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How to play free online casino games and should you bother at all?

In the past, if you told most people that they could play free casino games online to win real money, you’d get a lot of funny looks. Casinos have always been among the forms of entertainment that are universally-loved and popular. No matter where you live and what circles you’re…

In the past, if you told most people that they could play free casino games online to win real money, you’d get a lot of funny looks. Casinos have always been among the forms of entertainment that are universally-loved and popular. No matter where you live and what circles you’re mingling with, you’ll always find a lot of gamblers. The reality is that gambling is in our nature – our ancestors that took more risks and bold action were the ones with the highest chance of reproduction, so it’s only natural that most of us love gambling. You can bet (No pun intended) that everyone, no matter how careful and risk-averse their nature is, loves gambling, at least deep in their heart.

This is why you’ll notice that gambling is on a steady rise. Just here in Canada, the gaming industry is estimated to be providing over $15 billion in revenue and is projected to grow even more. This growth is mainly based on casino games being much more accessible nowadays thanks to the internet, and stigma towards gambling being much less prevalent thanks to its privacy and safety.

With such increased popularity and traffic, newer, previously-unseen forms of online casino gaming have surfaced, where a lot of people are playing casino games for free, and in some cases, are even making money from these games.

Today we’ll be discussing how these free casino slot games Canada work, why and how people play them, and why you might be interested in giving them a try. By the end of reading this, you’ll know everything you need to know on how to have the most fun and best possible experience from this.

Aside from presenting a list of free Canadian online casino games or a list of casino games with best odds, this will act as a general guide on how these free casino games work, for whom and for what reason it makes sense to play them, and how to choose from thousands of them available online. So, without further ado, let’s jump right in.

Our top picks for best free online casino games in Canada

Casino games are extremely popular in Canada, and naturally, the need for free casino games arose over time. The demand was met wonderfully, and there’s now hundreds of websites offering free casino games online. How does one go about choosing them? They’re free, so what other criteria should one use for choosing them? We spent quite a bit of time going through tons of free online casino game websites and compiled some of the websites that we liked the most based on multiple important factors like platform, security, diversity of the games, and many more.

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What are Free casino games and how do they work?

As you may easily infer from the name itself, these are variations of some of the most popular casino games like Blackjack, Poker, Roulette and slot games that you can play for free, mostly online. These types of free online casino games Canada are also called “Social Casino Games”, mostly because of how prevalent they are on social media platforms like Facebook. If you give it a quick search, it won’t take you long to find dozens upon dozens of such games on these social media platforms. With so many people being on social media, these games provide a nice opportunity for a fun quick game with loved ones for free.

What are the games played for?

Now, what would the games be played for, if they’re free and there’s no money involved? Casinos and game providers attach a free, electric version of currencies to these games, which can be used to wager bets for the games. These currencies are fully electrical and don’t “exist” in reality, hence why it’s free. The credits are provided for free by the casino itself, usually in specific time intervals that they determine. They may be given out every day in the morning, at the end of the week, or specific dates in the middle of a week. Players can then claim these credits, and use them for these games.

Why would Casinos bother if they can’t make money?

With money out of the equation, it’s only natural to ask what’s in it for casinos, and why would they bother if they can’t make a profit. However, you’ll be surprised to see that there are actually numerous ways casinos can monetize these games.

While these in-game credits are free and are usually replenished by the casinos free of charge, some players burn and go through these credits way faster than others. Depending on the casino, waiting times for replenishment can sometimes get a bit too long for some people, and for the ones that wouldn’t like to wait for a day or two before it’s done, they can purchase more credits for real money. The prices for these credits are usually very low, but with free casinos that host thousands upon thousands of players every month, there’s a huge profit to be made.

Free casino games online no deposit is very attractive for players, and with the ever-increasing popularity of these kinds of games, there’s huge traffic of players that casinos accommodate on their platforms, and this traffic provides a lot of opportunities for monetization. Ad banners, referral programs, and affiliate offers are some of the most common ways that casinos use to make money from their free-to-play games.

Why would people play them?

With the biggest common reason why people indulge in casino games in the first place being the possibility of winning money, asking why people play these games at all wouldn’t be an inappropriate question. Let’s look at some of the most common and logical reasons as to why free casino slot machine games for Canadians are gaining in popularity:

Risk-free gaming experience

It’s not unknown that no matter what game is played, with most popular online casino games, odds are always significantly in the casino’s favor. When playing online casino games for real money, this means that your funds are at significant risk. This may be OK for some people, but for newer players who are just starting out, they may find that a safe environment with opportunities for risk-free learning would be more suitable before they move to actual real-money gaming. And this aspect is important at this specific stage more than any other one in one’s gaming experience. Your very first gaming experience will be ingrained into your memory for years to come, and if it’s a positive one, you’re much more likely to have a positive mindset and relationship with this hobby in general.


That’s where the whole advantage lies for Free casino games Canada. Players can safely improve their skills without being under the risk of serious financial damage. This kind of approach leaves room for a positive, constructive and healthy relationship with gambling, and allows one to progress to a level where they can better manage their time, energy and finances, with better judgment as to where they actually stand skills-wise, and what their limits and capabilities are. This can only be done through continuous repetition, trial-and-error, and experimentation, which simply wouldn’t be feasible for the majority of the population without an environment that these games offer.

International Laws and Regulations

It may come as a surprise to you, but gambling is actually banned in some countries, and for people who want to play casino games but aren’t able to due to their countries’ laws, Free Online Slots and Casino Games can act as a saving grace. Since in most cases there’s no actual money involved, it won’t technically count as gambling, making the game legal. This is obviously not perfect, as often most of the excitement comes from the money-aspect in the first place, but it’s still better than nothing; as evident by the popularity of such games in countries where gambling is banned.

Free casino games online real money

Some of these free-to-play casinos can actually host competitions and championships for real money, which can be won against other players like yourself.

These casinos usually keep some form of leaderboards and ranking system, which means that opponents will be put against each other based on the computer’s balancing system.

Although not even close to actual casino tournament prize pools, these types of competitions can still net you a nice little cash prize if you win.  So, believe it or not, free casino games that pay real cash do exist. Well, technically.


Seeing as most of these casinos are online-based and, due to their free-to-play nature don’t require much of identity information, they offer an opportunity to play casino games in full anonymity. On many websites, you can sign up without submitting a single iota of your real identity information.

Getting used to gaming software

Free casino slots online games in Canada can also offer some nice practice opportunities for players who’re looking to get familiar with specific pieces of casino software. It’s common for people to practice and get familiar with particular slot games to ensure they’re better prepared for when they go to play with actual money.

How do these kinds of games affect “real” gambling games?

The popularity of these free-to-play casino games is increasing very fast, and a logical question that a lot of people would ask is how they’re affecting real money gambling.

At first, one may be inclined to believe that they’re bad for actual casinos due to the fact that they act as a free gambling outlet for players in place of casinos that would’ve had them play for actual money. However, no matter how much you love these Canadian free casino games online for fun, the reality is that a huge part of it is the very fact that you’re playing for real money – something valuable and tangible that bears significance. That’s the whole point for most people, and if you take it out of the equation, it just loses a lot of its “magic”.

The truth is that people that would discontinue real-money gambling based on these free games’ existence were not any significant part of casinos’ revenue in the first place, so casinos are mostly indifferent towards them.

What are the negatives of such games?

With all the benefits that come with these free casino slots games for Canadians, there are some disadvantages as well. It’s easy to brand something as harmless when financial risk is taken out of the equation, but there are other points to consider as well if we’re to examine the matter objectively.

In fact, expanding on the last point made above, an argument could be made that these games actually help casinos. After playing these games for a long time, they’ll eventually lose their appeal. The reality is that we’re just programmed that way – every decision that we make or not make is based on what value and benefit is to be obtained from said decision. If absolutely nothing is at stake for the game and there’s no risk involved, a lot of the “flavor” from the game would simply be gone.

In a certain way, these kinds of games can act as a “gateway” towards actual gambling, making a harmless act of having fun with a free-to-play game a catalyst for something possibly negative.

Another underestimated aspect is that free casino slots games with bonus rounds upon bonus rounds can definitely skew your perception of how things actually are for online gamers. Playing this way has the potential to significantly alter your playstyle and decision-making. The absence of financial risk can remove a lot of inhibitions from your playing style and strategy, making you more likely to make high-risk decisions that can ultimately result in large financial loss.


Whether you’ll be playing free casino games online slots with bonus or just regular free-to-play social casino games solely for the entertainment, you now have a much better understanding of how it all comes together, and what exactly you need to know in order to gain maximum benefit from them.

These free-to-play casino games can definitely be a valuable tool that can be used as a means of self and skill development as a gamer. As long as you stick to, and don’t deviate from, your strategy and budget, as well as not let emotions and negative habits from these free games affect your decision-making process with real money games, you can only benefit from them!