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Why Cryptologic has some of the best games and what are the best Cryptologic casinos online

By now casino gaming has gone through so many changes and mutations, that even the most insightful and knowledgeable of gamers won’t have been able to predict its current state. The first major changes occurred back in 1996 when the first-ever online casino was launched, after wh…

By now casino gaming has gone through so many changes and mutations, that even the most insightful and knowledgeable of gamers won’t have been able to predict its current state.

The first major changes occurred back in 1996 when the first-ever online casino was launched, after which it was never the same. Online gaming is quickly becoming more and more prominent and way more popular than the brick-and-mortar casinos. The reasons for this are numerous. As an example, you’re able to play from literally anywhere with an internet connection, like from the comfort of your home. This is only one of the benefits out of dozens and only scratches the surface.

With the digitization and gambling’s general migration online, currencies and general logistics of the gaming have also changed. Gone are the days of payment and billing hassles. With the advance of payment systems, more and more options are becoming available for all online casinos.

Such fast, dynamic and rich developments in the field are prompting companies to be more competitive and encourages a lot of growth, as well as creation and formation of some companies that can serve as a standard for greatness not only in the casino gaming industry but business in general. One such company in this field is Cryptologic.

Best Cryptologic casinos to play at in Canada

Cryptologic is one of the most well-known and respected companies in the online casino business. They are partnering with thousands of online casinos in the world, and have always been striving for innovation and the highest quality of service. Here are some of the best online Cryptologic casinos where you can play some of the best games for the biggest winnings.

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Few Words on Cryptologic’s history

Cryptologic casinos online were founded in 1995 by brothers Mark and Andrew Rivkin. The brothers started their company in their parents’ basement – no, this is not a meme or a joke. Their initial goal was to discover or create a wide-use application for their financial transaction system that they developed on their own.

They then launched their first company called InterCasino, which was also one of the first online casinos in history, and has been wildly successful.

This was only the first step for them, as they have gone on to provide licensing for many other very successful online casinos like William Hill, which is the leading bookmaker in the UK.

Cryptologic first got listed on the stock exchanges back in 1998 when it first appeared at the Toronto Stock Exchange and in 2000 for NASDAQ. In 2003, they began trading on the London Stock Exchange as well.

The company reached the biggest heights of its success in the span of 2002-2007 when it was under the leadership of Lewis Rose, who served as the CEO and director in that timeframe. It’s estimated that Rose took the company’s market cap from $90 million all the way up to $400 million. Since then, Cryptologic slot machines Canada, along with their online games and all other assortments of software, has been one of the industry leaders, and are likely to remain so for a long time.

What makes Cryptologic special

Cryptologic, as we mentioned, is one of the most highly-respected developers out there. How did they reach this level? To say that it was easy would be a disrespectful statement, as there was a lot of hard work and dedication that was required to reach their level. However, they blazed through it so fast, that it just shows how effortless it can be for a company that is on a different level as compared to the opposition. With that being said, what are some of the specific aspects that make Cryptologic special?

One of the best software on the market

Cryptologic casino software, without a doubt, is one of the best on the market. They’re one of the most experienced companies out there, and they know all the ins-and-outs of making very good online casino games. The main strong points of their software are stability and reliability; which, as a player, should be one of the first things you’re prioritizing for.

Any player who is playing casino games for real money needs to make absolutely sure, that whatever software the casino is using is trustworthy, stable and reliable. This is, unfortunately, one of the most overlooked subjects, and we have no understanding why.

With the advancements in software development, there should be absolutely no reason for casino software to crash, freeze, or have any other types of bugs. As an individual who is putting their hard-earned money at risk, you should be expecting no less than the standard of quality that companies like Cryptologic provide.

One of the best bonuses and promotions on the market

Canadian Cryptologic casino bonuses are widely regarded as one of the best on the market. Why? It’s now common knowledge for all casinos and providers, that offering bonuses and promotions are one of the best ways of attracting new customers and ensuring the loyalty of the current ones. Why? Because with the advancements and development of the industry itself, a lot of casinos have learned how to provide service on a very high level. Sure, there are still some casinos – like Cryptologic – that just take it to the next level, but it’s more-or-less well-known what makes players happy product-wise. Therefore, What REALLY allows these good companies to get the highest amount of customers is determined by how generous they are with their bonuses and promotions.

Cryptologic, as one of the most experienced gambling companies, knows this very well too, and always strives to provide the best possible bonuses and promotional offers to ensure their customers are always happy. The casinos that they partner up with and provide software for are also aware of this, and the pressure is on them to ensure that players are adequately “spoiled” with these promotions, and therefore, any best Canadian Cryptologic online casino will always be offering the best possible promotions as well.

The most common types of bonuses that one should expect are free spins, first-time deposit bonuses, re-deposit bonuses, and cashback bonuses. Some casinos also offer referral bonuses as well, which, if used right, can be a source of a lot of income.

What are some of the best games by Cryptologic?

Throughout its many years of operation, CryptoLogic games online have been among some of the best games that the industry has ever produced. Its games have always been known for having an extra edge that many of the companies just lack. Amazing graphics, great soundtrack, smooth performance, and unparalleled reliability are some of the traits that put cryptologic way ahead of the curve. Let’s go over some of the best games that Cryptologic has produced.


The first on the list of the best Cryptologic slots online Canada is the Spiderman. Who doesn’t love Peter Parker, the friendly neighborhood Spiderman? Cryptologic is one of the only – if not the only – companies that are licensed to produce Marvel-themed slots. That’s why, despite their huge popularity, you won’t find much of Marvel’s characters in online slots. This shows the level of respect that companies show towards Cryptologic.

The game is very nicely-themed and captures the Aura of Marvel’s Spiderman very well. The symbols in the game are what Peter Parke and the Spiderman character are mainly known for, like Peter’s photo camera, Spiderman poses, Daily Bugle Posters, etc.

Despite its age still being comparable to any new cryptologic casino games in Canada, the game offers some nice set of graphics, with an entertaining soundtrack to come with it. Any Spiderman fan will be delighted to indulge in this slot and have a lot of fun.

The game is structured with 5 reels and 25 pay lines, and also offers free spins feature where you can win the bulk of most money in this game. It also offers the Spiderman jackpot as well.

Area 21

Area 21 is Cryptologic’s 5-reel, 25-pay line slot that is characterized by its very unique gameplay. It may not seem so in the beginning, due to its classic spinning system, but you’ll soon see that it is quite unique and action-packed with its blackjack games that come before free spins features, making it one of the most favorite Cryptologic online slots for Canadians.

When it comes to numbers, the minimum allowed bet for a single coin in this game is $0.01, and $20 for the max. The maximum possible amount in dollars that you can bet is around $500 per spin. The highest possible win recorded in this slot is $40,000.

The game offers bonus features as well, and a wild symbol that can substitute all other symbols. The bonus features themselves can be free spins, as well as mini blackjack games.

Forrest Gump

Based on the massively-popular fictional character of the same name, this is one of the most beloved Cryptologic slot games in Canada. As symbols, it features some iconic items from the movie like the box of chocolates, a football ball, Forret’s hat, the peace sign, etc.

The game offers some nice graphics and a decent soundtrack and performs reasonably well. The values that you can make the bets with vary between $0.01 and $20. After selecting the number of lines that you want to play, you can play for the maximum amount of $500 per spin. The slot also offers an advanced feature of autoplay, where you can customize conditions of spins and stops.

The game features Forrest on the bench as its Wild symbol. It can also serve as a substitute for any other symbol, but can only appear on third, second and fourth reels. Its appearance essentially doubles the wins, but it can not serve as a substitute for scatter coins, which is a box of chocolates. This is, to date, one of the best Cryptologic progressive slots games.

Why choose Cryptologic casinos?

The above should be plenty enough to prompt anyone to go with Cryptologic and trust them with their time and money, but if you’re still iffy about it, let’s look at some of the key specific reasons as to why you may want to consider the best Cryptologic casinos in Canada over the alternatives:

“Built-in” screening of undesirable casinos

A company that hosts software by Cryptologic on their website is a company that is partnered up with Cryptologic, which means, that they have been determined to be of adequate-enough level to be deemed worthy of their partnership. Cryptologic has a reputation to maintain, and therefore, they always hold every one of their possible partners to a high standard, ensuring that you, as a player who doesn’t have enough time to make tons of research, can safely and calmly enjoy the casino’s service based on their affiliation with a company like Cryptologic.

Top-of-the-line customer service

As a player who’s putting their hard-earned money at risk, you should always, no matter what, ensure that your chosen casino has adequate customer service.

You may not think this an important matter as of now, but trust us, that once you have enough mileage in this field and have seen most of what it has to offer, you’ll soon realize why this is true. A customer service department is one of the only tools that are at your disposal to ensure your safety and satisfaction. No matter what kind of an issue, concern or a problem you may have because of, or with, a casino that you’re playing at, you should never feel hesitant to reach out to them. How they respond to your issues and how diligent they appear to be in their attempts to fix it will show you exactly what you need to know regarding your casino’s dedication.

With that being said, any good cryptologic online casino in Canada will know exactly what it takes to ensure maximum customer satisfaction, and you can consider yourself in good hands when dealing with them.


If you’ve been with us this far, congratulations – you now know all you need to know on the best Cryptologic online casinos in Canada.

Cryptologic has been on the market for two-and-a-half decades by now, and it’s no wonder that they know their stuff. They have consistently managed to develop some of the industry’s best games, and there’s no end in sight. It’s precisely because of this that so many people choose to go with them and stay loyal to them.

Their dedication towards the quality, security and ethical conduct of business is what has allowed them to secure their spot at the top of the best casino developers in the world.

Having read this detailed guide and overview, you are now armed with all you’re going to need to start playing all new cryptologic casino games and be very successful at them!