1. Ruby Fortune Casino
Welcome bonus up to C$ 750
Welcome bonus up to C$ 750
  • Collection of Microgaming games
  • High-quality live dealer games
  • Customer support 24/7

Ruby Fortune Review

Established back in 2003, Ruby Fortune represents one of the main six casinos, which make up the Palace Group brand. The platform offers its users some of the most popular and sophisticated games on the market. Ruby Fortune has developed more than 500 incredible games, most of them created in line with gamblers’ own interests or expectations.

The provider has a long history of fostering a user-friendly environment for gamblers online. The platform offers online players some of the best slots, blackjack, table and roulette games, available for everyone out there!

Other than a huge variety of games, the platform prides itself on having some of the most helpful or skilled customer service representatives in the industry. Ruby Fortune also offers its users different types of bonuses or promotions. Why? Their priority to make the online casino experience even more enjoyable and fun! 

Developers also came up with several ideas for banking methods, as well as different types of VIP bonuses. In doing so, they have managed to create a platform that has something for absolutely everyone.

Variety of games, offered by Ruby Fortune 

The platform offers you more than 500 different versions of classic or popular releases, just to make your experience as fun as possible! Since Ruby Fortune has such a long history of developing ground-breaking games, it is no surprise that they offer gamblers some of the top-rated games, currently available on the market.

There are numerous types of games, offered by the online casino. What are we talking about? Their extensive catalog includes blackjack, roulette, slots, and many, many others. By developing different versions of these games, Ruby Fortune made sure that its users could have the best online casino experience on its platform. 

As we said earlier, these games are developed in a way that gamblers can have the most fun. No matter which device they choose to use! There is no reason to compromise, especially on your overall player experience. This is precisely why Ruby Fortune has come up with the idea to offer its service on desktop computers, smartphones and on tablets.

As slots are one of the most popular games among gamblers, Ruby Fortune made sure that the slots that the platform offers would be one of the best in the field. There are many slots available at Ruby Fortune, most of them developed according to the views of gamblers. 

The list includes classic, old-fashioned slots, as well as newer, more developed video slot releases, complete with beautiful animations or graphics. Many of the top-rated slot games offered by Ruby Fortune are powered by Microgaming, one of the world’s leading developer studios. Sit back and enjoy the experience, as the reels roll.

Blackjack stands as another very popular game among gamblers. It has a very long history. Throughout the years, it has been reinvented various times, giving birth to many versions or variations of the same game. Many were then advanced or redeveloped, appearing in an entirely different “package”. It is one of the few gaming games, where players can win, according to their abilities and skills. Unlike slots or roulette, strategy can take you very far! It represents the best of both worlds: luck and skill.

There are many different versions of blackjack, offered at Ruby Fortune right now. These include classic American and European variants, as well as other, more innovative releases. Try them out for yourself, to see exactly what we mean.

Roulette games are also very popular at Ruby Fortune. Because of this, the provider made sure that its users could access some of the top roulette releases not only in Canada, but the entire world. Take a spin on a roulette game of your choice. You probably stand a big chance of winning!

Ruby Fortune made sure that its roulette experience is as authentic as possible. Since there are so many fans of real casino games, you can expect Ruby Fortune roulette to deliver you life-like graphics or realistic sound effects. Feel the thrill for yourself! While playing roulette, all you need to do is to put a bet on the number you think is the winner. Now, just wait for the outcome. It is really that simple.

And this is not everything. There are so many different types of games. offered by the platform. Did we already mention baccarat or video poker? Both of these games are extremely popular among players, registered with Ruby Fortune. What is more, there are many different versions of video poker, available on the platform. They offer gamblers a chance to play some of the hottest releases, available on the market today. All without having to leave their house, on the device of their choice. 

Bonuses and promotions 

Ruby Fortune works very hard to offer its users some of the best promotions or bonuses, among all online casino providers. This is why they came up with the idea to have a welcome bonus, for every user who joins the platform. 

Every single newcomer at the platform automatically qualifies for a welcome bonus. The bonus can give you as much as $750, in total!

There are several steps you need to take, in order to claim this reward. For your first deposit bonus, you will have to pay up to $250. The platform will then give you 100% of your payment, as a bonus. The same thing happens for your second and third deposit, which you decide to place with Ruby Fortune. This is just so you can enjoy yourself and have fun, while playing on the platform.

The loyalty program is another promotion, offered by the platform. It promises its users a chance to enjoy some of the greatest prizes, without any additional payments or commitments. You are part of the program from the moment you create or register your account. From now on, you will have the opportunity to gather points. Get as many as possible and see what rewards you are eligible for!

The Palace Group likes to reward players, who are really devoted to online gaming. This is why they decided to set up a VIP club. VIP users benefit from numerous promotions: their status qualifies them for even more fun on the platform. There are additional promos, created or tailored especially for VIP users. 

Deposit and withdrawal methods 

There are several different methods for depositing or withdrawing your money. They were created with users in mind: Ruby Fortune’s aim is to ensure a comfortable and fun gaming environment, for everyone involved.

You cam use everything from bank transfers to credit or debit cards, e-wallets, and many others. There are some things to keep in mind, though. For instance, you cannot withdraw money with Trustly Bank or Interac Bank transfers. But those are the exceptions. Check the full list on their website, to avoid any doubts.

Customer service   

Time and time again, Ruby Fortune representatives said that one of their biggest priorities is to provide helpful and exceptionally good customer service. For this reason, they made sure to have some of the most skilled or competent people hired for the job. 

Their customer service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There are several ways of contacting customer service. You can drop them an email or use the live chat option, available through their website. The customer service is always ready to assist you. Trust them to help you find accurate and up-to-date information! In addition, there is also a special page for “frequently asked questions”, where you can look for answers to many common doubts or misconceptions.

Games for mobile users 

The platform tries its best to keep up with the fast-developing, modern world. This is why they put in the time and effort to create special versions of their games, just for smartphone users. In doing so, Ruby Fortune is proud to be a platform, which answers to the online gaming community and their demands.

Gamblers should be able to use their device of choice. This is the premise of Ruby Fortune’s efforts to enhance user experience. It allows them to have most fun.


Ruby Fortune is a platform with a long history. With its award-winning games, it offers gamblers a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Other than incredibly well-developed games, the website also gives its users the ability to access some of the greatest bonuses and promos, available on the market today. The website boasts a user-friendly design and it is very easy to navigate from page-to-page. 

Ruby Fortune is one of the most popular gambling websites not only in Canada, but around the entire globe. See why for yourself.