Bitcoin Roulette Canada – Best Strategies that Work


Bitcoin Roulette Canada – Best Strategies that Work

With a limitless flow of ideas and technology, iGaming providers seek new ways to pamper gamblers in Canada.

The result of yet another experiment is Bitcoin Roulette. This is a variation of the legendary casino game offering players to use BTC as currency.

You will bet on the outcome of the wheel rotation, winning or losing bets. Yes, losses do happen from time to time. However, there are several ways to minimize them.

In this guide, you will find the most effective strategies for crypto roulette. We offer different approaches and gambling styles that suit all players.

Keep reading to learn new strategies and win Bitcoins as often as possible!

How Does Bitcoin Roulette Work?

Those who first met the crypto variation of roulette must be wondering how it works. Its functionality is similar to the classic version, but some nuances require special attention.

Traditional and blockchain roulettes involve a spinning wheel with numbered slots and a ball determining the winning color/number. The main difference is hidden in the payment method.

While most roulettes use EUR, USD, CAD, and other fiat currencies, BTC roulette uses digital coins for transactions and bets. This means that you need to create a crypto wallet before you start playing.

Roulette Table in Casino

Another difference is that Bitcoin transactions in the game provide more anonymity than classic wheel versions. Participants do not reveal their data by using pseudonyms or anonymous profiles.

This makes tracking their stakes and transactions harder, ensuring that sensitive information stays in the right hands.

Finally, a blockchain version of the game provides faster payouts. No other financial intermediaries are involved, so you can expect your winnings to land in minutes.

To summarize, it’s safe to say that crypto roulette is a faster and safer version of the classic game. It is based on blockchain technology, involving Bitcoin in the bets and payouts.

Type of Bets Bitcoin Roulette Comes With

You should start playing once you have learned the basics of a particular game. Despite the most straightforward principles and algorithms, Bitcoin casino roulette has numerous bets.

There are so many that it may even scare some of you. But don’t panic. We are here to review the most common stakes and their features.

Outside Bets

These wagers are popular because they cover an entire category of numbers, increasing your winning chances.

This solution is suitable for beginners interested in regular but not massive payouts:

  • Black or Red
  • Odd or Even
  • Column
  • Dozens
  • High or Low

These are the most straightforward BTC bets you should start with. They offer 50/50 odds as you must guess whether the winning number will be lower or higher than 18 (High/Low) or which color will win (Red or Black).

Inside Bets

These options are usually presented in the center of the table. Inside bets are more unique since the player makes them on individual numbers or combinations of numbers.

Because of this, wagers typically involve a higher risk, which is offset by higher payouts:

  • Straight-Up
  • Street
  • Split
  • Corner
  • Basket
  • Six Line

Let’s take a closer look at some inside wagers and their odds. To make a straight-up bet, you must predict a winning number, so the odds of winning are usually 35:1. Or you can make a street bet on a trio of consecutive numbers like 1, 2, 3 that pays 11:1.

Call Bets

This approach involves crypto bets on a group of numbers according to their position on the table and the spinning wheel. Call wagers can be fixed or variable. The latter can be changed at the participant’s discretion. You will find such options as zero game, the neighbors, and the orphans.

Best Bitcoin Roulette Strategies to Try in 2023

Roulette is one of the most exciting yet unpredictable casino games. It is impossible to guess the cell in which the ball will land accurately.

Nevertheless, many ways exist to maximize your investments on Canadian gambling sites featuring BTC roulettes.

In the following paragraphs, we will look at the most effective strategies. This is how you will pick the most successful approach that suits your playing style so that you can fill your pockets every time you visit corresponding venues.

Martingale Strategy

This is one of the most common approaches to roulettes with even payouts and simple principles. You will place outside bets with a 50/50 chance of winning, like low/high, odd/even, or red/black.

♣️ The essence of the Martingale strategy is elementary – players double their wagers after each loss. In this case, the winnings cover all losses.

The best way to understand how this strategy works is to use it in practice. Suppose you bet some crypto coins equal to $5 on red. If you win, the profit is $10, which includes the initial bet of $5 and another $5 in net winnings.

If you lose, increase the wager to $20 for the next round. If you win, the profit will be $40, but if not, the wager amount must be increased again. Winning will happen sooner or later, allowing you to cover your previous losses and return to the initial stake size.

To successfully use the Martingale strategy, keeping an eye on your bankroll is essential. Remember that the initial bet should be up to 3% of the budget you have set for the gaming session.

D’Alembert Strategy

You can also use the D’Alembert strategy when visiting Bitcoin roulette sites. It tends to work on bets with equal payouts like red/black. Before placing your first bet, estimate the size of your bankroll.

♦️ We recommend wagering no more than 1% of your total using the D’Alembert approach.

Unlike Martingale, the D’Alembert strategy is to reduce the stake after each win. For example, you start with a BTC bet of $5. If the first bet wins, you reduce it to $4 and keep doing so until you lose. Once that happens, you should go back to $5. If you lose again, increase it to $6.

The D’Alembert strategy takes care of players’ bankrolls. Since you only increase your bet by one dollar, losing will not result in tragedy. Besides, you can expect a gaming session to last longer, guaranteeing regular payouts.

Fibonacci Strategy

This is a more advanced approach to betting in roulettes supporting cryptocurrency. The Fibonacci is a standard sequence of numbers in which the following number is calculated by the sum of the two previous numbers.

While this can continue forever, the Fibonacci strategy uses the first ten numbers like 1-1-2-3-5-8-13-21-34-55.

Fibonacci Bitcoin Roulette Strategy

♠️ If you use this strategy, you should concentrate on even money wagers only.

The mentioned numbers will determine the bet amount for the upcoming round. Suppose you wager a few Bitcoins equivalent to $2.

Losing means you should increase the amount to $5. If you lose again, increase the bet to $8. However, if a win happens, you must return two numbers.

This is quite a complicated approach to betting in this game. However, it does have some advantages. It is suitable for players with a limited bankroll as it can be used with minimal wagers. 

Labouchère Strategy

This is another strategy that players have successfully applied in crypto roulette. It even covers money stakes. Although it can also be used with inside bets, it can be quite risky. You should write down a sequence of numbers before working with this system.

❤️ The idea is that your chance equals the sum of the first and last number in the sequence.

For example, your sequence looks like this: 1-2-3. The bet amount is $4, while the winnings equal the sum of the numbers in your sequence ($6 in this case). Which sequence to use is up to you.

Advanced Bitcoin Roulette Strategies

You already know about the basic strategies and approaches, so you are ready to start playing Bitcoin roulette online. However, you should not rush. We have some advanced techniques that will increase your chances of winning.

James Bond Strategy

The essence of this approach is the combo stake, which gives enthusiasts a good chance of winning. However, it requires a substantial bet.

You must wager Bitcoins worth at least $20. Here’s what a combo bet might look like: $15 on an even money bet like black or red, $4 on a double street, and $1 on zero. Remember that this may be less effective in wheels with a “00” cell.

James Bond Bitcoin Roulette Strategy

Reverse Martingale

We also have a Reverse Martingale approach that successfully takes in BTC roulette games. Being the opposite of the original strategy, Reverse Martingale involves doubling your bet after a win.

It allows you to minimize the damage in case of a loss and get bigger payouts during winning streaks. However, your bankroll must be large enough to wait for winning bets.

The Importance of Bankroll Management in Bitcoin Roulette

Bankroll management lets you control the funds you wager while playing roulette with Bitcoins. If you often hit the deposit button without paying attention to wins and losses, you may spend more than you planned. 

By controlling your bankroll, you will be much more mindful of the amount you invest while playing roulette.

Here are a few reasons why every roulette enthusiast needs bankroll management:

  • It prevents you from chasing losses
  • It prevents you from investing in amounts you can’t afford
  • It allows you to control your funds by balancing wins and losses
  • It allows you to make informed decisions when betting

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned gambler, you must effectively manage your budget if you are going to succeed in crypto roulette.

Here are simple tips that have proven to be effective in practice:

  • Determine in advance the amount you can afford to lose without catastrophic consequences
  • Divide this amount into several equal parts
  • Determine the strategy that best suits your bankroll
  • Start with minimum bets
  • Do not chase losses, as this often leads to bigger losses

This is how you can manage your funds while playing Bitcoin roulette online from Evolution or Playtech live gaming providers. Set financial limits and follow them throughout the game.

Playing Bitcoin Roulette Online

You should know a few nuances about whether you will play free Bitcoin roulette or wager real money.

Peoply playing online Bitcoin Roulette

Most of these relate to the venues you will visit, although other parameters require special attention:

1️⃣ Research the casino before joining. Ensure it is a licensed platform that operates legally in Canada and has a good reputation and fair payouts.

2️⃣ Check the list of payment methods. Ensure the casino supports Bitcoin and other crypto coins in case you want to use them in the future.

3️⃣ Check the software and developers. Ensure the operator offers a massive selection of roulette games with BTC stakes. This can include European, French, and even live versions.

4️⃣ Check the promotion section. Ensure the casino generously rewards those who have just joined and regular customers who play various games, including roulette.

These tips will help you find the best Bitcoin roulette sites in Canada. All you have to do is register and fund your bankroll to place your first bet.


Roulette is a fun and exciting game. However, its effectiveness depends on your approach and bankroll management. We have reviewed the benefits of crypto gambling, the most common strategies, and their advanced counterparts for beginners and pro gamblers. 

The beauty is that they typically don’t require a significant investment, so you can start with minimal bets. However, remember to set limits and stick to them throughout the gaming session to maximize your profits. 

So, find the right online casino, create and fund your account, and start spinning the roulette wheel to win actual Bitcoins!