Top Bitcoin Sports Betting Sites in Canada


Top Bitcoin Sports Betting Sites in Canada

Canada’s online sports betting landscape has significantly transformed in recent years. As the digital age dawns, Bitcoin, the renowned cryptocurrency, is making waves in the Canadian betting scene.

The anonymity, fast transactions, and enhanced security have skyrocketed the popularity of Bitcoin sports betting among Canadian enthusiasts. 

This surge in interest has given birth to many of the best sports betting sites that accept Bitcoin, catering specifically to the Canadian audience.

This article aims to delve deep, presenting an in-depth analysis of the top sports betting websites for those who prefer using Bitcoin. Understanding the best platforms becomes crucial, given the dynamic nature of the online betting realm.

Bitcoin Sports Betting in Canada

Canada’s love for sports has always been evident, with hockey, basketball, and football reigning supreme among enthusiasts. It is no surprise, that sports betting has been an age-old passion for many Canadians.

Recently, a new catalyst has been added to this mix: the bitcoin betting opportunity.

The trailblazing cryptocurrency has introduced an innovative way to place bets on favorite sports. The once-niche payment method has seen an exponential rise in acceptance among Canada’s best online betting sites.

With more platforms incorporating Bitcoin as a mode of payment, its adoption in the Canadian sports betting realm has grown significantly.

The benefits of using Bitcoin for online betting are plentiful:

  • Security: Bitcoin transactions operate on a decentralized ledger, ensuring heightened security levels compared to traditional methods.
  • Anonymity: Bettors value their privacy, and Bitcoin offers just that. No personal banking details are involved, ensuring anonymity.
  • Ease of Transactions: Without the need for intermediaries or banks, Bitcoin transactions are straightforward and swift.
  • Lower Fees: The absence of middlemen means transaction fees are often lower than in conventional banking systems.
  • Global Accessibility: Bitcoin betting platforms can often be accessed from anywhere worldwide, offering a truly global betting experience.

According to recent trends, there’s been a noticeable shift among Canadian bettors, moving from conventional online betting methods to Bitcoin.

While exact statistics are challenging to pinpoint, given the anonymous nature of Bitcoin transactions, several reports and surveys indicate an upward trajectory in Bitcoin’s use in Canadian online betting over the past few years.

The landscape of sports betting in Canada is undergoing a remarkable transformation. As more bettors recognize Bitcoin’s myriad advantages, the trend of Bitcoin betting is not just a passing phase but a staple in the ever-evolving world of Canadian sports betting.

Selection Criteria for the Top Bitcoin Betting Sites

When narrowing down the best sports betting sites Canada offers, several critical criteria come into play. First and foremost, the range of sports markets is paramount.

A good Bitcoin sportsbook should offer extensive coverage of popular and niche sports, ensuring every bettor’s taste is catered to.

Competitive odds are another significant factor. They determine the potential return on bets, so top sites should consistently provide attractive odds.

Payment options, especially the speed and ease of Bitcoin transactions, are essential in ranking. It’s not just about accepting Bitcoin but facilitating swift and hassle-free transactions.

Safety can’t be compromised. The platform’s security, ensuring protection against potential cyber threats, is a cornerstone of any reputable site.

Lastly, user experience, encompassing website design, customer support, and overall ease of use, contributes to a site being labeled among the best betting sites Canada can boast of.


20Bet stands out prominently in online gaming and betting for several reasons. Its intuitive green-themed design immediately catches the eye, ensuring first-time visitors are greeted with simplicity and an enticing bonus promotion.

When it comes to betting, 20Bet doesn’t fall short. Offering both live and sports betting, it caters to avid sports enthusiasts and those looking to place bets on upcoming events.

20Bet casino banner

Apart from conventional sports like football and basketball, the casino also presents opportunities to bet on eSports, like Dota 2 and Counter-Strike, enhancing its appeal to the younger audience.

Promotion-wise, 20Bet exhibits generosity. You can receive a 100% bonus, up to C$150, on your first sports deposit.

The casino’s flexible payment system, integrating traditional methods like Visa and Mastercard and modern crypto methods, further exemplifies its adaptability. Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum are among the supported cryptocurrencies, making transactions both swift and secure.


22Bet stands out in the crowded online casino and sports BTC betting markets, not just for its enticing bonus offers but for a holistic gaming experience. Here’s an in-depth analysis covering various facets of this platform.

22Bet sportsbook effectively leverages bonuses and promotions to captivate and retain its customer base. New entrants can capitalize on an initial bonus, which varies by region but invariably offers a 100% boost up to 180 CAD on your first deposit.

22bet casino banner

While primarily a sportsbook, 22Bet also appeals to casino aficionados. Live casino games include European roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and poker. Betting ranges from 1–2 euros to the lofty tens of thousands, especially at VIP tables. The platform’s vast selection includes over 1,000 online slots from top-tier game developers, all organized efficiently for user convenience.

22Bet prides itself on payment versatility. Apart from traditional credit and debit cards, it is progressive, offering e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller and even cryptocurrencies.

As a contender among Canadian sports betting sites, 22Bet offers an enticing package for severe and casual gamers. It balances abundant game offerings, transactional flexibility, and customer-centric support, making it a commendable choice for online gambling enthusiasts.


Bethard has firmly established itself as a dominant player in online sports sites. Known for its comprehensive sportsbook, it draws attention immediately with a striking image of renowned soccer player Zlatan Ibrahimović on its homepage. You can join Bethard now and get 100% welcome bonus up to 100 CAD.

Sports markets are where Bethard truly stands out. Regardless of your sport of choice, be it football, tennis, or even cricket, Bethard ensures you’re well-served. An intuitive sports betting section lets users effortlessly track active bets, enhancing the overall betting experience.

Mobile betting isn’t just an afterthought at Bethard. With the increasing preference for on-the-go gambling, Bethard ensures its platform is optimized for mobile use, offering seamless gameplay and betting on smaller screens.

Beyond its expansive gaming and betting options, Bethard’s commitment to responsible gambling is commendable. Recognizing the potential pitfalls of online gambling, Bethard provides tools like a budget calculator and money diaries to help users manage their spending. Furthermore, the platform emphasizes user security, with rigorous software testing and licensing by UK authorities.


Betzest, a leading name in the sports betting sites domain, continually sets the bar high in the online casino and betting industry. Not only does it serve as a commendable BTC sportsbook, but it also seamlessly amalgamates the thrill of live casinos, diverse games, and attractive promotional incentives.

Betzest casino banner

The meticulous design of Betzest’s website also plays a pivotal role in enhancing the user experience. The dominant blue hues, accentuated with shades of purple and their iconic green chameleon logo, exude a sense of trust and professionalism.

To sum up, Betzest has masterfully carved its niche in the fiercely competitive online betting domain. Its commitment to offering top-tier services, an expansive game portfolio, and ensuring user-centricity through efficient payment methods and enticing promotions makes it a front-runner in the industry.

Tips for Successful Bitcoin Sports Betting in Canada

Delving into the realm of Bitcoin sports betting in Canada? Arm yourself with these essential tips for a rewarding experience:

⚽️ Research is Key: Before placing any bets, research the sports teams and the online sports betting sites. Understand the odds and make informed decisions.

⚽️ Stay Updated with Cryptocurrency Trends: Bitcoin’s volatile nature means its value can shift rapidly. Stay updated with the latest news and trends in the crypto world to make the most of your investments.

⚽️ Bankroll Management: This cannot be stressed enough. Always set aside a specific amount for betting and never exceed it, regardless of temptations. This prevents potential significant losses and ensures you can bet another day.

⚽️ Practice Responsible Gambling: Always remember that betting should be enjoyable. If you ever feel like it’s becoming an addiction or causing distress, seek help immediately.

And remember, responsible gaming is a key to success.


Navigating the landscape of online sports betting sites in Canada reveals a growing trend: the undeniable ascent of Bitcoin sports betting. This evolution is about embracing digital currency and understanding its benefits like quick transactions, enhanced security, and anonymity.

The top betting platforms covered in this article showcase the optimal blend of traditional sports betting with modern Bitcoin integrations, ensuring an unparalleled experience.

As the digital age marches on, the synergy between sports and Bitcoin continues to strengthen, promising a bright future for sports bettors in Canada.