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Top BTC Dice Sites in Canada

Today Bitcoin dice is considered one of the most popular casino activities all over the world. Not surprisingly, the same applies to Canadian gamblers. Canadian online casinos usually keep the space with the latest technologies and as a result, most of the top online casinos in t…

Today Bitcoin dice is considered one of the most popular casino activities all over the world. Not surprisingly, the same applies to Canadian gamblers. Canadian online casinos usually keep the space with the latest technologies and as a result, most of the top online casinos in this country have BTC dice games on their platform. It needs to be mentioned that most times, they offer not only one, but several different types of BTC dice games and lots of variations. Among these games, the best bitcoin dice game for Canadian players is indeed Craps. It’s the most popular on top-ranked Canadian casinos and the winnings on this game are generally higher compared to other BTC dice games.

Even though Canadian players have so many great choices of online gambling sites, we checked the majority of them and revealed the best ones among them. So, here is the list of our handpicked Canadian casinos that offer great diversity of Bitcoin dice games. Now it’s up to you to click “Play Now” and start gambling or read our reviews, before registering. 

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The top-ranked bitcoin dice game sites in Canada

With the development of blockchain technology and its integration into the Canadian online gambling industry, the Bitcoin dice game became one of the most popular activities for Canadian gamblers. While dice games have always been an essential part of online casinos, generally, online gambling sites preferred different casino games such as blackjack, poker, slots, roulette, etc. But adding Bitcoin to dice games changed the way casinos perceive dice games and resulted in creating a completely new category of online gambling activities.

Dice is considered a traditional gambling activity. It’s one of the oldest games in the history of the world. Actually, this game originates from old Greece but since then the rules and form of dice games have changed several times. Therefore, online casino dice nowadays is almost completely different from what was before, in ancient times. Back then, people used animal bones for this game. But now dice is a small colorless or white object made with plastic. However, with crypto dice, there’s no need for this object, as it’s completely virtual.

The main idea behind dice games is that players need to throw dice several times. Dice has six different sides and with 1-6 points on each. This applies to every crypto dice strategy as well, even though modern dice requires lots of different techniques. The number of dropped points is the outcome for players. This is how the winner or loser is determined in these games. Dice absolutely depends on your luck and is considered a game of chance. However, still, you need to know some popular strategies, in order to increase the chances of winning. In that way, you can calculate the probability of winning.

Thanks to cryptos, most of these dice games are provably fair. Paying with cryptos ensures that the private information of gamblers is completely safe and confidential. In fact, this is one of the main reasons why Canadian players prefer crypto dice games over regular dice. Therefore, dice is actually a great fit for cryptos. The rules are completely the same, though. No matter, you are playing fiat dice or Bitcoin dice on the top bitcoin dice sites in Canada, you can use the same strategies and get related bonuses.

Today Canadian casinos that accept Bitcoins on their platforms tend to have various dice games. While some players stick to Craps and play its different variations only, others like more diversity and take part in different types of dice games. The most popular dice games that are available for crypto users usually include generous casino bonuses. Players can get either deposit or no deposit bonuses. You will find everything about dice bonuses in this bitcoin dice review. In order to get them, all they need to do is to create accounts on a certain dice platform, start playing, and activate bonuses. According to Canadian gamblers, the most popular crypto dice games are the following:

  • Craps
  • Klondike
  • Sic Bo
  • Chuck-A-Luck
  • Hazard

Below, we will review each of these dice variations briefly, and help you decide which one is the best choice for you. So, let’s start with the most popular which is indeed Craps.


Craps is one of the most well-known variations of dice games. This game is also known as Bank Craps and is played on a special table where two dice are used. Like the rest of dice games, here as well, players make wagers on the outcome of dice and after series of rolling it, they see whether or not they have won. Depending on which Craps dice you play, the rules are different. On the best bitcoin dice site in Canada, the most common game is Street Craps. In this game, you have to compete with other players and wager money against each other. However, another frequently played variation is called “casino craps” or “table craps” where gamblers wager money against a bank. This type is available on the majority of crypto casinos in Canada. But some of them offer both forms of dice games. 

This game can be played by any number of participants. Some Canadian online gambling sites even offer a crypto live casino version of this game, where you can compete against a dealer.  The main rule is that a person who starts the game rolls the dice, and the numbers that appear on the top side of the dice is the point they get. Otherwise, the rules of crypto craps are completely the same as in regular dice games.


Klondike is one of the most interesting forms of a bitcoin dice game with faucet. It’s a betting game which is usually played with 5 six-sided dice. This game was first introduced in the USA and afterward, it quickly spread in Canada as well. Unlike Craps, in this game players need to roll certain combinations in order to win. This game looks a lot like a Poker Dice game. The main similarity is that both these games require several combinations for winning with the same names. Therefore, if you are aware of poker game strategies, playing Klondike dice can be a lot easier for you. 

Klondike is often called Counter Klondike or Casino Klondike. This time, a dice is rolled by a banker for the first time, and only after that are players allowed to roll it when their turn comes. The main idea is to bat the combination thrown by a banker. Klondike allows players to throw a dice only one time. The highest number on this crypto dice game is 1, followed by 6, 5, 4, 3, 2. If your combination is the same as bankers’, then a banker wins. But if you exceed, then you are the winner. The winning combinations in crypto Klondike are the following: Five-of-a-kind, Four-of-a-kind, Full House, Three-of-a-kind, Two pairs, One pair. 

Sic Bo

Sic Bo is another popular form of dice in Canada. Actually, it’s one of the most frequently played games by Canadian gamblers. This game is played with three six-sided dice involved and your winning is totally up to your luck. Unlike previously discussed variations, Sic Bo comes from Southeast Asia. In fact, this game was developed in China but now it’s no less popular in western countries, including Canada. 

The name “Sic Bo” translates as “dice pair” which is a little bit strange, as it’s played by three dices. The game was bought in the US in the early 20th century by Chinese immigrants. Bitcoin dice gambling Canada is completely different from this ancient version. But since then, it spread in the North and South parts of the continent and became popular in the online gambling industry as well. The Crypto version of Sic Bo dice is a newly developed game but Canadian gamblers already tend to like it very much.  The rules of Sic Bo are nothing difficult. In fact, the most common winning strategy is that a player should place three currency units on 8, two on double 1, 2, and 3. The return for this combination can be 27 units in case 8 wins and 22 units if a double bet wins. You can also place two units on a combination of 2 and 3 and if it wins, you will have 12 units. 


Another popular version of crypto dice games is called Chuck-A-Luck. This game has a medieval origin and is also known as sweat-cloth. Cuck-A-Luck bitcoin dice strategy is the same as the usual game, without cryptos. The only difference is that here you place bets in Bitcoins. The game is played by three six-point dice as well. English gamblers call this game a “birdcage” because the game contains a small wire cage where there are three dice cubes. The main rule of this game is that a banker rolls the dice by turning over a wire cage where they are placed initially. However, sometimes a cone-shaped chute made of leather or metal is used instead of a wire cage. The most common payoffs are 1 to1 on singles, 2 to 1 on pairs, and 3 to 1 on triples. The game can be found on most new online casinos that accept Bitcoin. The house edge of this game is usually 7.5%. Variations of Chuck-A-Luck are not so diverse, but players don’t usually enjoy the available options on bitcoin dice sites for Canadians.


And the last game from the top five dice games for Canadian players is called Hazard. Needless to say that this game is considered the most hazardous of all forms of dice games. But BTC dice are usually accompanied with even more hazard and thrills. Hazard dice is played with two dices. The number of people is not determined. The game can be started by any of the players but if two or more of them wish to begin, then they must roll and dice and the one who gets the highest points is the winner. The first player rolls a dice and establishes his main point. This can be anything from 5 to 9. 

This game had been very popular in England in the 18th century. In fact, many other forms of dice games were inspired by the Hazard game. The modern version of this game is slightly different from its ancestor. Generally, bitcoin dice sites with faucet offer guidelines about the rules of this game, and therefore, if you aren’t sure about its strategies, you can easily find the rules. 

The Maximum Bet on BTC Dice Games

Generally, betting options for Bitcoin dice games vary from casino to casino. You can find out all the necessary information about particular betting requirements for crypto dice in the terms and conditions of a given Canadian casino. However, there are some similarities. In most cases, the minimum betting requirement for BTC dice is 0.00001 BTC. And the maximum payout per bet is usually 5 BTC. Keep in mind that these are just average betting numbers. Different casinos have different requirements and besides, the price of Bitcoin frequently changes due to its volatile nature. As a result, Canadian online casinos often change and update their betting options. 

In any case, players can get much more benefits by playing BTC dice with faucet compared to usual dice with CAD or other fiat currencies. Even more, some of them offer Bitcoin jackpots but this is only for those who place bets above 1 BTC. While this may seem a  little bit risky, the winnings from this bet can be so favorable that usually, it’s worth it. Considering the fact that dice games are completely dependent on your luck, you should wait patiently and see if you win or lose. But don’t forget to choose a casino from our recommended ones in order to avoid risk and gamble safely. If you are not aware of betting strategies and options yet, you can start with smaller bets and place bigger ones only when you get more experience. 

Bitcoin Dice Bonuses – How to Get them

Everyone who has ever gambled online acknowledges the importance of casino bonuses. Even though dice games don’t usually offer players special bonuses, many crypto dice sites in Canada give gamblers a chance to get benefits by making deposits on BTC dice games. Offering a generous welcome bonus can play an essential role in encouraging new users to register on your platform. 

This is why Canadian gambling sites try hard to offer great bonus deals. The general rule to get BTC dice bonuses is to register on the platform, send a deposit using your crypto wallet, and start playing games. However, sometimes you can get bonuses without even making a deposit. Below, we will explain the mechanism of the two most popular bonus types on BTC dice sites in Canada. 

Deposit Bonus 

Deposit Bonus is the most common type of bonus on Canadian online gambling sites. Usually, it’s a part of the Welcome Bonus. Keep in mind that if a casino offers plenty of free spins, alongside the deposit bonus, you should actually consider gambling with this bitcoin casino dice. But if they don’t, examine other features more carefully. If you can’t find a welcome bonus on a given casino, don’t worry because sometimes it’s called the first deposit bonus. Also, the welcome bonus can be divided into first, second, third, and fourth deposit bonuses. If you are fortunate enough, a certain Canadian casino may even offer a reload bonus or other types of deposit bonuses. 

As the name suggests, in order to get a deposit bonus, you need to make a deposit. The first step in getting a deposit bonus is to create an account. Then, you should verify your email, get a crypto wallet, and send the deposit. Don’t forget to use the promo code if a casino offers one. That way you will have the chance to increase your benefits. Finally, you can start playing crypto dice games, meet the wagering requirements and claim your dice games win BTC free bonus.

No Deposit Bonus

Newcomers usually prefer no deposit bonus because when they first start gambling, making a deposit in Bitcoins may seem a little bit risky. Generally, Canadian online casinos are aware of this fact and this is why they offer no deposit bitcoin bonuses as well. No deposit bonus means that you can get certain rewards without having to spend any of your Bitcoins. In this case, all you need to do is to register on the platform and you will be automatically awarded the no deposit bonus. Therefore, the main purpose of this bonus is to please new customers and encourage them to register. Once they notice that the casino is fair enough, they will take further steps and make deposits as well. 

Keep in mind that no deposit bonus is not without certain requirements. Mostly, you need to wager your bonus several times. This is why the bitcoin dice game free needs understanding the terms and conditions of a certain bonus in order not to lose the chance of receiving a free bonus. So, go to the page of promotions, find out promo codes and wagering requirements and start playing only afterward. 

What is BTC Dice with Faucet and how it works

Bitcoin faucet is a new term in the Canadian online gambling industry. However, the majority of players already acknowledge the number of advantages this term is related to. The first-ever Bitcoin faucet was introduced in 2010.  Canadian casinos started using BTC faucets years later, but now there are plenty of possibilities for gamblers in this country as well. The main purpose of the BTC faucet was to promote the use of these cryptos but back in these days, the price of Bitcoins wasn’t as high.  Although today BTC is reaching almost $ 20 000, Canadian gamblers find bitcoin dice free faucet still very useful. 

A faucet is a reward system that is available on a website or on a mobile application. In order to get free Bitcoins from this reward system, you need to watch an advertisement or take part in a quick survey. After that, you will be rewarded with a few cryptos. This is also considered a no deposit bonus because players can get Bitcoins without making a deposit. However, unlike no deposit bonus, the size of the BTC faucet is usually lower. Keep in mind that Bitcoins are not the only available cryptos on these faucets. If a casino accepts different digital coins, you can choose a different reward. 

In any case, a gambler needs to be registered on a platform in order to get this faucet prize. On Canadian crypto casinos, you can find BTC faucets where you should solve a captcha, watch various videos or ads. These sites offer plenty of bitcoin dice game faucet options as well. This means that by just playing your favorite dice games, you can get Bitcoins for free. So, if you are a new user and find making BTC deposits a little bit risky, getting a Bitcoin faucet is actually a good idea because you won’t lose anything. 

Should you Play Bitcoin Dice in Canadian Casinos? 

Playing dice games with Bitcoins is accompanied by so many advantages on Canadian gambling sites. First of all, all the pros connected to Bitcoins apply to BTC dice games as well. For example, deposits and withdrawals in Bitcoins are usually instant or take up to 15 minutes. Compared to CAD transactions that are controlled by the central bank of Canada, BTC transactions are much more favorable. Blockchain is a decentralized ledger, meaning that your actions are almost untraceable. Besides, no one demands players to pay any additional fees if they make deposits in Bitcoins. This means that the BTC dice game doesn’t require players to spend any of their winnings on additional charges. Also, dice games are often accompanied by generous bonuses that are available only for BTC users.

But playing dice games in BTC can also have some downsides. First of all, it’s a newly added feature on Canadian casinos and therefore, there is not much diversity when it comes to Bitcoin dice games. Also, the price of Bitcoin often fluctuates, meaning that you may lose your winnings due to the volatility of Bitcoin. This is why playing dice games with BTCs is considered a little bit risky. But taking all the benefits into account, BTC dice games on Cadanian crypto websites are definitely worth a try. 

Pros Cons
Bonuses Fewer Choice
Fast Transactions Volatility
No Fees Risky

FAQ on Canadian BTC Dice 

What are the rules of Bitcoin Dice Games?

The rules of bitcoin dice with faucet are almost exactly the same as the rules of regular dice. The main idea is that players need to throw a dice which is 6-sided in most cases. It’s completely up to your luck that points you get. Different games require a different number of dice and therefore, the players have different probabilities of winnings. Also, players compete against each other in some dice games, while in others they fight against a banker. Dice is a game of chance and therefore, learning basic rules is enough for winning. You don’t need to learn any special strategies. With BTC dice, you need to make transactions with Bitcoin. Other than this, the rules of crypto dice are the same as those of regular dice. 

Are BTC dice betting options different from regular dice games?

Yes. Bitcoin dice games have special betting requirements. The main difference is that in this case, players need to place their bets on the best bitcoin dice in Bitcoin. Considering that the price of Bitcoin often fluctuates due to its volatility, the minimum and maximum amount of bets often vary. So, if you convert these betting options in CAD, it will be different each time. On average, the minimum bet you can make is 1 satoshi and the maximum bet can be up to 5 BTC. 

Can I get bonuses from Bitcoin Dice games?

Yes. Canadian crypto casinos offer plenty of bonuses for players who take part in BTC dice games. This means that you can take advantage of either deposit bonuses, no deposit bonuses, and even bitcoin free spins. Different bonuses have different conditions, such as wagering requirements, minimum and maximum deposit options, and promo codes. Make sure to check all of this information in order not to lose the chance of getting a BTC dice bonus.