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Best Canadian Crypto Sports Betting Websites [2022]

Sports betting has already been one of the most popular forms for Canadian people but since the time Bitcoin betting was first introduced, the demand for online sportsbooks in Canada quickly doubled. The reason is not really hard to guess. While betting in Canadian dollars can be…

Sports betting has already been one of the most popular forms for Canadian people but since the time Bitcoin betting was first introduced, the demand for online sportsbooks in Canada quickly doubled. The reason is not really hard to guess. While betting in Canadian dollars can be related to some sort of trouble, with cryptos gamblers are completely protected because it’s impossible to link their identity to their bitcoins. As a result, BTC holders easily switched to crypto betting which is accompanied by so many advantages. 

Crypto betting is completely legal in Canada. Even though Bitcoin isn’t considered a legal tender, cryptocurrencies are not controlled by any central bank or authority. Nothing is written in the jurisdiction against using cryptocurrencies and therefore, Canadian players can easily get involved in crypto betting, without any concerns about legal rights. Players can spend Bitcoins and other digital coins on any website that accepts them and in Canada, there are quite a lot of them. However, you should know that Canadian sports betting sites that accept bitcoin aren’t considered as legal as well, they just aren’t banned. 

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Bitcoin Sports Betting – Introduction

There are lots of popular sports on Canadian crypto sportsbooks that gamblers often choose to place their bets on. According to general law in Canada, physical sports betting is illegal but the same doesn’t apply to online sports betting. In fact, not a single type of sport is restricted for online betting. As a result, Canadians place their bets on various provincial, national, or international sports. The most common ones among them are ice hockey, field hockey, soccer, American football, rugby, basketball, lacrosse, and many more. But hockey definitely stands out. Hockey betting is the most beloved betting activity for Canadian gamblers. This is why this sport is available in almost every online bookie in this country. 

So, Canadian players can easily take part in NHL betting. But you should know that not every online bookmaker is worth your time and money. As Bitcoin sports betting reviews prove, while some Canadian sportsbooks don’t offer BTC betting, others have so many options to place your bets in Bitcoins. As a result, they have much more customers compared to regular sportsbooks, because betting in BTCs is accompanied by so many benefits such as increased anonymity, fast transactions, no additional fees, and security.

If you aren’t sure why Bitcoin betting is actually worth your time, you should carefully read this article where you can get some information about the advantages and disadvantages of crypto betting, things about the best cryptos to use for crypto betting, the legal status of sportsbook and some of the most popular types of sports. In any case, one thing is certain – on our recommended sportsbooks, you won’t have any problem with regulators.

Canadian players are often concerned about the legal status of cryptocurrency betting. However, actually, the legality of BTC betting is not as complicated as it seems. If you want to find out whether you can gamble with BTCs, first of all, you need to check if the government considers this type of money legal and then, turn to the legislation about gambling and betting in general. 

Today Bitcoin is considered legal in so many countries and Canada is among them. The only currency that is referred to as a legal tender in this country is the Canadian dollar, an official currency of this country. While using digital currencies including Bitcoin is not legal tender, they are not restricted either. This means that you can easily use Bitcoins for gambling or any other activity because the government doesn’t control them. Besides, all forms of gambling are legal in Canada and the same applies to sports betting. Therefore, you can use either of our recommended best bitcoin Canadian bookmakers in order to place bets and you won’t have any problem with the national law. 

Betting related laws in Canada is quite similar to US law. Just like in the United States, the regulation in Canada is very complex. This country is divided into 13 provinces. Bitcoin betting and gambling is not allowed in all of them. Just like this, the government of the USA allows BTC sports betting in some of its states, while others are restricted. This is why Canadian gamblers often prefer to use offshore betting sites when they are not sure if they can take part in Bitcoin gambling or not. For example, Quebec is completely open to any form of online gambling or betting with Bitcoins. Residents of Ontario can also take advantage of crypto betting legally. But some provinces don’t have clear laws about cryptocurrency betting activities and, therefore, sometimes Canadian gamblers use bitcoin soccer betting sites that are based outside the borders of their country.

BTC Betting – What Can You Bet On?

Canadian bookmakers provide lots of opportunities to bet with Bitcoins. Some of the most popular types of sport that Canadian players often place their bets on are hockey, basketball, baseball, tennis, golf, football, MMA, and soccer. All the available sports can be divided into two main categories which are sports and eSports. 

Sports betting is a national activity for Canadians, but when it comes to eSports, it’s a relatively new form of sport. However, it’s already very popular in most parts of Canada and as a result, Canadian bookmakers try to add as many eSports betting options on their platforms as possible. It’s especially true with new online casinos in Canada. They obviously acknowledge the fact that modern bettors prefer to place their bets on eSports activities and as a result, the best crypto betting sites in Canada generally have leading eSports options on their websites. 


The process of betting on sports is nothing difficult. If you have ever tried to place a single bet on your favorite sport, then you probably know that you don’t need to spend much time on learning strategies and rules. Bitcoin sports betting is also as simple as that. Even more, generally, Bitcoin makes betting even easier because it’s usually more convenient and safer. 

In order to try sports betting with Bitcoins, you can either place bets with the help of a bookmaker or try online sports betting. For this, the first thing you need to do is to find a bookmaker that has a legal right to run betting operations by an authoritative regulator. Most of these betting sites in Canada are regulated, so in this case, there’s nothing to be worried about. With online sports betting, things are even easier. You can try bitcoin cricket betting, horse racing, or so many different unique sports. You will have to just choose one of our recommended sites, register, choose your favorite sport to bet on, and start betting. The most favorable options for Canadian players can be football, hockey, or MMA. No matter which of them you choose, choose the odds carefully and gather some information about the types of bets.


One of the most popular betting sports for Canadian gamblers is definitely football. The top bookmakers in this country that allow Bitcoins on their platforms offer various leagues that are known as the best ones in the whole world. Among them, the NFL definitely stands out. Canadian bettors often choose to place their bets on the National Football League and there had been so many cases when they won plenty of Bitcoins thanks to these crypto bookies. Some other popular football leagues include CFL and NCAA. According to bitcoin sportsbook reviews, gamblers in Canada place their bets on these games every season and get plenty of benefits. 

The most important thing about these crypto betting sites is that they offer live betting choices for different football leagues. Therefore, players can watch their favorite football games and bet simultaneously which helps them experience more thrill than ever. If you wonder how to bet on football in this country, you should know that there are two ways for this. In fact, you can use local sports betting services but we recommend taking part in online sports betting and use these trusted bookmakers because Bitcoin betting is available only on online sportsbooks. 


No doubt that hockey is the most popular sport in Canada. Canadians have so many great hockey leagues and as a result, local bookmakers have taken this sport on a completely new level. Even though you can’t find completely hockey-oriented sites in Canada, unlike the best bitcoin football betting sites, still, local gamblers have so many betting options for this sport. Hockey is the most common sport especially in the Great White North of Canada. There is no other sport that can beat hockey on an international level. Canadian players usually follow their NHL teams and discuss their results and playing strategies endlessly, all year long, whether it’s hockey season or summer break. 

Years ago, Canadians didn’t have a chance to bet on their favorite teams with Bitcoins. But now things have completely changed and local bettors can support their local teams by using Bitcoins. Currently, Canadian bookies offer all of the local professional sports teams that are playing in the NHL. There are seven teams in total and players can place their bets on each of them. Although you can bet on these leagues by using provincial sports betting services, online sportsbooks are far more advantageous. In fact, each Canadian bitcoin betting website has better odds, allows single bets, and also, you can receive betting bonuses and numerous betting options if you register on these top Canadian crypto sportsbooks. great betting bonuses


The popularity of MMA betting has incredibly grown in Canada over the past few years. MMA, short for Mixed Martial Arts, is another common type of sport in this country. Thanks to the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) this sport is becoming more and more popular in Canada, as the company plans at least one event every year in the borders of Canada. MMA is a combination of several sports. Therefore, bettors can place their bets on either boxing, wrestling, kick-boxing, or jiu-jitsu.

Local online bookmakers provide great odds and opportunities to get bonuses in Bitcoins by just placing bets on the right team. Without a doubt, this sport is very aggressive, as it often results in blood, broken bones, and more serious conditions, but Bitcoin MMA betting can be still very advantageous. It’s especially with live betting. Canadian sports fans seem to be admiring watching martial sports live and rooting for their favorite players. Canadians usually use 5-8 matches to bet during an event hosted by UFC. Some of the most beneficial events for BTC bettors are UFC Fight Night or a UFC Main Card.


As modern technologies develop, eSports betting attracts more and more Canadian users. Today most crypto betting sites in Canada accept bets on various professional video game matches. The thing that is most admired by local gamblers is that they can choose their favorite game online, wager, and watch the event on the same platform. Considering bets in Bitcoins, a number of received benefits grow even more. 

eSports betting is fully legal in Canada. You can find lots of licensed sportsbooks in this country that provide great odds for eSports betting. The best bitcoin sports betting sites for Canadians allow gamblers to place bets on popular eSports games such as CS: GO and League of Legends. But you can also bet on less popular competitions, such as Counter-Strike, Dota 2, or Fortnite. 


Counter-Strike Global Offensive, also known as CS:GO is a widely known eSports game all over the world. Today most Canadian online sportsbooks offer great betting opportunities for CS:GO matches. Thanks to their fair betting odds, Canadian bettors often end up winning several prizes, rewards, and betting bonuses in Bitcoins. This eSports game has become so popular for a number of reasons. First of all, this game is a spin-off of Half-Life which has always been admired by Canadian players. CS:GO is generally played by the public who originally placed bets on Half-Life matches. But also, thanks to its betting standpoint and different strategies that can be used in the game, it has become an integral part of crypto sports betting in Canada. Canadian players can actually bet on CS:GO for real money, as these matches take place on most top sportsbooks that are established in this country. In fact, bettors can take part in the following tournaments: ESEA, LOOT.BET League, La Copa, ESL One, GA Counter Pit and place bets with their cryptos. 

League of Legends

Online sportsbooks in Canada offer League of Legends fans so much to play. This eSports game is very popular in Canada and this is why bookmakers follow every single event connected to it. One of the advantages of this game is that it has a multiplayer combat arena, meaning that lots of players can participate together in order to compete with their opponents. League of Legends is created by the well-known gaming company Riot Games. 

This game seems to be inspired by the series of Dota games but betting options for Canadian players are actually better for League of Legends. The best bitcoin betting websites provide great betting bonuses if a player defeats its opponents in the process of playing this game. The odds are frequently updated and thanks to the regulators, fair play is guaranteed while playing with Canadian bookies. Today League of Legends attracts dozens of thousands of Canadians most of whom use Bitcoins for placing their bets.

Best Coins For Cryptocurrency Betting

Needless to say that, when it comes to cryptocurrency betting, Bitcoin is the real star. However, even Bitcoin-focused gambling sites and sportsbooks in Canada started to accept other coins as well. While betting in Canadian dollars and other fiat currencies is frequently connected to some limitations, with cryptos, usually, there’s no limit as long as the casino supports that coin. BTC users know very well that betting in Bitcoin is accompanied by so many advantages. However, the general opinion about the online betting industry is that the more crypto coins accepted by a crypto sportsbook Canada, the better the options. As a result, bookmakers try to diversify their service and add as many cryptos to their platform as possible. 

Nowadays more and more digital coins are being established. Bitcoin is the most frequently used crypto by Canadian gamblers but now, some players seem to be liking the idea of trying new coins. This is why Canadian sportsbooks started to accept other major cryptocurrencies as well. The top three coins that are recommended by the most Canadian bookmakers are the following:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin

Betting in either of these coins has so many advantages like the high speed of transactions, safe payments, and low fees. But still, Bitcoin is the most widely used cryptocurrency for sports betting in Canada and in the whole world.


No need to say that Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that is most widely used for gambling. The same applies to sports betting. Canadians often take part in basketball betting with bitcoin, football betting, hockey betting, and more. Canadian online bookmakers provide lots of bonuses, promotions, and other benefits for those who place their bets in BTCs. Besides, Bitcoin itself has so many advantages for gambling and betting activities. For example, transaction speed in Bitcoin is very convenient and it usually takes about 10 minutes to make a deposit or place a bet in this crypto. As a consequence, most sportsbooks in Canada offer BTC options for betting. 


Ethereum is another decentralized, blockchain-featuring coin that is becoming increasingly popular in Canada. Ethereum is actively used for sports betting not only in Canada but everywhere around the world. One of the advantages of using this coin for sports betting is that regardless of the size of your winnings, payouts are always instant. Also, with ETH the chances that you will lose your gained rewards are very low. As a result, Ethereum betting is available on most cryptocurrency betting sites in Canada. 


One more crypto that is often used for sports betting in Canada is Litecoin. This crypto is sometimes considered the second most popular cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. Currently, there are not so many betting sites in Canada that accept Litecoin transactions, but those that do indeed have great betting options. Litecoin carries a number of advantages, such as fast transaction times, lower fees, and security. The main disadvantage is that it’s not available on as many sites, as BTC and ETH. However, transactions are even more favorable compared to BTC, as it only takes 2.5 minutes on average for a single LTC transaction on these betting sites.

Pros & Cons of Bitcoin Betting

Betting with Bitcoins is accompanied by so many advantages. Thanks to blockchain technology which backs up Bitcoins, transactions with these cryptos are very time-saving. It only takes 5-10 minutes to make a deposit on the best Bitcoin betting site by using your crypto wallet. Also, placing a bet with Bitcoin has low transaction costs and sometimes, even zero fees. Besides, blockchain makes sure that your bets and deposits are completely secure and no one can access your personal details. So, the risks that you will be exposed to or will lose your funds are very low. 

However, Bitcoin betting also has some disadvantages like fewer options for betting and slow withdrawals. Also, Bitcoin is very volatile and it can unexpectedly change in price. Moreover, most Canadian sportsbooks demand players to verify their identities which is called Know Your Customer (KYC).

Pros Cons
Time-Saving Volatility
Low Transaction Fees Slow Withdrawals
Reduced Risk Fewer Betting Options
Secure KYC Requirement

FAQ on BTC Betting in Canada

Is BTC safe to bet within Canada?

Yes. Placing bets using Bitcoins is safe enough on Canadian crypto sportsbooks. You can easily take part in bitcoin football betting, hockey betting, or eSports betting without any worries about safety because Bitcoin betting is safe and legal in Canada. Players within the borders of the country are allowed to take part in betting activities using Bitcoins on online sportsbooks. However, physical betting is restricted in some of the provinces of Canada. 

How do crypto sportsbooks make money?

Sports betting is a very profitable business in Canada. Thousands of residents in this country are involved in betting activities using Bitcoins. Besides, lots of people based outside the borders of this country use Canadian crypto sportsbooks. As a result, crypto sportsbooks are making great profits from Bitcoin bets on football, baseball, hockey, eSports, and many different sports. Canadian bookmakers usually profit from major sports events in the world, as they take the margin from cryptocurrency bettors. 

How can I trust a Bitcoin betting website?

Yes. The majority of BTC sportsbooks for Canadians hold official licenses from well-known regulators. Therefore,  open betting odds and provably fair games are guaranteed. But still, in case something happens, you can contact the regulator and open a dispute. Also, most Canadian sportsbooks have certain policies to protect their users from online threats and scams. Moreover, they support responsible gambling and have protected platforms with the latest encryption system. 

Are there limits to crypto deposits with BTC bookies?

Yes. Generally, crypto sportsbook sites in Canada have certain limitations for making deposits and withdrawals on their platforms. Therefore, if you want to make a deposit, you should see the terms and conditions of payment options first. Most crypto bookmakers require a minimum limit of CAD 10 for making a deposit. However, a minimum deposit amount can be something between CAD 5-25. They also have some limitations with minimum and maximum withdrawals. So, you should check the page of payments on certain BTC sports betting sites before making a deposit or withdrawal. 

Are odds better with crypto betting sites?

Actually, the odds on crypto betting sites and regular sportsbooks in Canada are almost the same. The main difference is that on crypto betting sites, players can place bets with Bitcoins or other cryptos. Otherwise, betting options are mostly the same. The same applies to mobile betting. However, Bitcoin betting has certain advantages like the speed of transactions, confidentiality, and zero commission fees.