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Our guide and overview of websites with best betting bonuses

Gambling and sports betting specifically are getting more popular by the day. With a huge amount of media outlets available today, coupled with the internet’s ability to connect the whole world, gambling and betting are becoming even more interesting than they were years ago. The…

Gambling and sports betting specifically are getting more popular by the day. With a huge amount of media outlets available today, coupled with the internet’s ability to connect the whole world, gambling and betting are becoming even more interesting than they were years ago.

The Canadian gambling market is absolutely massive. It is estimated that it brings in total revenue of around $15 billion and supplies over 135000 jobs. Over $9 billion of that revenue directly funds government programs and services.

There are over 2000 legally-registered gambling websites only in Canada, so the market is absolutely fierce. For an average player who’s just looking at it on a surface level, it’s getting increasingly difficult to choose a website to play and bet at. Nowadays, to stay competitive, these websites have to get really creative and original to attract more people. Having something unique that is differentiable from most competitors is something that a few companies achieve, and the ones that do are wildly successful.

Creativity and uniqueness aside though, one of the best ways a website can get a lot of loyal customers is by having generous promotions and free bonuses, as they are always appreciated by the players.

Sports betting bonuses Canada is one of the most popular ways that sports websites use to attract a lot of new customers. Today, we’ll be discussing how these betting bonuses work, why are they so beloved by all players, and what are the best ways and approaches for maximizing and reaching the full potential of these bonuses and squeezing out maximum value out of them.

Aside from listing and comparing top betting bonuses in Canada, this will also serve as a general guide to these bonuses and explaining some oft-misunderstood details about them. This way you can learn how they actually work, and come up with a well-informed stance and approach regarding them.

What are the specific websites offering the best betting bonuses in Canada online?

There are hundreds of betting websites out there, and they all know that to get ahead and differentiate themselves from all the other websites offering comparable service, they have to differentiate themselves from them by incentivizing their players with generous bonuses and promotions. Some of the websites are much better at this than the others. Here’s our selection of the websites with the best betting bonuses.

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What are betting bonuses?

Sports betting bonus is a promotional offer that online sportsbooks and betting websites run with the goal of stimulating and attracting players. These bonuses are given out in various different ways. There’s not really much into it beyond that. You can use these bonuses to make bets for free. The bulk of the discussion should be with how these bonuses are given out, and what specifics and rules accompany each one of those.

Sign Up Bonuses

As you may infer from the name itself, these bonuses are given right after the sign-up. Betting bonus sites give these out in order to attract new players on their platform. If a player was just starting out and had to make a choice between several websites, it’s no wonder, that with all things being equal – or mostly equal – they’d be going with the website that offers them the most benefit.

Your average betting bonus Canadian online casino knows this, so these websites constantly strive to come up with creative and attractive bonuses for new players. Odds are always in the house’s favor, so it still makes sense for the website to give out generous bonuses in exchange for possible long-term customers. Some websites even offer betting bonus no deposit, which shows the extent to which websites are willing to go for securing new customers.

Reload Betting Bonuses

As compared to the sign-up bonuses, reload bonuses are available for returning players only. They’re usually given out on a weekly basis; for example, every Monday or every Friday. Sometimes it may be given out in a bi-weekly manner as well, like every second Monday.

These bonuses are usually smaller than sign-up bonuses but have a frequent and recurring nature. It’s not a huge amount, but can still be a satisfying little addition every week. They are especially loved by the experienced players who game on a regular basis. Having something extra to expect during your redeposits is a pleasant little touch that helps you look forward to your next gaming session.

These sports betting bonus codes are given out at different times based on different factors, like how long have the players been playing at the website, how frequently they play in general, how much money they’ve spent, etc.

These offers are usually time-restricted, meaning they expire after a certain period of time. The reason for this is to ensure that there’s a limited amount of people that have these bonuses at the given time and to make sure that they aren’t saved to be used later. Having a time limit also prompts players to play sooner and potentially add more of their money after using the bonus.

Cashback Betting Bonuses

Cashback betting bonuses on Canadian sites are given to you in case you have a losing week. It depends on the casino itself, but the amount is usually a percentage of what you lost.

These bonuses are designed to ensure that the players who’ve had a run of bad luck aren’t too discouraged and stop playing altogether. Getting some of what you lost back can really remedy the pain of losing.

These bonuses, like the reload bonuses, are also really appreciated by the experienced and frequent players who continuously redeposit every week. They’re also one of the best because it always makes sense to take them, no matter what wagering requirements (More on that below) they have, which are usually very low anyways.

Referral Betting Bonuses

Referral bonuses are one of the best forms of betting bonuses in Canada. The goal of casinos with referrals is to get you to invite your friends, family and loved ones to start playing at the casino, in exchange for which you’ll get a bonus.

Referrals are usually available to everyone, and it’s really easy to get started – all you have to do is register, go to the referrals program section of your casino, and obtain a unique link that you can use to refer people with. People that you’d like to refer will be visiting your unique link and signing up from there, after which they count as your referents.

There are other, special forms of referrals as well that betting bonus sites offer, like multi-level referrals, which allows you to get a small commission for each and every new member that was referred by the people that you referred, allowing you to earn a passive income of sorts. This is a very rare occurrence though and isn’t offered by many websites.

Referrals are one of the best ways to earn extra bonuses from a casino or a betting site, and it’s universally loved by everyone. Why? Because it’s a win-win situation for all parties, whether that be the website, referent or the referrer. Everyone gets a piece of the pie, and if it turns out to be a good arrangement down the road, even better.

However, there are some things that you need to remember when dealing with these referral bonuses on Canadian betting sites. For one, after you refer a person, you may still not be eligible for a bonus until they make an actual deposit. This is done in order to ensure that people don’t just spam referrals for bonuses without playing at all. If this rule wasn’t in place, casinos and betting websites would definitely be exploited with these promotions.

Before you even think of referring anyone anywhere, it’s your obligation to conduct adequate research and screening of the websites. Why? Because by the mere fact of recommending and endorsing a platform, you’re at least partially responsible for what kind of experience your referent has. Therefore, always make sure you’re prioritizing the positive experience of your friends and loved ones over a referral commission.

Loyalty and VIP bonuses

A loyal player is a valuable commodity in the world of online gambling and betting. With so many options available out there, it’s definitely a buyer’s market. Casinos have to go out of their way to show something different to their customers. Otherwise, there’s always greener pastures. Due to that, a lot of times it’s just left to which company provides the best betting bonus Canada.

If you’ve been playing at a website for a while, chances are you should be eligible for some VIP program with better bonuses and promotions. If your platform has a customer service department – which it definitely should – feel free to contact them and ask. There’s absolutely no harm in asking, that’s what they’re there for. You may even be quite surprised by the results.

High Roller Bonus

For the players who are looking to play with bigger numbers, they can gain access to the best online casino betting bonus – the High Roller Bonuses. It really depends on your specific website and/or casino, but high rollers are usually players who deposit in excess of around $3000. Some sportsbooks may even offer bonuses as high as 50%, so a $3000 deposit will turn into $4500.

If casinos and sportsbooks had “favorite players”, it would definitely be the high rollers. These players deposit and play through huge amounts of money, hence why they have access to these amazing promotions. In brick-and-mortar casinos you may even get a free meal, a bottle of champagne, access to a show and more.

Things to consider

Sports betting bonus Canada may seem like a pretty simple subject so far, and it mostly is, but if you want to fully maximize your benefit and prevent some of the common issues that people face, you should definitely consider a few things to avoid unnecessary frustration. Let’s examine some of them below.

Terms and Conditions

One very strange phenomenon that we commonly notice among players is their lack of awareness when it comes to the promotional offers’ terms and conditions. If you were using any product or service, you’d probably – or hopefully – familiarize yourself with its terms and conditions, and there’s no reason for a betting bonus in Canada casino to be an exception.

The promotion may have some specific conditions that may completely change the bonus for you. For example, it may be available only for a certain period of time, or only under certain conditions like specific amounts of credits. There may also be some restrictions on where you can use the bonus from, or which specific games you can use it in. It all, again, depends on your gambling website’s policies, and you should always be eager to invest a few minutes of your time to familiarize yourself with them. We’re talking about your money here, and if you want to ensure its safety, this is the least you can do.

Wagering Requirements

Any kind of a casino promotional offer or sports betting bonus Canada will come with at least some kind of wagering requirement.

Wagering requirements are the casino’s determined amount of minimal-required playthrough that you have to conduct before you’re allowed to claim the bonus. This means that you have to play at least the amount of the wagering requirement before you can think about cashing out the promotional offer.

Wagering requirements can sometimes be a source of frustration for some players, but they’re there for a reason. Casinos have to ensure that it’s actually worth it for them to give these betting bonus codes out. Otherwise, people would just claim benefits like sign up bonuses without playing at all, effectively taking free money from the betting platform. These rules are in place to ensure that the promotions aren’t exploited, and both parties are contributing something.


With as many Canadian betting website bonuses as there are, players have a lot of options to maximize their chances to win more money. Casinos are realizing the potential and popularity of these promotions, and are always looking to entice their players by coming up with more and more creative and attractive bonuses. As you’ve learned, there’s more to fully utilizing your betting bonus deposit than meets the eye.

However, as long as you make sure to always analyze these bonuses by familiarizing yourself with its terms and conditions as well as calculating if it’s worth it with its wagering requirements, you can safely enjoy them and use them for more profit.