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Deposit reload bonus Canada - your guide on how to qualify for, obtain, and utilize reload bonus codes Canada

Canada is one of the countries that gambles the most. It’s estimated that the whole Canadian gambling market exceeds $15 billion. According to the sources from the very government of Canada itself, Canada’s gaming industry supports over 135,000 jobs and generates around $9 billio…

Canada is one of the countries that gambles the most. It’s estimated that the whole Canadian gambling market exceeds $15 billion.

According to the sources from the very government of Canada itself, Canada’s gaming industry supports over 135,000 jobs and generates around $9 billion to fund the government’s community programs and services, making gaming the largest entertainment industry in Canada.

With everything being more and more digitized due to the internet, people do more of their favorite entertainment activities online, and gambling is no exception. It’s estimated that over 18 million Canadians gamble online. With numbers as high as this, lots of casinos are surfacing every day, with hundreds of readily available websites. This leads to fierce competition on the market, and companies are always looking for newer and more unique ways to win over customers by providing them with benefits and free bonuses. This, of course, is beneficial for us the players, but it definitely comes with territory, as you’ll learn below.

One very common type of such bonuses is online casino reload bonuses. In this article, we’ll be discussing exactly what reload bonuses are, how you can obtain them, and how you can leverage them for maximum benefits.

Besides featuring some of the best reload bonus sites in Canada. This will be more of a general overview, discussion, and explanation of exactly what reload bonuses are. It’ll teach you how you can obtain them, and how you can leverage them for maximum benefits. We believe, that with so many conflicting views and so much misinformation online, it’s really easy to be misled and take something at face value when reading reviews. This format is a much more beneficial approach and something that’ll remain as a lasting benefit that you can use for a long time to come.

Our ultimate reload bonus Casino site list

With reload bonuses being so popular among all players, hundreds of online casinos in Canada offer them. For the beginners who don’t have much experience, it can sometimes be a bit of a tedious task to choose one. That’s why we compiled this list comparing some of the best online casinos that offer these reload bonuses.

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What are the reload bonuses?

To better understand reload bonuses, let’s compare them with most casinos’ first-time sign-up bonuses. With the sign-up bonuses, you’re given a bonus usually in the range of 75-100-150% of your initial deposit, usually for the capped amount of $100-$150-$200.

Reload bonuses are available not for the first-timers, but for the already existing customers. It’s common for them to be given out weekly; for example, every Friday or every second Friday. reload bonus promotions in Canada are usually smaller than the first time bonuses, but they can be recurring and can act as a nice little addition that you can expect every now and then.

How exactly do reload bonuses work?

Reload bonuses are basically a cash bonus based on the percentage of funds that you’re depositing. You can look at it as a deposit bonus, but it’s different in a way that it’s random, timing-wise; a sort of a surprise, if you will. As already mentioned, it’s different in a way that it can occur more than once.

Newer players often aren’t aware of this, but reload bonuses aren’t exclusively cash bonuses. The word “bonus” can often be a culprit here and may mislead you into believing it’s specifically a cash bonus. Real money reload bonuses may come in the form of free spins or win multiplier boosters as well, so don’t be surprised.

How does one gain access to a casino reload bonus?

Casinos provide these promotional offers to their customers through various different methods. The most common medium is casino reload bonus promotions. Players gain access to these promotions based on several different factors, most common being how long they have been registered on the platform for, how much money they have spent, level of their activity etc.

Due to the nature of these bonuses, they have a limited amount of operation time. As an example, there are bonuses that are available only during certain times of the week or on certain holidays. They also have an expiration date. This is done in order to maintain a reasonable amount of accounts that have access to promotions and to ensure that players don’t stockpile these promotions for later use. Additionally, applying a time constraint adds a sense of urgency for the players in order to boost the gaming frequency.

It’s also common for a reload bonus online casino to reach out to their customers themselves via email, notifying them of the ongoing promotion. Usual timings for these emails and other communications from the casino ar at the end of the month, beginning of the month, or the holidays. Some casinos take it to the next level and provide these during birthdays, which is a nice gesture of appreciation for long time customers. It’s small details like these that show you which casinos actually care for their customers and are willing to give something back, as opposed to just being after their money.

One useful tip that we often give to beginners who’re just starting out, is that If you’ve been a member of your casino for a long time and feel that you’re not receiving enough benefits, you should definitely reach out to your online casino’s customer service. They’re there exactly for that reason, and you shouldn’t feel shy to ask for these promotions. It’s entirely possible that you may be pleasantly surprised by what comes out of it.

Ins and outs of reload bonus codes in Canada

Most commonly, these bonuses can be applied via online casino reload bonus codes.  Promo codes are a quick and handy way that casinos use to hand out promotional offers. Promo codes, as a concept itself, is something that a lot of people are used to, and it promotes a lot of excitement for some people. The act of entering the code and the anticipation of the benefit itself is a psychological anchor for a feeling that many of us love. Alright, back to the topic.

After you receive your reload bonus code in Canada casino, you may redeem it during the deposit process itself, after which you’ll have access to the benefits.

It’s not that simple, however. There are a lot of small details that need to be taken into consideration if you want to derive maximum value out of your bonus.

First and foremost, there’ll be certain terms and conditions that’ll accompany your specific reload bonus games in Canada. Most of the casinos have a separate page on their website where you can view all the available promotions and their respective terms and conditions. It’s in your own best interest to ensure that you’re following each and every rule fully and completely. Any small breach of any of its rules, no matter how insignificant, can and possibly will be used by the casino to confiscate your win.

Terms and Conditions

What are some of the common conditions that would accompany an average online casino reload bonus Canada? The obvious and most common one would be wagering requirements. Which, when utilizing casino promotions, is one of the most important, yet at the same time, most misunderstood concepts. If you take only one thing from this article, let it be a thorough understanding of wagering requirements. Yes, it’s that important!

What are the Wagering Requirements?

The wagering requirement of a bonus is a minimum allowed amount of playthrough that is required from the player before they’re allowed to make a withdrawal of the profit that they made from that bonus. Pretty much all reload bonus deals in Canada come with some amount of Wagering Requirement. Usually, the number ranges between 30x-40x of the bonus, but it’ll vary depending on the bonus itself. In some cases, you’ll need to do your own calculations to determine if it’s even worth it, mathematically speaking, to accept the reload bonus for the amount of playthrough your casino requires.

One person per one promotion

One of the common universal rules with these kinds of bonuses is that it may only be used once per account and per person, and sometimes even per IP address. This is done for the obvious reasons – to ensure that people won’t be abusing the promotion by claiming the benefits numerous times. It’s highly advisable that you don’t do this, no matter how tempting it may feel, or you might risk having your account permanently suspended, along with all available balance.

Limits on what games you can play

One commonly-unknown fact is that sometimes, reload bonus prizes in casino are only available for a certain, limited amount of games. Sometimes, it may even be one specific game, and the whole reason you received the bonus is to prompt you to give the game a try. It’s because of this reason that you’re advised to first check all the available information before you make a deposit. Doing so ensures your safety and prevents a lot of negative experiences and unpleasant “surprises” from happening.

Why do casinos run reload bonus promotions in Canada?

A logical question would be why casinos go out of their way to provide these bonuses for players who are already registered with them. There are multiple different reasons, but it mainly boils down to marketing.

With these bonuses, casinos are looking to prompt their inactive players to resume playing on the platform. In other words, the goal itself of these promotions is to encourage more playthrough by players. This is a win-win scenario for both parties, as the casino will have higher traffic of players and therefore more profit, while the player who redeposits will possibly receive a nice bonus on top, which, depending on what game they’re playing, has a potential to yield significant results for free.

How do reload bonuses differ from other bonuses

With so many different offers from all casinos, new players are often confused about how to differentiate between them, and which one is best for them. Reload bonus casino rewards are definitely different than, say, first-time deposit bonuses. Let us explain with a real-life example:

We often notice scenarios where a casino offers some kind of an amazing promotional offer to “lure” new players in, after which, it turns out that there’s an unreasonably high playthrough/Wagering requirement, effectively making the first time bonus pointless. Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence, as there’s a lot of new players joining every day, and not everyone has a chance to do their due diligence with research and getting familiar with terms and conditions.

With the reload bonuses it’s different, as you would already have experience with the said platform, and more likely than not, would’ve received a reload bonus before, and would know what to expect. This is one of the reasons why experienced players usually prioritize a good reload bonus over a first-time deposit bonus, as it’s more reliable, in a sense.

With cases like these, where a casino is trying to attract as many new players as possible via unrealistic first-time bonuses, an interested beginner who’s comparing several casinos would naturally be gravitating towards the one where they get the most benefit. It’s for this reason that we always hammer on the importance of carefully reading terms and conditions of your casino, and doing meticulous research. When you’re entrusting a company with your time, money and entertainment, you need to be completely convinced of their trustworthiness.


As you’ve seen, casino bonuses vary a lot, and each one of them has its own specific rules and conditions, which can sometimes turn out to be a little frustrating. Your best bet is to always be fully aware of what the rules are for your specific promo, and look at them objectively.

With that being said, you’re now way far ahead of the curve when it comes to being aware of how casino bonuses work, and can confidently indulge in any casino reload bonus. We wish you the best of luck and entertaining gaming experiences!