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Comprehensive guide and list of the best online bookmakers in Canada [2022]

By now, gambling, and sports betting more specifically, have gone through a lot of change and evolution. The vast and extensive experience of gambling companies allowed them to re-shape and change the industry to reach the highest levels of satisfaction for players, and to provid…

By now, gambling, and sports betting more specifically, have gone through a lot of change and evolution. The vast and extensive experience of gambling companies allowed them to re-shape and change the industry to reach the highest levels of satisfaction for players, and to provide them with the exact experience that they need. It’s a very studied market, to the point of almost being a science.

Beyond that, sports have always been a very integral part of human experience, and it’s no wonder that it eventually crossed its paths with gambling and betting. Gambling, in general, is extremely popular around the world right now, but in North America and specifically Canada, sports betting is very popular. So popular, in fact, that it can definitely be looked at as a separate industry on its own.

Our top picks for best Online bookmakers in Canada

There’s so many online bookmaker websites in Canada that it can be quite a daunting task to choose which one to go with. Do you go for one with the best bonuses? Or do you go for one which has been around longest? Perhaps it’d be better to go with the one which has the best review? Whichever criteria you choose to base your choice upon, our personal list of top canadian bookmakers will help you make a more well-informed decision. 

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To understand the best online bookmakers in Canada, we need to better understand sports betting in general, how it got to this point, and what history it has. Before ever having gone online, sports betting had a lot of history and development offline. Thousands upon thousands of games were played, letting it develop and grow into something with its own separate culture and ecosystem. This healthy development allowed sports betting to pave the way for online betting as we know it today.

Brief History of Sports betting and bookmaking

Real money bookmaker sites in Canada are extremely popular right now. According to a report by the American Gaming Association from 2017, it’s believed that from sports betting only, between $5 and $20 billion is made every year. How did it get to this point?

Sports betting has been around for a very long time now. So long, in fact, that it’s probably impossible to date back the very first sports bet that was ever made. Sports and gambling are such an intrinsically close concept to us that even if we went as far back as the Greeks and their Olympics, we’d still have to go further back.

The first time sports have officially embraced gambling and betting on a global scale was probably back in the 19th century, and it was largely in the form of horse racing. Horse racing, as a practice, was developed even way before that, back in the 16th-17th century in England. It’s probably one of the biggest catalysts for sports betting to reach the heights it has today.

From Brick-and-mortar to Online

The Internet has made it so that we now do everything online. Whether that be shopping for clothes, watching movies or just saying hello to a long-unseen friend, it’s just more convenient to hop on your laptop or mobile phone, and just do it online. This does sometimes come with some negatives, but when it comes to gambling and sports betting, it has made a lot of things just that much more convenient. With that, online bookmakers have become extremely popular, to the point of having surpassed “offline” sports betting.

The online presence for these sports betting companies is now far stronger. The very first online sites were created around 1996, followed by several others, all of which are massively successful and popular to this day. The top canadian bookmakers of the past are more-or-less the same today too, which means there are a lot of very experienced companies on the market.

Why have Online sports betting websites overtaken the industry?

There are numerous compelling reasons as to why online betting is fully taking over – if it hasn’t long already done so.

Sure, going to an actual bookmaker and having the whole experience is very entertaining. You get to partake in the event with full force, but online offers some of the benefits that just can’t be matched.

Location Independence

The first and foremost benefit of best online bookmaker sites would be the fact that you can play from literally anywhere you want. Despite all the excitement and energy that comes from visiting a bookmaker and taking in the full experience, some of us just like to stay home in a more chill environment and indulge in the game with a calm, collected and relaxed mind. You’re free to bet and observe the event in any way you wish, whether that be with your friends after work, or by yourself, lying on your couch sipping beer. It just makes everything more convenient.

Besides, despite the excitement and spice that come with playing at a sports betting event, some of us just need more of a safe and less intimidating space to get comfortable with it, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. When you’re a beginner in something – especially gambling and betting, which can sometimes seem a bit intimidating to the beginners – it’s all about progressive exposure, so you can slowly get more comfortable with it and reach higher levels slowly and steadily.


Sometimes, for whatever reason it may be, you may want to keep your betting and gaming private, which is fully understandable. Though you may love playing and betting with all your heart, some of your loved ones may not share your views and opinion on it. Instead of trying to persuade them and show your actual relationship with it, sometimes it just makes more sense to keep it private.

Access to the real money online bookmakers in Canada is very helpful in this matter, as if you so wish, you can keep it fully private without anybody else knowing. The websites are fully aware of this issue, and always make sure to facilitate good privacy conditions for players who’re looking for them.

In some countries, sports betting, and all forms of gambling in general, are banned, and privacy becomes a very important point for players who’re looking to play from these countries.

What does the best bookmaker site online look like?

There are multiple characteristics that define top online bookmaker websites in Canada. Companies that strive to make these aspects stronger have an easier time staying on top by attracting newer players, as well as retaining the older ones. It may not seem like so on the surface, but the difference between a great betting company and a mediocre one can be quite big, and these few key pieces are what separates these companies.

Well-made platform and website

When talking about top canadian bookmakers online – although not the ultimate go-to indicator of a good betting website – how the website looks and functions are the very first thing that you see and examine as a player. With website development and technologies being on the level that they are at now, there’s absolutely no reason for your betting company not to have a good-looking, well-made website that functions well.

Websites aside, when it comes to apps and gambling software, it’s even more important. When playing with real money, you should be making absolutely sure that the software and the app are trustworthy, and there won’t be any unpleasant “surprises” like crashes, bugs, and freezes. You can only ensure this by going with the websites that use reputable and experienced software developers; which takes quite a bit of research.

Decent bonuses and promotions

Besides the actual platform and customer relationships of the betting company, there’s not much beyond that to compare the companies with. The service they offer is pretty similar and homogenous.

However, what differentiates a lot of companies is how generous they are with online bookmakers deals, promotions and offers. Betting companies and bookmakers make a boatload of money. It’s a very profitable business with expenses not being that high. Therefore, a betting company that gives out adequate bonuses via promotions should always be appreciated. Players are always looking for companies that offer the best bonuses, and it’s definitely understandable. When you’re wagering your own hard-earned money, you should expect nothing less than the best of the best.

It definitely varies from website to website, but the most common forms of online bookmakers offers and bonuses are first-time deposit bonuses, refill bonuses, free bet amounts, and cashback bonuses. There are no free online bookmakers in Canada, but if the numbers are right, these bonuses are as close to free as it gets.

It’s also worth mentioning, that if you’ve been using the services of a betting website for long enough, you might be eligible for some kind of a VIP/loyalty program. We encourage you to always check this with your casino, by reaching out to their customer service department. Speaking of which:

Good Customer Service

Customer service is one of the most invaluable attributes of a good real money online bookmakers Canada. Curiously, it’s also one of the most under-utilized and under-appreciated components by the players. A company that takes players’ problems and issues to heart should always be appreciated. You can, as a general rule, gauge the company’s level by how customer-centered and helpful they are towards their players’ issues.

As a general rule, you can feel free to ask for customer service’s help on matters like payment and transaction issues, withdrawal issues, software bugs, and issues, as well as with matters regarding your promotional offers and their terms and conditions.

General Tips

To ensure positive and constructive experience, there are some general tips and approaches that you can implement and follow in your betting strategy. These are by no means top online bookmaker tips, but rather a set of principles that you can test for yourself, and see if they apply to your personal situation and are bringing positive results. Always make sure to test stuff out for yourself, and come to your own conclusions regarding their efficacy.

Have a defined strategy

One of the key differences between the top performers and people who just keep on drifting by without any major success is their approach to the strategy of how they play. There may not seem to be much to it, but strategy is very important. This topic is too large and warrants its own separate discussion, but mainly you need to keep in mind how big are the amounts that you’re betting in the beginning. Also, modest stakes are good because they’ll ensure that you’re not going to lose too much in your beginning stages, and won’t discourage yourself to keep on playing.

Once you have a range that you’re comfortable with, you can keep increasing the amounts gradually, and keep testing what works better for you as you go.

You also need to familiarize yourself with the types of bets as well, and which one would be appropriate for specific, separate situations. It’s sometimes not the amount, but the type of the bet itself that determines and makes or breaks your win.

Have a budget

Having a budget is something that hugely benefits not only the beginners, but even the most seasoned veterans. We’re all humans here, so no matter how experienced, logical and calculating you are in your approach towards betting, you’re bound to make some mistakes every now and then, purely based on emotional factors. It’s during times like these that you’re the most vulnerable, and having a clear budget can save you from scenarios where you’re in danger of losing a lot more.

Always follow your strategy, but don’t be afraid to go with the flow

Having a well-defined strategy with a disciplined approach is a surefire way to be successful in this market. With that being said, at the end of the day, money and winning is not the only aspect of this. Having fun is an oft-forgotten point that is sometimes clouded by the desire to win. It’s important to switch it up sometimes, go with your gut feeling, and just see what happens.

This is all part of the game, and there’s no one universal way to play it right. At the end, what matters is that you play the way YOU want to play, and if you win some money on the way, all the better.


If this is your first step in educating yourself on becoming a better player, congratulations! You’ve already made very good progress in learning how to win at top online bookmakers in Canada.

World of online betting is absolutely huge, and if you’re to keep being successful, you always need to ensure that you’re growing as a player, and are continuously seeking out knowledge and ways to improve yourself. Besides reading guides like these, you should always try to seek out one-on-one consultation from players just like yourself that are more experienced. This is the absolute best way to get distilled, raw, straight-out-of-the-oven knowledge from the players.  You’re able to retain much more information this way, and it sticks much better as well. If you prioritize growth of your skills as a player, you’ll be well on your way to winning a lot of money on the best Canadian bookmakers online.