1. Bethard Casino
100% up to $200 + 250 free spins
100% up to $200 + 250 free spins
  • Very low, if not non-existent wagering requirements.
  • Huge selection of games
  • Offers a real live casino

Bethard Review

Bethard is an online gambling website, which offers a very large range of services like slot games, live casino games, as well as sportsbook services, such as football or horse-racing bets. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. There is actually much more on the website!

Sportsbook is actually the main focus of the website. Once you load its landing page, you will see what we mean. You will be instantly greeted with a big picture of the famous soccer player, Zlatan Ibrahimovic wearing a Bethard shirt. This will instantly give you an idea, what the platform is all about.

The website, objectively speaking, looks really nice. It is sleek, fast and pleasant to use. It is very easy to navigate, as it shows most of the relevant content right away. It starts from all the available games, progressively moving to different developers. It ends with the current jackpots, available on the platform.

In the section below, we will be discussing what makes Bethard’s online casino an interesting option for new, and experienced, players alike. What are its weak and strong points? We will guide you through the key features, to ensure that you can really profit from everything it promises to offer!

A wide and diverse choice of games

Bethard really shines when it comes to the sportsbook services. Whether you are into football, tennis, ice hockey, basketball, volleyball or even cricket, Bethard has got you covered. On the sports betting section, you can even keep track of the games that you have active bets on! The whole section is very handy and convenient.

Although it is mainly focused on sportsbook services, Bethard boasts a very large selection of slot games. In fact, it hosts some of the beloved slot classics, such as Gonzo’s Quest or Starburst. This is definitely a nice gesture towards all the veteran players, who have been playing these games for a very long time now. If you are more interested in newer releases, which have better graphics and snappier performance, you can opt for the latest games from some of the top studios.

Whatever type of game you choose to go for, remember that Bethard’s catalog only comprises of releases, which come from the best developers in the industry. Who are we talking about? Studios like Microgaming, NetEnt or Evolution Gaming. Most of these developers have been on the market for decades and they know exactly what they are doing! If you are someone who cares about security, then you will feel right at home with Bethard. Their software is rigorously tried and tested, offering maximum comfort and safety online.

What is more, Bethard also offers great live casino options. If you are more of an old school kind of person, who prefers the looks and feel of an actual casino, then the live dealer casino is definitely something for you. If you prefer the real-life manner or way of playing, then go ahead and enjoy the incredible range of classic table games, available thanks to Bethard. Live blackjack, roulette and poker are all waiting for!

License, regulations, safety and security

Bethard is licensed by the UK authorities, which are very strict, especially when it comes to enforcing certain policies or standards. This attests to the level of seriousness that Bethard approaches its business with. The license number, and all other relevant regulatory information, are readily available on the website. If you are in doubt, just load the main landing page or scroll down to the footer.

Speaking of security, Bethard takes problem gambling very seriously. It puts all effort to assist gamers, who might have a problem or show unhealthy gambling habits. In fact, the platform has a whole section, dedicated to responsible online gambling! This is where they explain what measures you can take, in order not to cross the line. Time after time, Bethard has proven to listen to the gaming community, trying to come up with a sustainable solution.

Many online casinos have implemented a number of measures or steps, which might help to prevent these kinds of problems. A few of them offer time limits, spending limits and enhanced identity checks. Bethard takes things to the next level. The platform offers unique measures like a budget calculator or money diaries, which you can use to monitor your expenses. It really leads the way, in that respect.

It is a real sign that Bethard is a trustworthy platform, which really cares about its users.

Bonuses and promotions

Bethard runs a number of promotional offers, available at any given time. Whether you are a beginner or a returning player, you will be able to find something that can help you out! See what Bethard prepared for you, by reading the section below.

Any new player that signs up with Bethard is instantly eligible for a hefty welcome bonus. The welcome bonus allows you to get $5, for every $100 that you spend while playing on the platform! The incentive is capped at $50.

New players or beginners, who do not have much experience, may think that this is nothing special. Some may even think that it is really insignificant or not worth the effort. Whatever you think, you have to understand is that all of these bonuses are wager-free. What do we mean? You can withdraw them at any time you want. You are not obliged to go through any “playthrough” to claim your wins. As far as online casinos are concerned, this is very, very rare.

What is more, Bethard frequently offers money-back bonuses. Let’s take horse racing as an example. If you bet on a horse, and it finished on the second or third place, you may get a $20 cashback.

Bethard keeps it all very different and fresh, which means that players do not get bored. There is always something to get excited about. Bethard will let you know about the latest tournament or upcoming seasonal promotion. That is almost certain!

Pros and Cons

In large part, Bethard does most of the stuff right or correctly. That is why it has managed to whizz through and advance so fast, finding an instant following in the online gambling community.

However, we definitely think that there are certain parts, which make up their stronger side. Here is what we found out, from looking into their services:


  • Very low, if not non-existent wagering requirements
  • Huge selection of games


  • Bonuses are not as big or impressive, as in other platforms
  • Restricted in many countries


Whether you are a sports fan, looking to have a bit more fun, while cheering for your favorite team or are an experienced slot player, looking for greener pastures Bethard definitely has something for you! Between their professional website, a wide selection of games, excellent customer service and generous bonuses and promotions, you can be sure that you will not be left disappointed.