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Best Bitcoin Casinos to Play Blackjack in Canada

Most of the top Canadian online casinos provide plenty of opportunities for Bitcoin blackjack. Needless to say, that blackjack is one of the most popular casino games of all time. While land-based casinos usually offer traditional blackjack games, on online gambling sites, you ca…

Most of the top Canadian online casinos provide plenty of opportunities for Bitcoin blackjack. Needless to say, that blackjack is one of the most popular casino games of all time. While land-based casinos usually offer traditional blackjack games, on online gambling sites, you can take advantage of various new versions of this popular table game and get plenty of bonuses in Bitcoins. Actually, adding cryptos to their service is one of the key factors that helped Canadian online casinos to modernize this game and offer their customers better and more convenient versions.

Even though Blackjack was first introduced in France centuries ago, back in the 1700s, this card game became popular in the United States. The game was originally called Twenty-One. Actually, the real name of this game is “Vingt-et-Un” in French which translates as “Twenty One” in English. The ancestor of this game was Chemin de Fer, a famous French card game at that time. However, this game is also considered as a previous version of baccarat.

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Bitcoin Blackjack in Canada – Short Overview

Currently, Canadian Bitcoin blackjack sites offer so many digitized versions of blackjack. Such diversity is one of the main reasons why the level of popularity of blackjack games rapidly increases in the entire online gambling industry of Canada. Even though the history of this game doesn’t intertwine with this country, Canadian players tend to adore blackjack games. As you can see on the top crypto gambling sites that are based in Canada, players usually choose blackjack in order to satisfy their gambling needs and get rewards. As a result, most of these websites have separate sections for blackjack games in their game lobbies. 

The main idea of this card game is that players must get 21 points. It’s the highest possible score in this game and this is exactly why it was originally called Twenty One after Americans changed the name to Blackjack. The general rules of online Bitcoin blackjack are very easy to understand. Players just need to collect a certain combination of cards. The best option is to collect 21 points, and if you collect more than that, you will lose. However, there are several types of online blackjack and the rules for each of them are slightly different. The most famous types are regular blackjack and live blackjack. Regular blackjack is just a digitized card game where players compete against the computer. This form is called free blackjack and is very widely spread in the Canadian online gambling industry. But players usually prefer the second version – live casino blackjack games. In this case, you have to play against a dealer. This is also called real money blackjack where you can compete against real players. Each Canadian casino that offers live blackjack games has a specific section for live casino games in its game library. 

In any case, there are so many opportunities to play blackjack with Bitcoin in Canada because this game is a very good fit for crypto users as players can take advantage of fast transactions, and withdraw money in a short time. Despite so many advantages, the rules of Bitcoin blackjack are exactly the same as traditional free blackjack games with the main goal to get the best score which is 21.

What is The Maximum Bet on Bitcoin Blackjack?

Generally, betting options vary from one casino to another. There is no one particular amount for minimum and maximum bets on BTC blackjack games. Different Canadian casinos offer different options for blackjack betting. The betting options for Bitcoin blackjack can vary between 10-20 mBTC at minimum and 250 mBTC at maximum. However, these betting terms frequently change and completely depend on the gaming policies of a particular casino. 

Also, it’s important to note that while the maximum bet for ordinary live Bitcoin blackjack can be 250 mBTC, in some cases betting on blackjack with Bitcoin can be as much as 1 BTC. It’s especially the case with the Super Seven Blackjack where the maximum bet that Canadian casinos offer can be 600 mBTC on average. And minimum bet for this game is usually 10 mBTC. 

Blackjack Types 

In order to place your bets on various Bitcoin blackjack games correctly and increase your winnings, you need to be aware of each type of blackjack. Nowadays, Canadian casinos provide so many different types of blackjack. Below, you can see some of the most popular ones among them:

  • Classic Blackjack
  • European Blackjack
  • Face Up 21
  • Match Play 21
  • Perfect Pairs Blackjack

Classic Blackjack is indeed the most popular form of this game in most parts of the world and Canada is no exception. Classic blackjack is still widely played in both land-based casinos and online gambling sites. The main reason for this popularity is that rules are very simple. Classic blackjack is famous in Canadian Bitcoin blackjack casinos as well, as the house edge is pretty low and rules are very easy to pick up. Unlike this, European Blackjack is a little bit more complicated. The odds are slightly better in European blackjack compared to the American one and also, European blackjack is played with two decks of cards. Therefore, cards can be more predictable in this game. Besides, in this game, the dealer is standing on soft 17. 

Another popular type of Bitcoin blackjack is Face Up 21. This is so interesting blackjack variation where both of the dealer’s cards are dealt and face up. Considering the fact that players can see two cards instead of just one, they can use this additional information to place more favorable bets. In this game, players can double down on 9, 10, or 11, just like in European Blackjack. With Match Play 21, you have to learn a few different rules from traditional online blackjack BTC games. In this variation, 10s are removed from the deck, while face cards remain and certain players receive special bonus payouts. And the last variation from our list is Perfect Pairs Blackjack where you can wager that your first two cards will be the same value. It has the same rules as classic blackjack and at the beginning, players can place an extra side bet about the first two cards. 

Even though these five variations are the most popular on Canadian Bitcoin gambling sites, there are so many different types of blackjack games and most of them can be played by your cryptocurrencies as well.

Bitcoin Live Blackjack Explained

As we’ve already mentioned, the most popular forms of blackjack are regular and live blackjack. Now let’s explain the mechanism of live blackjack games that work pretty much the same way as normal games. The rules of Bitcoin live blackjack are completely the same, as well as the interface of games but the difference is that in live games, you play with real-life dealers which creates the almost real gambling experience just like in land-based casinos. 

Live casino blackjack gives gamblers opportunities to chat with their opponents while gambling online. This game is usually broadcast from real casinos and therefore, you can actually contact the dealer. The live casino section is available on so many Canadian gambling sites and it’s being added to even more. Some of the most frequently played live blackjack games on these websites include Live Blackjack A, Blackjack Classic 3, Blackjack Classic 8, Blackjack Classic 10, Blackjack VIP M, and more. 

All of these games are produced by the world’s leading software providers such as Evolution Gaming or Playtech. However, they are not very different from each other. The only difference that actually makes sense between these live dealer blackjack Bitcoin games is the interface of a given game and it’s up to you and your taste to choose the most suitable one for you. 

In order to find out how live blackjack with Bitcoins actually works, you need to take a great look at the list below, because the following features are included in literally every single live blackjack game that is available on Canadian online casinos. 

  • Hit
  • Split
  • Bust
  • Stand
  • Double Down


Hit is one of the most popular strategies of blackjack that is frequently used by experienced players. To “hit” is to ask other players for another card. Make sure that if you exceed 21, then you lose and the dealer wins, regardless of what cards they have. However, if you have 21 from the start, then you win 1.5 the amount of your bet. Therefore, you need to make correct calculations and decide whether it’s really worth using this strategy in Bitcoin blackjack live games. 

If you decide to use “hit” and ask for another card, then your total points must be 11 or less. In this case, your hand will definitely improve and the chances that you win will increase. But once your score reaches 12, you should stop and think twice. Your chances of winning are completely dependent on the calculations you make and on the cards a dealer holds. Therefore, you should carefully examine the upturned card of a dealer. The term “hit” applies to both regular and crypto blackjack games and is pretty much the same in both cases. 


Another widely used blackjack strategy is Stand. Standing, in this case, means to hold your total and finish your turn. This is the best option only if a player decides to stop. So, if you don’t want to get any more cards, you should use the Stand strategy in either regular or crypto blackjack and remain at your existing place. Nobody wants to go over 21 points in blackjack games and lose all of their points. This is why sometimes players prefer to take a step back and refuse to play anything when their turn to play comes. However, sometimes it can be a little bit difficult to decide when it’s time to stand. In order to make it more clear, we will tell you that it’s better to stand on all totals of 17, 19, or 20. Even though you can’t gain anything from taking another card, you don’t lose anything either, regardless of what a dealer holds. 


Split is a more dynamic strategy in any type of blackjack game. Players usually use this common move when their first two cards have the same value. The split gives players a chance to divide their cards into two separate hands and ask for an additional blackjack BTC card for each hand from the dealer. Making a split means that you make exactly the same bet as the original one. After that, your two cards are split and played within separate combinations. Keep in mind that Aces have different rules from other cards. If you decide to split on Aces, you will have two chances to hit 21. Therefore, your chances to win doubles. 

Double Down

Double down another popular betting strategy in blackjack. Using double down means that you will increase the value of your first bet by up to 100%. However, pay attention that after that player needs to stand in return to taking one more card. Double Down is a very popular move among Canadian players. As Canadian live dealers prove, gamblers on Canadian VIP casinos often try to double down but sometimes without any success. That’s because you need to be aware of what this strategy of free Bitcoin blackjack means exactly and use it carefully only on those occasions where you actually need it. To double down means to double your initial bet. Players should only use this strategy when they hold 11 when they hold 10 and the dealer is showing 4,5, or 6. Also, you should double down when you hold 9 and the dealer is showing 5 or 6. Keep in mind that you should double down when you don’t hold an ace. Also, other cards (except for the one additional card that you receive from the dealer) will be collected by the dealer for himself or herself.


The bust is among the not-so-favorable strategies of getting 21 points in blackjack. The bust is used if a player gets over a sum of 21. Therefore, bust means exactly exceeding 21. As you know, it means that you lose in online blackjack Bitcoin. The player loses even if the dealer exceeds 21 as well. However, if a dealer busts and a player doesn’t then a player wins. But in any case, going the value of the hand over twenty-one is an unfortunate thing while playing any variation of blackjack, and you should try everything to avoid it. But if you are close to getting more than 21, make sure that you haven’t busted or surrendered before its dealer’s turn. 

Diving deep into these strategies is everything you need to do before starting to play blackjack games. Although there are so many variations of blackjack on the Canadian gambling market, the same rules apply to each of them with just small differences. But once you understand the core mechanism, it’s easier to adapt to new games.

Bitcoin Blackjack Bonus for Canadians – How to Get Them

Those who have ever gambled online on the best Bitcoin blackjack in Canada are probably aware of the terms such as Welcome Bonus, First Deposit Bonus, No Deposit Bonus, Free Spins, etc. Unlike land-based casinos, online gambling sites usually offer plenty of different bonuses and promotions. The same applies to Canadian online casinos that accept Bitcoin. A casino bonus is a very important thing for attracting new customers. This is exactly why Canadian casinos try hard to offer the greatest bonuses on the entire online gambling market. That is an effective way to encourage users to make deposits and continue gambling on a given site. 

Online casinos provide different kinds of bonuses. For example, a deposit bonus can be claimed after making the deposit, and usually, it’s accompanied by certain limitations for minimum and maximum deposits and withdrawals or wagering requirements. The most common type of deposit bonus is a 100% bonus match. For example, if you contribute 20 mBTC and play Bitcoin casino blackjack, you can get the same amount back if the deposit bonus is 100%. However, many Canadian casinos also offer no deposit bonuses. In this case, you don’t need to deposit anything. Playing games for a certain amount of time can be enough for getting a no deposit bonus. 

No Deposit 

No deposit bonus is the most attractive type of bonus for every casino player. It’s not really hard to understand why because the term itself proves – you don’t need to pay anything but you still get benefits. Needless to say that those who worry about losing money while gambling online prefer not to deposit for the first time and take advantage of no deposit bonuses. However, not all casinos offer a no deposit bonus. Most times, a welcome bonus consists of a deposit bonus and free spins, meaning that players must make a deposit in order to take part in sign-up promotions. However, this doesn’t apply to some casinos that offer a Bitcoin blackjack bonus for Canadians. Top Canadian casinos usually have very generous no deposit bonuses among their ongoing promotions


The deposit bonus is another popular type of bonus. The main purpose of this bonus is to push players upon making deposits. The deposit bonus is usually part of the welcome bonus and it’s frequently called the first deposit bonus, second deposit bonus, or maybe even third or fourth deposit bonuses. Each of these bonuses requires players to deposit their money. Usually, Canadian casinos offer plenty of crypto opportunities for making deposits. This process is very easy. You just need to register on a website, verify your email, get a crypto wallet and make a deposit. Don’t forget that BTC bonuses are frequently accompanied by certain wagering requirements and limitations for minimum and maximum deposits and withdrawals.

Is BTC Blackjack Worth It?

Even though we already outlined so many advantages that gamblers can get by playing cryptocurrency blackjack in Canada, there are certain drawbacks as well. First of all, Bitcoin games are newly added features of Canadian online casinos. Therefore, there is a smaller choice of online gambling sites that offer Bitcoin blackjack games. However, the game variations themselves are pretty diverse. Canadian casinos that convert blackjack games for BTC users offer a great diversity of variations. On these gambling sites, you can find everything from Classic Blackjack to Perfect Pairs Blackjack. 

However, another disadvantage is that Bitcoins are very volatile. This means that before you take advantage of a certain bonus gained from BTC blackjack and cash out your money, the price of Bitcoin may reduce. Therefore, you can’t have a guarantee that you will get as much as was promised initially. Besides, casino operators that provide BTC blackjack sometimes don’t have an official license. Therefore, they don’t have the legal right to run gambling operations and offer Bitcoin gambling blackjack. So, in case something happens, you may find it hard to contact the regulator. 

But advantages of gambling with BTC blackjack actually exceed the disadvantages. In addition to a great diversity of blackjack variations, players can take advantage of fair games. Candian Bitcoin casinos take game fairness very seriously. Most BTC blackjack games are generated by your own computer, meaning that cryptocurrency live dealers or casino owners can’t deceive you as everything is automatic and your outcome is completely random. Also, Bitcoin gambling doesn’t require any costs for making transactions. Canadian casinos offer blackjack games with a low house edge than ordinary fiat casinos. Therefore, you don’t need to pay 5% transaction fees for using credit and debit cards or other traditional payment methods. 

Pros Cons
Great Diversity Limited Choice
Fairness Volatility
No Transaction Cost Unlicensed Operators

FAQ on Canadian BTC Blackjack

Is Bitcoin Blackjack based on luck?

Yes, even the best crypto blackjack is partly based on luck before you can’t decide which cards you will get. Considering the whole game depends on the received cards, then Bitcoin blackjack is a game of luck. However, it’s not based only on luck, and the skills of players is also very important. In fact, you need to choose the correct strategy in order to get exactly 21 points. Even if you exceed by only one point, you lose. So, make sure to use Hit, Split, Double Down, Stand on other strategies whenever it’s the right time, and try not to waste your Bitcoins. 

Is there a difference between regular blackjack and Bitcoin blackjack?

No, there is no real difference between regular and Bitcoin blackjack. Free BTC blackjack for players from Canada has exactly the same rules as regular blackjack games on other gambling sites. The only difference is that players use their Bitcoins for betting on Bitcoin blackjack while they can bet with fiat money on regular blackjack games. Everything besides this, including game rules, and strategies is completely the same. 

Should I play blackjack with other coins besides BTC?

Yes. Today some Canadian crypto casinos offer diverse choices for making deposits and withdrawals with cryptocurrencies. You can play blackjack with some popular cryptos such as Litecoin, Ethereum, Tether, or Dogecoin. However, there is a much wider choice for Bitcoin blackjack. Considering even Bitcoin blackjack is a newly introduced term in the online gambling industry, there are not many casinos that offer gambling opportunities in other coins. However, the terms and rules are the same in each case, so if they do offer other cryptos, you can easily take part in them. But for now, it’s better to choose the best place to play Bitcoin blackjack.

How can blackjack players benefit from crypto deposits?

Crypto deposits have so many advantages and all of these advantages apply to Bitcoin blackjack games as well. First of all, blockchain technology is completely decentralized, meaning that there’s no authority behind it that can track your gambling actions. Also, making deposits in Bitcoin is absolute without any charges. This means that Bitcoin blackjack players don’t need to pay any additional fees for making deposits. Moreover, transactions are very fast and convenient. Making a deposit in BTC usually takes up to 15 minutes, unlike usual fiat deposits. Besides, crypto transactions are far more secure than deposits made in credit and debit cards that are governed by central banks.