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How to choose the best online slots in Canada

When it comes to choosing safe online slots in Canada, with so many varieties and options available online, it can sometimes be quite a daunting task to choose which online casino you want to play at, and specifically which slots. One needs just a search on google to be swarmed w…

When it comes to choosing safe online slots in Canada, with so many varieties and options available online, it can sometimes be quite a daunting task to choose which online casino you want to play at, and specifically which slots. One needs just a search on google to be swarmed with hundreds of review articles and discussions about all the different online casinos. Human psychology works in a way that we place a lot of importance in, and pay a lot of attention to what MOST people think; in this case, reviews. It’s an evolutionary trait that’s there to ensure you’re not repeating the same mistakes that your tribesmen (Today, citizens) made. This is all well and good, but it’s not that simple.

Playing real money casino slots games can be a very different experience for different people. This is because everyone plays for their own personal reasons, whether that be making lots of money or just getting your gaming fix. Despite it being a very subjective experience as a whole, there definitely are some universal principles that you can follow to make your experience as positive as possible.

On the surface, choosing your slot games and casinos may not seem like a complex subject with lots of implications, but simply looking up a list of recommended Canadian slots and choosing the one you like the most is not all there is to it. You have to take into account the casino’s terms and policies, their withdrawal-deposit specifics, the software itself, and many more things.

Our top online slot casinos in Canada

Opting for the best-reviewed Canadian slots websites is mostly a sound idea, but you have to realize that at the end of the day, those reviews are just somebody else’s subjective opinions, and you have to do your own research based on your own personal experiences and opinions.  This can only be done through practice and experience by actually playing. With that being said, you’re much more likely to make a better decision by narrowing down your options to the best of the best and choosing the one from there. So, without further ado, here’s our list of top online slots casino websites in Canada.

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When you play slots for real money in Canada online, you have to be aware of what kind of a slot it is. A bit generalized but simple way is to look at it as two types, which are low volatility and high volatility slots.

With slots that have low volatility, there’s much less of a risk of suffering any huge losses. The game, for the most part, goes on at the same tempo without any huge fluctuations. As you may guess, this results in lower profits too, as there aren’t a lot of huge, gigantic wins taking place. Sure, there’s usually features like jackpots and bonus games here too, but when push comes to shove, they don’t give out nearly as much as high-volatility ones.

When it comes to Canadian jackpot slots, high volatility slots are the polar opposite. Here, it can go from 0 to 100-or vice-versa-really quick. The game may be stalling for several hours with no significant wins or losses and may explode all of a sudden with huge wins. These games are loaded with big bonus games, free spins, and wilds. However, the most attractive feature in these high volatility games is their progressive jackpot structures.

Playing progressive Canadian slots with high volatility slot games can definitely earn you a lot of money. It’s pretty much the industry’s fan-favorite at this point, with the biggest online casino winnings in history having been won in progressive jackpots. Examples include Jon Haywood, a British soldier that won a $17.2 million jackpot playing only with £25 with his account that was created 25 minutes prior. There’s also a story of a 40-year-old man from Finland who won a staggering $24 million jackpot playing only with 25 cents. With stories like these, it’s natural that one would be tempted to go with these high volatile slots.

High-stakes slots, attractive as they may be with their huge winnings and bonuses, may not be ideal for everyone, especially for beginners. When it comes to starting out with online casinos, the first experience is crucial, as it may affect how you view online casinos and gambling in general. Preventing huge losses from highly volatile slots decreases the chances of disappointment and helps you keep a positive mental attitude, which is crucial when it comes to gambling, whether that be online or offline.

Game Software

Whether you’re looking for Canadian retro slots or modern, futuristic-looking games with mind-blowing graphics, you can be sure that you won’t be disappointed. With the variety that is now available online, anyone can find something that they like. You could even say that variety is not an issue here, but too much variety is. With the progress in technology and software development, it’s not very hard to make a good-looking game, but when it comes to security and reliability, it becomes harder to make a choice. At times like these, your best bet is to go with the games that were developed by established, highly-respected companies.

One such example is Microgaming, which has developed some of the top reviewed Canadian slots. Microgaming has been on the market all the way since 1994. According to them, they were the company that developed the first-ever online casino software for the company called The Gaming Club. Microgaming has since then served as the industry standard for developing some of the best games that the online gambling community has seen. Titles include classics like the Thunderstruck series, Tomb Raider, Mega Moolah and many more. Microgaming always goes above and beyond to deliver the best possible graphics, soundtrack and game characters.

That’s why companies like Microgaming, Netent, RTG have the best reviewed slots in Canada, and you should always look out for those companies to ensure maximum safety.

Casino’s Terms and Policies

If I were to compile a list of Canadian slots that are safest, It’d probably be a very challenging task, because when it comes to safety, much of it is up to the players themselves, and is usually a matter of choosing the right casino and adhering to the guidelines similar to the ones presented here.

When we’re talking about safe Canadian slots, we really can’t leave out the importance of choosing the right casino. Let us clarify: when it comes to gambling safely, slots themselves, beyond their actual technical specifications, don’t have that much of a say. It’s the actual casinos that you need to examine and review to determine how safe and worthwhile it is.

One of the most reliable ways to find out what kind of an approach the casino has in regards to their customer relations and care by examining their Terms and Conditions, and actual company policies relating to the players.

We get it- nobody has time to actually sit down and read the walls of text that is terms and conditions page, but these are the only actual raw documentation of where the casino stands rules and policy-wise.

If you’re still feeling lazy about it, you can always settle on viewing the casino’s Responsible Gaming policy. Do note though, that this is the bare minimum that you OWE to yourself to research. Solid Responsible Gaming policies are one of the few actual reliable data points that you can count on and is usually an indicator of how serious the casino takes your safety and well-being. These sections usually contain helpful info like how to impose limits on your account in case you have an overt gambling habit, how to temporarily freeze your account, how to set time constraints and many more.

This is one of the key aspects that we use to distinguish the safest Canadian slots platforms from the unethical ones who’re there just for the money. You can look at it as a screening tool of sorts.

Max Bet Specifics

If you’re thinking of spending even a single dollar on slots, you need to be aware of the max bet concept and how much it’s going to be at your casino, as most of the Canadian slot machines and their casinos have it.

Now, before we go any further, we need to be clear on the distinction and differences between the max bet feature and the max bet button

Max bet button is, as the name implies, a button on the slot machine-or an online slot-that lets you bet the maximum amount that the slot allows.

As for the max bet feature, to put it very simply, it’s the maximum amount of a bet that the casino allows you to place for a spin.

Pretty simple; however, there’s a catch – maximum allowed bet of a slot game may be higher than the maximum bet allowed by the casino, and if your winning bet exceeds that amount while you’re holding any active bonus from the casino, your win will be confiscated, along with the bonus that you had before the win.

As unfair as it may sound, this rule is in place for a reason – With very high bonus slots, such as the two jackpot examples brought above, gigantic wins may happen, rendering the casino unable to pay. This would be negative both for the player, as well as for the casino and their prestige. Max bet is rule is there to prevent this from happening. It’s up to the player to be aware of the exact amount, and the casinos are very uncompromising about it. Some of the casinos are so strict, in fact, that if you realize that you accidentally pressed it mid-game and voluntarily informed them about it, they may still penalize you for it

That’s why it always makes sense to take a few minutes to at least skim through the terms and conditions of the casino and find out about the details like the max bet. If you’re not able to do that, at least do yourself a favor by asking the customer service department, which brings us to the next point.

Customer Support

Whichever and whatever kind of slot you choose, it’s important to be sure that the casino that is hosting it has adequate customer service. This may not seem as important to you at this stage, and if that’s the case, we encourage you to think twice.

With online casinos having to process thousands upon thousands of transfers every day, it’s very common for mistakes to happen; specifically financial and banking mistakes. Tons of cases take place every day where small technical issues are causing major delays with the deposit and withdrawal processes, and good customer service can be a saving grace there.

Customer service can also be useful to find out what kind of promotional offers and bonuses are available. You may be pleasantly surprised at what you can get simply by asking. In case of any annoying technical inconveniences, they may even compensate you with some bonuses or other benefits.

You may possibly not be much of a fan of phone calls, and if that’s the case, you’ll most likely be able to reach them via email or chat, latter of which is the most widely-used communication medium for most casinos.


And that’s all you need to know about how to choose the best real money slots games. As you’ve probably realized by now, there’s much more to choosing a good online slot than meets the eye, but now you can safely enjoy low-volatility slots to have table gameplay with stable winnings, or you can also do this the high-roller way and go for the riskier, more high-volatility slots with highest possible earnings, as you’re now armed with the best knowledge on how to play slots for real money online.