcoin gambling sites offer you a high number of roulette tables. The majority of top casinos in this country offer you up to 25 different live tables, including  French, Speed Roulette, Lightning Roulette, and many more, in collaboration with the top provider Evolution Gaming. Another benefit is that with Bitcoin roulette, players don’t need to pay any commission fee for their winnings. 

However, playing Bitcoin roulette isn’t without disadvantages. First of all, Bitcoin is a newly added feature of table games in the online gambling industry. As a result, there is not a wide range of Bitcoin gambling roulette available. But Canadian casinos plan to expand their service and add more and more roulette tables in Bitcoin. Also, Bitcoin is very volatile, meaning that your winnings can be unstable because of the fluctuating value of this crypto. One more disadvantage is that sometimes crypto casinos don’t have legal rights from authorities to run gambling operations. But this doesn’t apply to all Canadian casinos and most of them have valid licenses from authoritative regulators. 

Pros Cons
Secure Deposits Lack of Diversity
High Number of Tables Volatility
Zero Taxes No License

FAQ on Canadian BTC Roulette

How much can you bet on Bitcoin roulette in Canada?

Betting on Bitcoin roulette is not related to many restrictions. In fact, you can place a bet on anything from one satoshi to mBTCs and Bitcoins. Players usually take advantage of this small size of the bet and use it to try new roulette Bitcoin free games that are added on Canadian online gambling sites. While there is almost no limitation for a minimum bet, the maximum bet on Canadian crypto roulette is at least 1 BTC. However, the number varies from one casino to another and depends on their terms and policies.

How much can one BTC roulette spin win?

You can win different amounts of Bitcoins on different casinos by spinning roulette one time. Winnings are completely dependent on a given casino and its terms. Even though there are so many strategies that can help you get as much as possible, there is no guarantee that you win 100% while playing Bitcoin roulette. Roulette is more of a game of luck and strategies can’t really change the probability of your winnings. However, you can still maximize chances of winning if you dive deep into the mechanism of this game. 

With classic bet, players are betting on cryptocurrency roulette that they will guess the next number and in this case, the payoff is 35-1. This is a popular bet where a single CAD 10 can turn to CAD 350 or more. In any case, the smaller the bet, the higher the chances of winning and lower the chances to lose your BTCs.

What is a winning Bitcoin roulette strategy?

Generally, roulette is considered as a game of chance meaning that your chances to win can’t be determined objectively. However, the answer is still yes, there are certain strategies of winning Bitcoin roulette. You can use certain strategies in order to increase the chances of winning but mostly, chance plays a major role while playing Bitcoin roulette. Therefore, even high probability bets have less than 50% chance of winning. However, even if you learn all the existing strategies by heart, you still don’t have a guarantee that you will definitely win if you play Bitcoin roulette in Canada. It’s proven that there is no 100% working roulette winning strategy.

Are live Bitcoin roulette and regular roulette the same?

Yes, these two types of roulette games are almost completely the same. In fact, all the existing rules, terms, and strategies are the same with both Bitcoin and regular roulette types. Different roulette variations such as American, European, French, or Double Ball roulette are available in both cases. However, Bitcoin roulette has certain advantages. In contrast to a regular one, Bitcoin roulette games are provably fair. Providers use the technology that makes sure the process is completely fair and secure and players can’t lose their winnings.