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Top-Ranked Canadian Casinos that offer BTC Free Spins [2022]

Nowadays Canadian players can find so many great online casinos that offer generous free spins bonuses. We focus on Bitcoin gambling sites, as they offer far more advantages to players, compared to ordinary casino sites. However, we acknowledge the fact that choosing the best onl…

Nowadays Canadian players can find so many great online casinos that offer generous free spins bonuses. We focus on Bitcoin gambling sites, as they offer far more advantages to players, compared to ordinary casino sites. However, we acknowledge the fact that choosing the best online casino is not an easy task. For this reason, we reviewed all the reputable online casinos that offer free spins bonuses for BTC gamblers and sorted them for you. Below, you can see our handpicked Canadian casinos that have great free spins deals. You can just click “Play Now”, register on your favorite casino, and get free spins bonus. Or you can click “Read Review” first and find out everything you want to know about the features and services of these casinos. 

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Total Guide to Bitcoin Free Spins Bonus from Canada-based casinos

Whether you are an experienced gambler, or just got involved in the online gambling industry, you probably have already heard something about Bitcoin free spins. Generally, bonuses and promotions are the most attractive parts of online casinos. While you can also play casino games and experience a real thrill when you gamble in actual, land-based casinos, with online gambling sites, you can only play virtual games. However, available promotions make the online gambling experience much more favorable. It’s especially true when it comes to Bitcoin casinos in Canada. Canadian players have so much to take advantage of. The Canadian gambling landscape is famous for having so many high-quality gambling websites, offering great service and amazing bonuses.

Free Spins bonus in Canada is one of the most popular types of bonus. Even though new players generally love to receive no deposit and deposit bonuses as well, Free Spins is indeed the most advantageous bonus for them because this bonus gives players a chance to play certain games without having anything to pay. However, the word “free” doesn’t mean that the Bitcoin casino free spin bonus is absolutely free of charge. Most time free spins bonus is offered right after a player registers on a website, but some Canadian casinos also offer free spins after registration, for making a deposit as well. It’s actually an advantage of these free spins because in that case, you have an opportunity to get Bitcoin spins for free after your first deposit on a particular casino. 

Free Spins bonus is considered really advantageous for crypto users. The reason is that many Canadian Bitcoin casinos nowadays produce BTC games that are specifically created for crypto gamblers. These games are usually attached to a Bitcoin free spins bonus. Mostly, this bonus can be spent on a particular casino slot rather than table games, live casino games, or other games. Besides, players should know the terms and conditions of the free spins they have won because most of the time BTC no deposit free spins are designed for one particular slot game and they can’t use them on others. 

Also, free spins are almost always accompanied by wagering requirements, meaning that you need to play it a specific number of times. If a player uses free spin and wins the round, then the winnings will be automatically added as a bonus or real money. So, players need to understand the terms of a free spins bonus correctly not to lose the chance to maximize their winnings. For this reason, we will explain the mechanism of this bonus in detail and help you understand how to get free spins bonus with Bitcoins and how beneficial it can be. 

Free Spins bonus is the most frequently received bonus for Canadian players. The number of free spins ranges from 20 to 200 on Canadian online gambling sites and you can only use them on a particular slot machine. In order to redeem Bitcoin slots free spins bonus and withdraw winnings, you need to meet the wagering requirements (e.g. x30, x35, x40, etc). 

The Size of Canadian Crypto Casino Free Spins Bonus

Players can get different amounts of free spins on different gambling sites. Some online casinos offer so few free spins such as just 15 or something. No wonder that it’s hard to attract players by offering this size of a bonus because they can easily switch to other casinos and gain much more. However, top-ranked Canadian casinos take great care of their customers and try to encourage them to register on their platforms by offering various rewards in the form of free spins. Therefore, most of these casinos offer 100+ free spins which is usually a part of the Welcome Package. However, if a casino is focused on free spins, they have other free spins bonuses as well, offering more than 300 and sometimes even up to 1000 free spins. 

How does BTC Free Spins Bonus work? 

In order to get free spins, first, you need to know about the way new crypto casino free spins work. Receiving free spins bonus is nothing difficult and even more, it’s actually the easiest casino bonus you can take advantage of. First of all, finding free spins bonus is pretty easy, as most Canadian casinos have them on their first page. Just opening a particular website, you can see how many free spins they provide. But if you go on the page of promotions, you will see the terms and conditions of these bitcoin bonuses. In any case, you need to register on a website and play their games in order to claim this bonus. Don’t forget that required slot games for claiming free spins differ from one casino to another. But also, you keep in mind that sometimes you need to use bonus codes. 

Promo Code

Frequently, online casinos use bonus codes to offer their players special promotions. Therefore, it may not be necessary to use a promo code if Bitcoin casino no deposit bonus free spins are part of the Welcome Bonus offer. But if a casino provides free spins after getting started with the casino as well, then it’s more likely that you’ll need to use promo codes. 

While sometimes gamblers think that they may have trouble finding free spins, you don’t need to worry about it because usually these promo codes are given by the casino itself. You can consider these codes as rewards for registering on a casino or being a loyal user. Some promo codes are available on the promotions page, just with the terms and conditions of a particular bonus. However, you can also receive specific promo codes that are designed just for you. In this case, it’s the casino’s way of thanking you for being their customer and rewarding you for deposits made there. Therefore, if you receive promo codes by email, be careful not to give them to anyone, as free spin BTC bonus codes are available only for you.

One more purpose of bonus codes is to differentiate between bonuses. If a casino offers several free spins bonus, then you need to point out which one you prefer to receive after making a deposit. In this case, you need to type a bonus code while making a deposit. But generally, free spins bonus codes are used right after the registration or in the process of playing games. 

Additional Bonus

It’s important to note that there is no such thing as a Free Spins bonus alone. This means that free spins usually don’t stand alone and they are an additional feature of other bonuses. As we’ve already mentioned, free spins are often offered to new users you have just registered on the casino. In this case, offering free spins is a part of the Welcome Bonus. Gambling sites usually call it a Welcome Bonus Package as it consists of both Bitcoin free spins no deposit and deposit bonus matches. For instance, some of the most favorable welcome bonus packages on Canadian gambling sites are $1200 for making a deposit and 200 free spins, 100% bonus match up to $500 + 20 free spins, up to $1000 + 200 free spins, and more. 

So, deposit bonuses, no deposit bonuses, and almost any type of casino bonus are frequently accompanied by free spins. However, even though free spins are considered as an addition instead of a complete bonus, it doesn’t stop them from being the most popular bonus option for casino players. The most fortunate thing about them is that this bonus doesn’t require minimum deposit limitations from players. But still, you need to handle wagering requirements in order to get BTC spins for free.

How to Meet the Wagering Demands

The part of the free spins bonus that players usually don’t really like is the wagering requirements. Canada Bitcoin casino free spins are often followed with reasonable wagering requirements that are something like x30, or x35. You need to know that having a requirement to wager the bonus for example 50 times is not really a fair condition. However, wagering demands for free spin bonuses are usually lower compared to deposit or no deposit bonuses. 

The wagering requirement is the minimum amount of games a gambler needs to play in order to claim the bonus and cash out their winnings. Free spins bonuses in Canadian casinos mostly come with some kind of a wagering requirement. For example, if a casino requires you to wager the bonus 30 times and you win $20, then you will have to wager $600 in a particular slot game. Even though you may not want to play a certain game so many times, it’s a prerequisite of getting a Bitcoin free spin bonus and therefore, it’s best for the players to satisfy them. However, there is some sort of strategies that can help you to handle wagering. Below, we will explain how certain games can contribute to meeting wagering requirements. 

RTP in Slots

If you are a slots lover and have played them for some time, then you have probably had something about RTP. However, if you’re not sure what this term means, then we will tell you that RTP stands for Return to Player. This concept is very important for slot machines as it has a great influence on your decisions and your strategies of playing. In fact, RTP is a calculation of how much you can make from a specific slot game. Usually, Canadian players can make 94-95% for every BTC slot that they play on these top Canadian casinos. However, Return to Player doesn’t include the number of BTC casinos free spins. This is just a percentage of a possible winning from an online slot game that depends on the precious wins. Therefore, actually, it’s the amount you can lose, instead of what you are capable of winning. 

We believe that you should take a great look at RTP in Bitcoin slots in order to calculate your winnings and meet the wagering requirements. Needless to say that gambling doesn’t come without risks and winning is related to so many calculations. Although there are so many games of chance, if you dive into the algorithm of these slot games, it will be easier to get benefits. The distribution of percentage can vary depending on a certain casino and certain game. 

Winning Volatility 

Volatility is definitely not a new term for crypto users. Everybody knows that Bitcoin and other cryptos are very volatile in nature, meaning that they can unexpectedly go up and down. However, when it comes to wagering requirements of no deposit free spins Bitcoin casino bonus, volatility can play a little bit different role. With crypto casino games, this term describes the probability of a winning combination and how much this combination pays a player.

If volatility is high, it means that winning combinations are not very expectable. But if the volatility is low, then the chances that winning combinations appear more frequently, are high. However, unlike with the low volatility, in this case, your winnings will pay less. It’s an important factor to pay attention to if you want to meet the wagering requirements because everything you win is counted towards the wagering requirement. Therefore, low volatility is actually a better option for those who want to receive free spins, as chances of winning are higher with low volatility. 

Do Jackpots Contribute?

Some gamblers consider jackpot games as the best solution for meeting the wagering demand. At a first glance, it actually seems like jackpots could help you to take advantage of BTC play free spin game. But actually, sometimes even 1000 free spins can not be enough and you may end up losing all your free spins for nothing. The reason is simple – the odds of getting the jackpot varies from 1 to 300 million. Besides, with jackpots, you must wager your money instead of winning it. Therefore, jackpots don’t really help you meet the wagering requirements and we recommend trying some other ways. 

How Many Free Spins Bonus Types are Available? 

The size of the free spins bonus is not the only thing that varies from casino to casino. Top Canadian casinos provide different types and forms of free spin bonuses. While with some of them it can be a part of a welcome bonus, with others free spins bonus can be a separate, full-fledged bonus. Sometimes free spins can require making deposits if they are part of the first deposit bonus, but also there are so many opportunities for Bitcoin casino free spins with no deposit bonuses. In addition, some of these bonuses require wagering requirements, while others can come without any demands. Let’s describe different types of free spins bonuses one by one according to the deposit and wagering conditions. 

Free Spins With No Deposit

There are plenty of Canadian Bitcoin casinos that allow their users to get free spins without spending any money at all. This is why we call them no deposit free spins. No wonder that this type of free spin bonus is one of the most attractive deals for gamblers because they can gain lots of benefits, including receiving funds and playing their favorite games for free. However, once a player uses all of the gained free spins, he or she has to start making deposits before they cash out their winnings. 

But still, gaining chances to play slots or other casino games completely for free is a great opportunity, thanks to BTC free spin slot no deposit bonus, for everyone who isn’t sure whether they like a particular game or not. But for this, Canadian casinos also provide demo versions of certain slot machines. 

Free Spins Without Wagering

Even though we talked a lot about meeting the wagering requirements and their importance, there are some new online casinos in Canada that offer free spins without having to wager anything at all. Actually, there’s no such a thing as no wager free spins long-time operating online casinos, but with new ones, you can find free spins bonuses without wagering demands. Some people even consider this type of bonus as the future of the online gambling industry. 

This means that you don’t need to worry about playing certain slot games at specific times because you don’t need to wager your bonus for withdrawing winnings. The unfortunate thing is that such kind of new free spins casino Bitcoin bonus is only available on several casino games. In order to find out if your favorite casino offers this type of bonus, you better ask for the customer support team using the live chat. 

Should I get Bitcoin Free Spins Bonus?

If you want to get an amazing offer without having to spend anything at all, taking advantage of high-quality slot machines on Canadian casinos, and having a great experience, then the answer is definitely yes. Bitcoin Free Spins bonus is very favorable for both new and experienced gamblers. You just need to have a crypto wallet or hold Bitcoins in order to take part in these favorable bonus deals. With BTC free spins, there’s no need to spend what you have gained from playing casino games. 

BTC casino free spins can help you get exclusive deals with the casino, access special games, and spin BTC free of charge. Besides, it’s a completely safe way to get started with the online gambling industry in Canada if you are new to casinos and are not sure how to gain funds by gambling. But of course, it’s no less favorable for experienced gamblers. So, all you need to do is to choose your favorite Canadian casino, register, and start gambling with free spins. 

FAQ on Canadian BTC Free Spins 

Do BTC casino free spins bonuses have any restrictions?

No, there are no specific restrictions for getting Bitcoin free spins. However, whether you are applicable to gamble online and get free spins on Canadian casinos, depends on your country of residence. Generally, Canadian gamblers prefer to use offshore gambling sites, as playing on Canadian casinos is not considered legal for them. Just like this, you need to check if residents from your country are allowed to gamble online on a free spin Bitcoin casino in Canada. In addition, gamblers from some countries are restricted from using all types of free spins bonuses. These countries include South Africa, Pakistan, Qatar, North Korea, UAE, Lebanon, and the Vatican. 

Moreover, free spins bonuses have certain wagering requirements. You should check the terms and conditions of a bonus to make sure whether or not you need to wager your free spins at specific times. A wagering requirement means that you need to play particular slot games a certain amount of time in order to get your winnings. 

Which games should I play to get Bitcoin free spins?

The most common type of casino games that you can play to get free spins is slots. While some free spins promotions can be used for any slot game, the majority includes one specific slot machine or slot games that are created by a certain software provider. Some of the most popular slot games with free Bitcoin casino spins for players from Canada are the following: Gonzo’s Quest from NetEnt,  Zombie Bars,  Secret Symbol, Fortunes Of Sparta, Mystic Dragon, Bier Haus,  White king, and many more. You should check a particular promotion in order before starting to play because available slot games for free spins bonuses vary from one casino to another. 

Do BTC Free Spins bonuses require making deposits? 

Depends. If you are a new user, the chances that you need to make your first deposit for getting free spins are high. That’s because free spins are usually a part of the Welcome Bonus package and taking advantage of this welcome bonus is usually connected to the first-ever deposit on the site. By making the deposit, you will get the bonus match as well as additional free spins. But not all free spins bonuses are part of the deposit bonus. There are some no deposit free spins bonuses as well and they are usually designed for experienced users of Bitcoin free spins casinos.