What are the best Canadian online casinos like?

Much can be said regarding discovering reliable Canadian casinos. With…

Much can be said regarding discovering reliable Canadian casinos. With online casinos-and casino gaming in general-getting more and more popular in Canada with every passing day,  it can sometimes get a little overwhelming due to the amount of new online casinos showing up with so many different reviews everywhere. With over 2000 legally-licensed and registered Canadian online gaming sites, It’s understandable to get a bit frustrated from having to choose from so many options.

When it comes to gaming online, it’s only natural to want to make sure that your time and money is in hands of safe Canadian casinos, especially as a beginner, as your first impressions may prove to be very important and long-lasting. If you have a positive experience starting out-and this doesn’t mean just winning but enjoying the gaming process as a whole, along with the service itself that you get from your casino-, you’re then much more likely to return and build something more lasting from this, as opposed to just looking to make money.

There’s much more to choosing a good online casino than just looking up top reviewed casinos in Canada. The truth is, with so much conflicting info online, it really isn’t reliable to just go with what the reviews say. At the end of the day, these reviews, informative as they may be, are somebody else’s subjective opinion. You have to do your own research, based on your own personal experiences, and then come to your own conclusions.

In this guide, we’ll be discussing some of the key details that we look at when assessing how trustworthy and solid a casino is. By the end of reading it, you’ll be able to pass a well-informed judgment on your prospective new casinos and be able to filter through the undesirable ones.

Our list of best Canadian casinos

Before we go on with the general explanation of how online casinos go in Canada, we’d like to present our top picks for the best Canadian casinos. With so many choices online, it’s sometimes almost impossible for a beginner to just go ahead and choose a website. With that being said, we hope our list will be helpful for you making a well-informed decision.

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Top casinos

  • Casino
  • 1. Betamo Casino
    100% up to $200 + 100 free spins
    100% up to $200 + 100 free spins
    • A very organized website with a variety of games.
    • Website is easy to navigate.
    • Fast payouts through secure systems.
  • 2. Bob Casino
    1500 C$ + 130 free spins
    1500 C$ + 130 free spins
    • An unlimited supply of games.
    • Has a friendly and inviting atmosphere
    • A great payout system.
  • 3. CasinoChan
    1 500 CAD + 120 free spins
    1 500 CAD + 120 free spins
    • An innovative approach to gaming and payment methods.
    • There is a huge variety of bitcoin games.
    • Good bonuses and reoccurring promotions that make the players stick around
  • 4. Casumo Casino
    100% up to $500 + 20 free spins
    100% up to $500 + 20 free spins
    • Casumo has an incredibly large selection of games!
    • The casino also has a very distinct visual and easy-to-use layout, with clear instructions.
    • The payment methods are safe and trustworthy, making the overall experience much more enjoyable.
  • 5. CasinoRoom
    100% up to $1 500 + 100 free spins
    100% up to $1 500 + 100 free spins
    • The casino offers a wide range of slot games, including the 3D and classic slots.
    • The online casino is an experienced team and high-quality customer service.
    • Payment method and money withdrawal are very simple and quick. 
  • 6. Gate777 Casino
    CA $1000 + 100 extra free spins
    CA $1000 + 100 extra free spins
    • Amazing platform and website.
    • Generous bonuses and promotions.
    • Reasonable wagering requirements.
    • Safe and secure.
  • 7. JackpotCity Casino
    C$ 1 600 bonus
    C$ 1 600 bonus
    • All games are also readily available on mobile devices.
    • JackpotCity casino is a trusted platform, licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority.
  • 8. Mr Green Casino
    Claim $1200 + 200 free spins
    Claim $1200 + 200 free spins
    • Partnered with several leading software providers.
    • The quality of the games is very impressive.
  • 9. NYSpins Casino
    100% up to $100 + 200 free spins
    100% up to $100 + 200 free spins
    • The registration process is quite simple.
    • A lot of bonuses and promotions.
    • Much casino games with live dealers.
  • 10. KTO Casino
    $1 700 bonus on your first three deposits
    $1 700 bonus on your first three deposits
    • They have managed to successfully integrate all of their releases in an accessible, user-friendly way.
    • Feel the thrill of the game for yourself.
    • You will just need to trust your luck, in order to play!
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Signs of legit online casinos

There are multiple characteristics that you can use as a reference for identifying legitimate casinos online. These are not by any means set in stone, nor do they automatically guarantee 100% reliability, but can definitely be useful as a rule-of-thumb.

Responsible Gaming Policy

A must-have for all reliable casinos is a “Responsible Gaming” section on their website. A thorough, well-composed Responsible Gaming section is one of the identifiers of a trustworthy casino. These sections offer help for some of us who love gambling a bit too much and have trouble with moderation. The sections usually explain how to cooperate with the casino’s customer support to impose time limits, money limits, child access restrictions, voluntary suspension of your account permanently or temporarily, etc.

Detailed Terms and Conditions

We get it – no one likes to sit down and read the full terms and conditions. There are bigger and better things to do in life, and nobody has time for it. However, you have to understand that every hand that you play at an online casino is under your and the casino’s formal agreement on their terms and conditions. You’re not signing anything, but the very act of using their service is an agreement to the terms. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to be fully aware of where each of you stands when it comes to rules and policies.

Customer Support

All popular online casinos have one thing in common – good customer service. Interestingly, customer service is one of the most underutilized features of a casino for new players, and for no good reason. With big casinos that have huge traffic, technical difficulties are bound to happen, and how much assistance customer service provides will be a direct indicator of how much they actually care.

Usually, you should also pay attention to their level of availability like working hours and the number of mediums that can be used to contact them. The most commonly used method is the online chat, as it’s the most convenient one, but if your casino’s support doesn’t have a phone number, it’s highly probable that their support is not on a high level.

How to assess the level and quality of a casino

Having tried some of the most popular Canadian casinos Online, we have found some recurring identifiers among the ones that we deemed to be the best. There definitely are some objective traits that are common across multiple different platforms and can be used as a point of comparison between different casinos. We strongly believe that these are the bare minimums any casino worth its salt should keep a close look at, and always improve on. They give a rough idea on how seriously the casino takes its business, and how dedicated it is towards providing the best service possible, as opposed to just looking for maximum profit.

Deposit and withdrawal systems

One of the easy identifiers of top online casinos is how much variety they have when it comes to banking.

In the case of deposits, many casinos offer most of the widely-preferred payment methods like Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, etc. But where the real difference lies, is in the withdrawal methods. It’s quite common for many of the casinos to accept cards for payment, but have very inconvenient and complicated methods like Wire Transfer and Bitcoin for withdrawals. Wire Transfers, for example, are usually very time-stretched, and can sometimes take up to two weeks to deliver in case of international transfers. Speaking of which, always make sure to determine in advance how much time it actually takes for your winnings to be credited to your account.

Another detail that needs clarification upfront is whether there are any transaction fees for deposits and withdrawals. Especially in the case of international casinos, they may be charging you a small percentage for each transaction.

Finally, as a quick useful tip, make sure to find out exactly how your casino transactions will be appearing on your bank’s statement. Depending on where you live, some employers, banks and financial institutions may penalize your credit score for having a gambling-related activity in your transaction history.

Game Software

Some of the best reviewed Canadian casinos are usually the ones with the best gaming software, and this is one of the subjects that a lot of people strangely don’t pay a lot of attention to. This is confusing, because whenever you play a casino game, you’re knowingly or unknowingly assuming its safety and reliability, and that it’ll take the game to completion without any bugs. If you’re willing to entrust your money and possible winning bonus to a computer program, you better be sure that it’s developed by actual professional companies that know what they’re doing.

One such company is Netent, which is currently powering hundreds of live online casinos. Netent is a Stockholm-based online casino software developer that has created universal fan-favorites such as Starburst, Arabian Nights, Gonzo’s Quest, Dead or Alive, Dazzle me, and Eggomatic. They’ve managed to stay one of the industry’s leaders by providing games with great performance, amazing graphics, and captivating soundtrack.

Netent has been on the market since 1996 and still remains in active partnership with some of the best Canadian casinos online.

Website and Platform

This one’s not as important as the previous ones, but still, a point to be considered. With progress in software and web development, casinos-or any kind of companies for that matter-have absolutely no excuse to not have a professional, well-made and solid website.

A good website is fast, clean and responsive. Does the website look acceptable on the desktop, but horrendous on mobile? If yes, this means that it’s poorly made. A good website looks good on all screens, period. Websites are essentially resumes of companies in this day and age, and casinos that have poor websites show that they have little care about that. Casinos that take it seriously are likely to have separate mobile apps for their own casinos, let alone just a good website.

On the flip side, don’t instantly assume the casino is trustworthy just because its website looks fancy. Nowadays anyone can have a very clean-looking, modern website built for extremely cheap.

Final tips

Inform yourself on the specifics of slot games

After you actually choose your casino, you’ll probably be playing at least some quantity of slot games. If that’s the case, make sure to be aware of the rules and structure of the slot game of your choice.

Does your slot game have low volatility or high volatility? How many reels does it have? How many pay lines? What’s the max bet it allows and is it higher or lower than the max allowed bet of the casino itself? These are some of the questions that you should be asking yourself and the casino before you make any bets.

Ask for Bonuses and other benefits

One thing we often notice is that players are at the end of the day, the reality is that casinos always have odds in their favor, and providing generous free bonuses shows that casino cares about its players and is willing to give something back. Therefore, never feel shy to ask if you’re eligible for any benefits. You may be very pleasantly surprised at what you can get by just asking!

Bonuses may vary in types and sizes, but the most common ones are sign-up bonuses for new players (Which can commonly be 100% bonus for the first deposit of up to $200), free spins; usually of up to 50, and win multipliers

For the high-volatility jackpots that can instantly change the course of whole game with a single unexpected win, these free spins and bonuses have a lot more opportunity to bring in additional winnings of serious substance.

Be sure to also check the terms and conditions of the specific bonus that you’re claiming. Small, seemingly insignificant rules may render you ineligible to claim the benefits from the bonus, so make sure you’re following all the rules instead of breaking them.

Don’t be afraid to give newer casinos a chance

It’s very likely that if you asked people to compose personal lists of their favorite casinos, most would be composed of established, experienced casinos that have been on the market for a very long time. And it’s no wonder because people like to go with something that has been tried and tested and has shown that it can be reliable and trustworthy. There’s also the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it mentality”, and it’s totally fine. However, you should know, that if you’re not willing to give some of the newer casinos a try, you’re missing out big time. Some of our favorite Canadian casinos are new ones. With the market being so competitive, for the new casinos to survive and thrive, they have to stand out and do a lot of stuff differently. They also have to improve on, and avoid doing, the mistakes that older and more established casinos make. With sign-up bonuses and boosts that casinos offer for most new players, there’s no reason for you not to try out a lot of different casinos and choose the one that best fits your needs as an individual player with individual preferences. This way, you can build a list of online casinos that’s best for your own personal requirements and standards.


And that’s it for our guide on finding the best casinos for Canadians. One final advice that we’d give is not to get too caught up with finding “the perfect casino”, even when using these guidelines. At the end of the day, you have to jump in and start playing, and not spend hours upon hours researching and being stuck in the analysis paralysis.

Whether you’re a complete beginner doing the research before embarking on your gaming adventures, or if you’re a seasoned veteran looking for greener pastures, you now know everything you need to know on how to make the right choice the next time you’re looking at a list of casinos.