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A beginner’s guide to Microgaming and overview of Best Microgaming online casinos

Right now gone are the days when you had to go to a casino to gamble. With the huge popularity of online casinos, and with all the variety and choice that comes with them, you can reliably enjoy gaming from anywhere, like from the comfort of your home. Online casinos have been ar…

Right now gone are the days when you had to go to a casino to gamble. With the huge popularity of online casinos, and with all the variety and choice that comes with them, you can reliably enjoy gaming from anywhere, like from the comfort of your home.

Online casinos have been around for a while now, with the first one, the Gaming Club, claiming to have been opened all the way back in 1994. The software for the Gaming Club was built by Microgaming, one of the most – if not THE most – influential and successful online casino software developers in the world, and they’ll be the topic of our discussion today.

Microgaming casino sites in Canada – and everywhere else in the world – have been massively successful, and have been regarded as the industry-standard; absolute pioneers in their field.

List of best Microgaming casinos online

Microgaming is one of the first, if not THE first online casino developers in the world, and there’s thousands of websites online that host their games. With that, it can sometimes get a bit hard to choose which Microgaming casino to go with. Here’s out comprehensive list with our top Microgaming casino websites online.

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A little bit of History

When Microgaming developed software for the Gaming Club back in 1994, the industry was completely different. The gaming club wouldn’t even launch until later in 1996, so there was literally no competition on the market.

Since then, the Gaming Club has become one of the most well-known and highly-respected casinos. It has, from that point on, powered the second oldest online casino in the world – Intertops.

These are just two of the casinos that Microgaming powers. With so many casinos being powered with their software, making a Microgaming casino list would be too huge of a task to even attempt.

Instead, today we’ll be talking about what Microgaming represents as a company, how it’s viewed in the industry and why it has managed to stay on top for so long. You’ll also learn what makes a good casino software, and why only select few companies are able to produce them on a high level, as well as why Microgaming Canada is one of the most beloved and best-reviewed software providers in the country and all around the world.

Notable Games

Microgaming has provided some of the most popular and beloved games in the industry. Throughout the years, Microgaming has managed to win over and keep thousands upon thousands of fans all over the world. They achieve this by upholding the highest standards of software quality, with cutting-edge graphics, smooth gaming performance, and a captivating soundtrack. Here are top games from Microgaming casinos Canada, with

some of the most well-known and beloved games that have helped them stay on top for so many years:

Thunderstruck II

No Microgaming slots list would be complete without Thunderstruck II. As you may guess from the name, Thunderstruck II is a second installment of the Thunderstruck series by Microgaming. Its predecessor was massively successful and has remained a fan-favorite for many years, meaning the bar was really high for this episode. Microgaming not only met those expectations but has exceeded them.

The game has a very captivating thunder theme, with elements of mythology throughout. It’s structured in 5 reels and 243 possible pay lines. It has a Mjolnir symbol for scatter, with the biggest possible win being the Wildstrom symbol, which also unlocks the Jackpot.

Tomb Raider

Even if you’ve never played Microgaming casino slots Canada, you’ll instantly feel right at home when you see the very familiar and beloved Tomb-raider theme of this slot. Everybody loves Lara Croft. She’s pretty much the biggest female gaming icon in existence.

The game is of quite low volatility, so it’s not as exciting for some people, but for those of us who really appreciate the software side itself, the great graphics, amazing soundtrack and exciting features like Free Spins will be a delight. Speaking of which, Tomb Raider was the first actual slot to offer free spins bonus feature to gamers.

Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah is Microgaming’s one of the most popular creations. It’s a jungle-themed game that really translates well with some of the industry-best graphics. It’s full of life and personality with its characters and symbols and offers some engaging and fun experience.

However, where the game really shines is the potential for big wins. The game offers lots of jackpot features, with four different progressive jackpots. Some of its record-breaking wins have made Mega Moolah one of the biggest fan-favorites from Microgaming.

The game offers other bonus features as well like the free spins. In terms of volatility, it’s considered to be quite a low-volatility game. However, with four progressive jackpot features, you’re bound to have an exciting game at the prospect of a mouth-watering win.

Agent Jane Blonde

This game is created as a parody, a female version of James Bond, a popular English fictional spy character.

The game has cartoonish animations and graphics and has its own unique look and feel. It has some interesting and satisfying symbols which consist of spy items like guns, tracking devices and tools, Jane’s lipstick and glasses.

For the wild and scatter symbols, we have Jane Blonde herself, who acts as a symbol for both. It. The game is massively loved by both male and – especially – female gamers, and that’s why you’ll be able to find it on almost all Microgaming casinos Canada

Why Choose Microgaming

This is how Microgaming has managed to become and remain an industry leader for many years now. Their dedication to the quality of their service, determination for continuous improvement has allowed them to stay on top for so long. If, after reading all of this you’re still on the fence, here’s a boatload of specific, tangible reasons as to why Microgaming online casinos for Canadian players remains the best choice over the alternatives:

Unmatched experience and track record

The way you actually determine the best from the average is by not just relying on the surface-level comparisons, but by delving deeper and examining how solid a product is structurally. And indeed, if you asked anyone in the software development business, they’ll attest to the quality and level of Microgaming casino sites.

Microgaming is the first company that actually started developing casino software, making them objectively the most experienced developer in the world. Through their operation of over 26 years, they have continuously managed to provide some of the best casino games in the world. Microgaming’s games are best not only because of the general gameplay aspects like look and feel, graphics and soundtrack but because of small details that their experience allows. The company knows ins-and-outs of the industry, which allows them to provide exactly what the players need.

Microgaming casinos offer bonuses that you won’t find often.

Microgaming no deposit Canada promotions, free spins, and deposit bonuses – these are what Microgaming is very well known for. There are hundreds upon hundreds of casinos online, and for an average customer who doesn’t get a chance to look into it on a deeper level, one of the most common determining factors for choosing a casino will be how much extra benefit they can get from a casino in the form of bonuses and promotions. This is completely normal, and players should actually never feel ashamed to demand these benefits. Odds are, without fail, always in the casino’s favor, so there’s no hurt in casinos giving something back to the players. Promotional offers like Microgaming casinos no deposit bonus always come with some kind of wagering and playthrough requirements anyway, so don’t feel guilty for indulging in them.


If there’s anything Canadian Microgaming casinos are known for, it’s how robust, reliable and well-built their software is. And that’s what ultimately matters, because any time you play a game at a casino, you’re essentially assuming its trustworthiness and reliability. Computer software is built by humans, and therefore are always prone to some bugs and mistakes, and if you’re willing to deposit your hard-earned money for a casino game, you better make sure everything is running as smoothly as possible, and that there are no unpleasant “surprises”. The only way to be sure of this is to go for the best and most reliable provider right off the bat, and there’s no better provider for casino games than Microgaming.

Customer Service

One of the quickest and most reliable ways to check the level and trustworthiness of a casino is by checking their customer service, and to what extent they go to, to ensure customer satisfaction. Needless to say, you can expect the best of the best customer service with a Microgaming casino. Due to the prestige and respect that comes with Microgaming’s name and brand, they always aim to partner with casinos that uphold the highest standards in all aspects, and perhaps the most important of those standards is the customer service.

No matter what kind of concern you may have regarding any matter, you can, and should, always feel free to take it to your casino’s customer service. How diligently they approach the matter and to what extent they go to resolve your issue, will show you exactly what level their service is at.

Cross-platform availability

Best Microgaming Online Casinos are compatible and well-optimized for all devices. With the technology and software-development advancements in this day and age, it’s not too hard to build a great application. There’s an abundance of talented developers and people with the necessary managerial skills to build a lot of good applications. It’s easy – for the lack of better word – to build a good game software for desktop-based devices and browsers, but the companies that really stand out are the ones that create the apps that are well-optimized for all devices. Nowadays, an extremely large amount of gambling is done on mobile devices and tablets. Technology, along with its trends, is constantly changing. Gone are the days of desktop-only gambling. With these changes, the companies that embrace them and move forward in sync are the ones that are most ahead. That’s why, as you’ll notice, newest Microgaming casinos are all fully optimized for mobile and similar devices.

Payment Accessibility

Another aspect where the bar is very high for Microgaming casino sites Canada is the banking system, meaning the whole payment-withdrawal process. One very common theme among a very large number of online casinos is the fact that while they may accept all common convenient payment methods like PayPal, MasterCard, and Visas, they are severely lacking in the withdrawal department. Many of them are unable to facilitate withdrawal via cards, and only have specific forms of processing like Bank Wire Transfers, Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, or other third-party methods. There’s nothing wrong with using these methods, but in this day and age, there’s no reason not to make everything as easy and convenient for players as possible.


Real money Microgaming games have been on the market for over 26 years by now. For a relatively young industry, where there wasn’t a lot of guidance and lead to follow, Microgaming has been a true pioneer that has paved the way for many great software development companies. They have managed to create games that have ‘clicked’ for millions of people, demonstrating their dedication to providing the best possible user experience. The best Microgaming casino online will always offer software with a perfect blend of software performance and stability that seamlessly and uninterruptedly translates into fun and playability.

If you’re planning to spend any significant amount of time playing online casino games, you owe it to yourself to make serious and diligent research to find the best possible provider. Someone who is reliable, ethical and dedicated to providing service of the highest standard.

The next time you’re enjoying the best Microgaming online casinos in Canada, you will have an actual, in-depth understanding of what exactly went into creating these games, and how much care is put towards maintaining their standard. We hope you learned something valuable today, and wish you the best of luck in your gaming endeavors.