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Most popular Canadian casinos to play Best Bitcoin Slot Games [2022]

With the advancement of blockchain technology, Bitcoin slots have become an integral part of the online gambling industry in Canada. While years ago you would hardly find any slot on the entire market which allowed players to make payments with Bitcoins or other major cryptos, su…

With the advancement of blockchain technology, Bitcoin slots have become an integral part of the online gambling industry in Canada. While years ago you would hardly find any slot on the entire market which allowed players to make payments with Bitcoins or other major cryptos, such as Ethereum, Litecoin, or Tether, now the situation has drastically changed and tons of Canadian online casinos started to offer BTC slot machines.

Today online Bitcoin slots are the most widely searched games on the game libraries of Canadian online gambling sites. It’s not really hard to guess the reason for such increased popularity. First of all, slots are the most played casino games. No matter whether they can be played by Bitcoins or not, casino players usually take a great look at a number of slot games that casinos offer in order to rate a certain casino. The more slots they offer, the more qualified they are. But free Bitcoin slot games indeed take things to a completely new level. 

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Bitcoin Slots Explained – How to Play Them on a Casino in Canada

Canadian gambling industry quickly kept up with the latest technologies. Most of the leading gambling sites added cryptos on their platforms from the start. And for now, they already offer tens of thousands of slot games with Bitcoins. The most fortunate thing is that the majority of these BTC slots are created by reputable gaming companies. If you open a game lobby of any new online casino in Canada, you will see that slot machines on their platforms are created by hundreds of software providers. There you can easily find popular slot machines from Microgaming, NetEnt, Betsoft Gaming, and many other famous software companies. This is a really important point for rating their slot games as satisfying enough because these providers are well-known for creating provably fair casino games with excellent visuals, attractive graphics, and many different interesting features. 

Canadian casinos offer different types of slots, such as Bitcoin jackpot slots, free slots, video slots, real money slots, or more advanced 3D slots. Besides, Canadian players can take advantage of popular slot games such as Viking-themed slots, Stacked wild slots, 3 reel classic slot machines, 5 reel slots, or progressive slots. The most important thing about the game lobbies of these reliable casinos is that almost all of them offer slot machines that are connected with crypto casino bonuses. Specifically, they have determined slot machines on which players can get a bunch of free spins. Therefore, you can get a free spins bonus by playing some of your favorite slots if you make deposits with Bitcoins. Moreover, these Bitcoin slots are very favorable in the case of wagering. Several casino slots demand players to meet wagering requirements and slot games are generally the best options for doing so. 

So, we can certainly say that most of these Bitcoin casino slot games are online equivalents of the land-based slot machines but with additional benefits such as bonuses in BTCs. Due to the modern softwares and blockchain technology, these Bitcoin slots are often even more enjoyable and more advanced than you can play at brick and mortar casinos. Therefore, you can easily start playing and obtain some impressive payouts, sometimes in hundreds of CADs.

What is the Maximum Bet on BTC Slots?

Even though BTC slots are pretty hard to play and there is no specific strategy to get yourself lucky, you should definitely know some things about betting terms and options. First of all, if you plan to gamble online on Canadian casinos, then you should be aware of the betting limit that your preferred casino offers. Generally, specific betting options vary from casino to casino, as different casinos offer different betting terms. Usually, you can place bets on BTC slots machines from 0.15 mBTC to 1000 mBTC. However, depending on a casino, things can be different. 

Pay attention that if you don’t meet their limitations and restrictions, you can’t get any rewards even if you deposit more than 1000 mBTC. Therefore, you should open the terms and conditions of slot machines first, before you start playing them and making deposits. Especially, considering the fact that Bitcoin is a very volatile coin and its price continuously fluctuates, you need to be aware of the betting limits. 

As you can see, the maximum bet on BTC slots is something like 1000 mBTC but still, depending on a casino and its policies, it can be more or less. And when it comes to the minimum limit, most casinos give players the chance to place a bet of 1 satoshi at a minimum. If you are a beginner, you may find this offer perfect because usually, players are cautious of losing their BTC slot deposits and want to place as lower bets as possible. 

Do Canadian Casinos Manage Risk?

Bitcoins are generally connected with high risks due to their volatility. Both BTC games and the crypto itself are very volatile in nature. Considering this, it’s important to establish some measures in order to prevent possible risks. Canadian casinos seriously take risk management and have certain terms to avoid possible dangers and help their players play safely. Casino players know very well that often even big companies don’t indicate risk level in their games. In this case, you determine the risk on your own but generally, top Canadian casinos offer their players risk management options. 

Another factor that needs to be considered is the volatility of Bitcoins. The price of Bitcoin often changes and it can immediately go up and down. For example, if today it’s $19 000, tomorrow things may completely change and it can drop to $13 000. This is why Bitcoin slot game players sometimes tend to step back and refuse to make deposits in cryptos. We will talk about the risk management of volatility below in more detail. 

Bitcoin Slots Explained

If you’ve never played BTC slots and are not sure how they actually work, don’t worry because the mechanism of how Bitcoin slots work is exactly the same as for regular slot machines. The only difference is that with BTC slot games you have to use your Bitcoins while regular slots require players to use CAD or other fiat currencies. The general gameplay of Bitcoin slots involves spinning the reels. This time as well, while a player spins, he or she hopes that once it stops spinning, they will see a winning combination from the various symbols that are on the reels. And if three or more of the same symbol lands on the reels, then it means that you’ve won. 

Each type of cryptocurrency slot machine includes the same features and some of these are the following:

  • Reels
  • Wild
  • Symbols
  • Bonus


Symbols are integral parts of slot machines. Whether it’s a regular slot or a Bitcoin slot, players always encounter some symbols because winning on slots completely depends on these symbols. Generally, most slot machines display three spinning reels and each of them has about 20 symbols. This can be anything started from fruit like cherry, lemon, strawberry, or something, to numbers and other objects. Also, the place of a symbol could be black. One of these symbols on each reel is the jackpot-winning symbol. Considering the fact that 20 x 20 x 20 equals 8000, in most cases, where the Bitcoin slot machine includes 20 different symbols and 4 reels, your chance to win the jackpot is one in 8000. But still, lots of Canadian players have won jackpots while playing Bitcoin slot games.

Pay attention that these symbols have to be on the active pay line on which a player has wagered on. Although 3-reel and 20-symbol format are the most common, there are many different types of slots. For example, they can have just one single pay line, or more than three. The most common types after the 3-reel format are 9, 15, 20, 30, or 40. Some of the most popular symbols are wild symbols, scatters, free spins, rolling reels, or stacked symbols. The more symbols are included on a slot machine, the funnier is the game. This is the list of most popular symbols on Bitcoin slot machines: 

  • Wild
  • Stacked (multiple symbols combined into 1)
  • Scatter (a.k.a bonus)
  • Regular


Slot games with wild symbols are not a new feature of Canadian online casinos. In fact, wild symbols were first introduced back in the time when the “One-Armed Bandit” slot was created. Today gamblers can play BTC slots free versions of this game. It’s a well-known classic fruit machine operated by pulling a long handle at the side. This slot includes many colorful symbols. Wild symbols sometimes come with prizes of their own, making players’ experience on video slots even more enjoyable. 

The purpose of wild symbols in slot machines is that they have the power to replace all other symbols on the reels and complete winning pay-lines. Sometimes, it can be essential for winning a jackpot. However, there are some exceptions and sometimes the wild symbol can’t replace scatter ones, free spins, or bonus symbols. Also, there are some slot games where the wild doesn’t have any value of its own, while in others, it can be the highest-paying symbol. Pay attention that wild symbols sometimes can fall out and lead you to win in a bonus game. 


Generally, slot machines also include stacked symbols and this also applies to Bitcoin casino free slots. Stacked symbols are multiple symbols that are combined into one single symbol on a reel. They can be added to one or more reels and generally, stacked symbols are placed on top of each other on the reel. Unlike other symbols, these ones don’t demand meeting special conditions from players. In fact, they can be activated otherwise. Stacked symbols can be included either in the main game or additional games.

Also, stacked symbols can be on the entire reel or just some of the reels, depending on a certain slot machine. The reason why they are called “stacked” is that they basically occupy the reel. Keep in mind that winning odds are mostly higher with stacked symbols and therefore, you can root for expecting these symbols on your reel. Most Canadian slot machines that accept Bitcoin include stacked symbols and increase chances of winning jackpots or other rewards. 


The best Bitcoin slots on Canadian gambling sites usually include Scatter symbols as well. Scatter symbols are essential parts of a slot machine because basically, they are keys to unlocking different bonuses in slot games. However, these symbols work slightly differently from wild or regular symbols. Scatters are also known as bonus symbols. The reason is that they help players win bonuses. Scatters need to show up on a reel just to release mini-games and free spins and help players receive bonuses. Therefore, unlike other symbols, they don’t have to line up on the pay-line to win. 

This means that scatter can produce winning combinations without even being tied to lines. They move freely into the lines and generate winning combinations in slot machines. However,  at least 3 scatter symbols must appear together in order to create a winning combination and help a player win a price. Regardless of their position on the screen, if three of them appear on free crypto slots, then the reward is guaranteed. However, sometimes even two scatter symbols can be enough for getting a bonus. 


Besides scatter, free spins, stacked, and wild symbols, there are also lots of regular symbols featured in the Bitcoin slot machines. The main purpose of these regular symbols is that they fill the playing area and produce tradition winning combinations. Sometimes, these regular symbols include cards. But generally, they are thematic to a given slot machine.

For example, if it’s a Viking-themed slot, then you will see Viking symbols while playing the game. But if it’s just a spirit slot, then you will be surrounded by strawberries, bananas, kiwis, and other tasty fruits. These regular symbols can create paid sequences that fall out in the 2, 3, 4, or 5 pieces in a row on one line. The same applies to card symbols, which are also considered regular slot symbols. The best crypto slots on Canadian gambling sites include diverse regular symbols that make the gameplay very fun. As a result, players spend so much time choosing the best slot of their taste. 


Most Canadian casinos offer players slot machines that include the payout at around 95%. A percentage of a payout in BTC slots means the total amount of Bitcoins that a certain slot can take in over an amount of time that will pay out back in the form of winnings. This number can be something from 75% to 98%. Depending on that, a 95% payout is one of the best deals that online casino players can possibly experience anywhere. 95% payout puts the house edge at around 5% which is actually a great deal for Bitcoin gamblers. The majority of Canadian online casinos rate their Bitcoin slot machines using the following factors:

  • Paylines
  • RTP
  • Volatility

Crypto slots casino games generally have a special payout table that includes all characters and their combinations, whether or not they can lead to winning prizes. With the help of these tables, plates can calculate the value of their possible winnings after starting to play. Generally, the payout table includes regular payouts or extra lines. While with regular payouts players can obviously see how much they can win, with extra payouts things are different and they are showing several possible winning combinations. These extra payouts include at least 5 or more reels and three-game lines. 


Regular or Bitcoin slot games in Canada include some pay lines, just like the rest of slot machines. A pay line or betting line is a combination of symbols that creates a winning combination on a slot game. While classic slot machines have only one pay line, resulting in the winning combination with just three symbols of the same type, crypto slot machines and more advanced slots include more pay lines. By looking at a play table, you can see how much your payline can win. Bitcoin slots include not just horizontal pay lines, but also pay lines in different shapes, such as zigzag. Generally, video slots have 1-25 pay lines but Canadian online crypto casinos also offer some exceptions with 243 or even up to 1000 pay lines which is a special type of slot machine. 


RTP is another important feature of slot games with Bitcoins. RTP is an abbreviation of Return to Player. It’s used to measure the amount of possible winning from the slot machine. RTP is a reward that a player can expect to win from video slots. It’s usually expressed as a percentage and the higher percentage means more chances of winning combinations. The indicator of RTP appears in the process of the game and therefore, Bitcoin play slots allow you to have some information about how many Bitcoins can you win from this machine. For example, if you have a 100% RTP it means that your chances of winning are equal to the chances of the casino itself. However, 100% is very rare, and usually, players experience lower RTPs. But if you aim to win a jackpot from a slot machine, make sure that the RTP is above 90%. 


When it comes to Bitcoins, volatility is a very common phenomenon. Both cryptocurrencies and crypto slots are considered very volatile in nature. Volatility is easy to understand when talking about cryptocurrencies. In this case, it means that the price of Bitcoins frequently go up and down and this happens immediately. This is nothing new for crypto users and they know that once their Bitcoin is almost reaching $20 000, the other day it can drop to $15 000 or something. But with Bitcoin casino slots, volatility has a different meaning. 

This means that while some slots allow players to win almost every combination, in others chances of winning are very low. Bitcoin slots have three types of volatility. If you play a slot with low volatility, you are likely to win every combination that gets on the reel, but if the volatility is medium or high, the chances of winning get lower. 

BTC Slots Bonuses and How to Get Them

One of the reasons why Canadian players love to play slot games is definitely related to promotions. Many slot machines are accompanied by specific bonuses and usually, the type of these bonuses is free spins. This means that casinos offer players to just go to their game lobbies, choose their favorite slot machine and receive free spins. For this, you don’t need to deposit a single BTC or CAD. Free spins on the Bitcoin slot machine actually mean that they are completely free. So, once you receive a free spins bonus, you can freely spend it on offered slot machines. 

However, keep in mind that free spins bonuses usually are related to one certain slot machine. Therefore, you should look at the terms and conditions of a given bonus carefully and find out which slot you have to play in order to get free spins. In order to win, you should see certain combinations of symbols that get you a bonus. 

Pay attention that free spins that are offered by a casino are slightly different from free spins that can be claimed at a game process. If free spins are given by a casino, then the player is generally required to deposit some Bitcoins on their account, and only after that, they can claim free spins bonus. Unlike this, if free spins are offered in Bitcoin video slots, then a player needs to get a winning combination in order to receive free spins bonus. 

Are BTC Slots Worth It?

Whether it’s worth playing a BTC slot machine, completely depends on a player. Generally, Bitcoin slots are accompanied by lots of advantages but also, they can be quite risky. Therefore, BTC slots have their pros and cons. 

You should definitely consider playing slots with your cryptos if you are ready for increased risks. That’s because cryptos are very volatile and their price can change unexpectedly at any time. Therefore, you should be ready that you may completely lose your winnings. Also, in order to play BTC slots, you have to deeply understand its rules. Generally, BTC players that win jackpots or other rewards are aware of the mechanism of the game, how payouts happen, what combinations can lead to wins and etc. In this way, you can easily win and get Bitcoin slots  no deposit bonus.

But if you are afraid of risk and are looking for more reliable options with low-risks, then we recommend not to take part in Bitcoin slots. Also, Bitcoin slots are not for those who are impatient because this game is completely a game of chance, meaning that you can’t take any action, you just need to sit and watch a screen and wait to see whether you win or lose.

FAQ on Canadian BTC Slots

Are some Bitcoin slots better than others?

Yes. Usually, some slot machines are accompanied by higher chances of winning which means that some slots are definitely better than others. To determine the chances of winning, you need to look at the RTP (Return to Player) which expresses the percentage of possible chances to win. Also, slots with a different number of paylines and reels have different winning probabilities because the percentage of the winning combination on cryptocurrency slots depends on the number of reels and symbols. 

What is volatility in BTC slots?

Volatility in Bitcoin slots is slightly different from cryptocurrency volatility. Generally, this term means that something changes quickly and unexpectedly. With cryptos, it’s about the value. But with BTC slots volatility is ever-changing chances of winning. Bitcoin slot machines have three types of volatility: low, medium, and high. With low volatile slots, you have maximum chances to win rewards. But if the volatility is high, then the chances that you will get a winning combination are very low. Medium volatility is the middle point between low and high chances of winning. 

What was the biggest win with a Bitcoin slot game?

The first time when a player won the biggest jackpot from Bitcoin slots was in 2013. It’s considered the biggest win in the entire online gambling industry. The size of the jackpot was 11 000 Bitcoins and after this fortunate free Bitcoin slots gameplay, a gambler became a millionaire. Another popular occasion of winning a jackpot from a Bitcoin slot machine was in 2019 when a gambler from Finland got 161 Bitcoins from just one spin on a fruit machine slot.