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Starter’s guide to NetEnt casino games [2022]

It’s estimated that there are over 2000 legally-registered online gambling websites in Canada. The choice and diversity of the available gambling solutions online are higher than they have ever been, and it’s only going up. The baseline, standard and quality of service are going …

It’s estimated that there are over 2000 legally-registered online gambling websites in Canada. The choice and diversity of the available gambling solutions online are higher than they have ever been, and it’s only going up.

The baseline, standard and quality of service are going up as well, with casinos needing to stay more and more creative to interest new potential players. At this point, just having a decent online casino with all standard services is not enough. You have to be different, intriguing and unique. Otherwise, you’ll just be lumped with the rest – thousands of generic, mediocre online casinos.

The casinos that impress and interest most new players are the ones that manage to provide the absolute highest quality of service for affordable and accessible prices for the general public, which is only possible with top-of-the-line casino software.

There are thousands of casino games available online, and they come from all different sorts of companies. With the technological advancements and progress in the software development industry, it’s now way easier and accessible to develop decent online casino software. However, there are some companies – very few of them, actually – that stand way ahead of the crowd. These companies have managed to keep the lead in the industry for such a long time, that they’ve become icons and living legends in their time. 

One such company is NetEnt, a Swedish company that is based out of Stockholm and has been operating since 1996. Throughout the course of its existence, NetEnt has secured a place among the top casino developers in the world. Let’s talk about how NetEnt managed to reach this level, how it has managed to keep it, what its games are like, and much more.

What does the list of best NetEnt casinos look like?

With NetEnt being so popular, it’s no wonder that there’s thousands of online casinos that host their games, which makes it very hard to make a conclusive choice on which NetEnt casino to go with. After reviewing hundreds of different websites, we compiled this final list of best NetENt online casinos. 

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A brief history of NetEnt

Netent online casino games were founded in 1996, but there’s way more stuff that happened leading up to that point. After slot machines were banned in Sweden, Cherry, one of the largest gambling companies in Sweden, started supplying the slot machines to numerous Eastern European countries in the world.

However, as the internet began to surface and slowly started getting popular, Cherry’s management chose to invest its future into the internet, meaning the iGaming industry.

In 1996, Pontus Lindwall, the CEO of Cherry, created Net Entertainment, which was eventually to be known as NetEnt. Lindwall convinced Cherry and Kinnevik, two of the leading investment companies in Europe, to invest in the company. The two agreed to invest about €8.5 million in NetEnt, allowing the creation of one of the largest and most pioneering online casino companies in the world.

What NetEnt is known for

Netent casino slots in Canada are known for their industry-defining high quality. The company achieves this by employing some of the most talented and knowledgeable casino software developers in the world. Through its huge experience of over 24 years, it’s practically a monument of what each and every casino developer should aspire to be.

Best Software

If there’s one thing you can trust NetEnt live casino games with, it’s their software stability. Due to the level and competency of their employees and managers, along with decades of experience, they know exactly what it takes to make a great product. When you’re staking your own actual money, you should be making sure you’re in good hands, and won’t be risking losing your potential wins or your actual deposit due to software instability and crashes; and the only way to prevent this is to go with top professionals like NetEnt.

Adherence to International Standards and Regulations

NetEnt is one of the companies that, due to its status and level, has to hold itself to an impeccable standard. That’s why, when it comes to legal and security matters, you can feel 100% safe and secure. Best NetEnt casinos in Canada are different from the rest and it’s really visible when it comes to matters like responsible gaming. It really shows you the difference between the professionals of the highest level and mediocre companies just there to take your money. Take responsible gaming, for example. Any casino that NetEnt is associated with, will have extensive and detailed responsible gaming policies and info. Responsible gaming is the casino’s stance and approaches towards players that love gambling a bit too much, to the point where it may pose a problem to their well-being.

These policies are in place to assist such players with restricting their gameplay in case needed. Measures like time limits, money limits, age limits or limits to specific games are some of the common methods that encompass responsible gaming policies. As a rule of thumb, how casino approaches responsible gaming can help you determine their level of legitimacy and ethical conduct. A customer service department of your selected NetEnt casino Canada should be able to give you detailed and comprehensive info regarding the casino’s responsible gaming policies, which brings us to the next point:

Level of Customer Support

NetEnt’s dedication and approach towards customer service and customer satisfaction are one of the reasons why Canadian NetEnt casino reviews are always so positive. A company that takes care of its customers is a company that should be trusted. Therefore, with any casino that uses NetEnt’s software, you should expect no less than the highest level of customer service. A mistake that many players – especially the newer ones – commonly make, is that they’re not utilizing customer service. This hesitance has no good basis, and can sometimes be a cause for a lot of frustration. With so many small details and rules that one needs to be aware of in the world of online casinos, having access to a good customer service department can be a saving grace. No matter what question, issue or concern you may have, you should never hesitate to reach out to them. That’s why they’re there in the first place.

Great Bonuses and Promotions

With the reality of gaming being that odds are always heavily against the player’s favor, it’s no wonder that players are always looking for a casino that offers as many promotions and bonuses as possible. A generous promotional system is a sign that the casino is not greedy, and actually cares enough to make it fair for the players too.

Netent casino no deposit bonuses, free spins bonuses, re-deposit bonuses, cashback bonuses (In case of having a net loss during the course of the whole week) are some of the most common types of bonuses. Other, specific types of bonuses like NetEnt casino list no deposit bonus are very common as well.

These bonuses and promotional offers are given out with an aim to attract more newer players and retain the existing ones. In almost all cases, they come with terms and conditions like time-limits, game limits, and wagering requirements. The wagering requirement is a mandatory minimum amount that a player needs to play through before withdrawing the bonus. These rules are in place to ensure the casino’s protection from players who are looking to just claim the bonus without playing at all. Without these rules, the casinos would be heavily exploited.

you’ll often see that the Best Netent Casinos & Bonuses are way far ahead than what most casinos are offering. With such heavy competition on the market, the casinos that manage to stand out and attract most potential customers are the ones that get really generous and creative with the bonuses. It’s just the way it works now.

Depending on the bonus itself, with its wagering requirements and all other details, it always makes sense to at least try out the bonus offer, if it mathematically makes sense for you (and most of the time it should). Therefore, when choosing your next casino, always make sure to keep an eye out for the best NetEnt bonuses 2021.

NetEnt online casino list of games

With all the aspects that we discussed, It’s easy to understand where this high quality and standard of NetEnt is coming from. For these reasons, top NetEnt casino games in Canada have remained absolute leaders on the market. Let’s go over some of the most popular ones that have secured NetEnt its well-deserved fame and recognition:


What better way to start off the Canadian NetEnt casino games list other than with Starburst? A relatively newer game by NetEnt, it has quickly risen in popularity to become not only NetEnt’s most popular game but perhaps THE most popular slot game ever.

Its sophisticated graphics, smooth performance, and interesting look and feel make it one of NetEnt’s most engaging games.

As you may guess from the name itself, the game is cosmic-themed, with beautiful visuals and captivating soundtrack which goes very nicely with the game’s theme. Game’s pacing is quite fast, with its own distinguished features. Instead of offering standard free spins feature like most games, it has a “Starburst Wild” feature, which can be triggered with the symbol of the same name. After it’s triggered, it offers a single re-spin with a wild reel. This process can repeat until Starburst Wilds keep appearing, allowing for one of the best NetEnt Casinos bonus.

The game is quite simple, but very engaging, which is probably the reason why so many different people like it and allowed it to remain the most popular slot game among Canadian NetEnt casino list.

Dead or Alive

NetEnt made this game many years ago, but to this day it remains among the best NetEnt casino games in Canada. The game is one of the biggest favorites for all fans new and old, and especially the old, as it’s a high-volatility game that can yield huge rewards.

The game is Western-themed, with symbols like Sheriff Badges, Cowboy lassos and boots, Wanted Posters, etc.

With its 5 reels, 9 pay lines and very high volatility, it offers some of the highest-earning potentials out of all the classic games, hence remaining a fan-favorite. The game’s main appeal is that it offers this winning potential while maintaining a relatively simple nature, with no complicated features and straightforward structure. It achieves this with its sticky wilds feature and free spins. Although quite simple in nature, these features are plenty enough to facilitate some very big wins.

Gonzo’s Quest

This slot was released in 2010 and has since then remained one of the most popular slot games in all NetEnt casinos list. It’s an adventure-themed slot taking place in the legendary city of El Dorado.

The game’s scenery and setting go very well with its theme. It features some very fitting graphics and symbols.

It has some very interesting and exciting features, like the Avalanche Feature, where the game’s reels will move in a manner resembling an avalanche, with each avalanche providing a winning multiplier, highest of which can be 5x.

The game has an RTP of 96%, putting it right above the medium level. With its Avalanche and Free Fall features, it deserves to be given a chance by any serious gamer.

Guns N’ Roses

Released at the beginning of 2016, this was a slot that had the crowds most excited in a while, and it certainly did meet those expectations and has stayed at the top spot of any Canadian NetEnt casino list.

NetEnt actually has three rock-themed games in total, the other two besides this one being the Jimi Hendrix and the Motorhead Slots. With the theme and setting of the game, it’s no wonder that one of its most exciting features is its soundtrack (However, graphics also hold their own very well, as do most of NetEnt’s games). Some of the popular songs that are included in the slot are Welcome to the Jungle, November Rain and Sweet Child O’ Mine.

The game features well-fitting symbols like the artwork of band members, the Guns N’ Roses logo, etc.

In terms of actual features, the game offers some fun options like the Crowd-pleaser bonus game, Legend Spins, and a solo multiplier, among others.