1. SpinShake Casino
C$ 1 500 bonus + 200 free spins
C$ 1 500 bonus + 200 free spins
  • Over 600 casino games
  • Play on desktop and mobile
  • Plenty of casino promotions

SpinShake Review

Are you looking for a friendly casino, which has a wide array of slot games, as well as live casino options?

Then, SpinShake is the right choice for you! It is a simple, down-to-earth online casino games site, which will get you hooked right away. Its beauty lies in simplicity and a clean, modern interface. It comes with a whole string of promotions for new players and loyal, returning customers. We will talk more about the welcome package further down the line but there is a myriad of advantages, which come just by joining the SpinShake online casino!

In this review, we will walk you through some of them. We will explain some of the main characteristics in detail and try to convince you why SpinShake is different from other operators, present in the Canadian market. There are several features, which make SpinShake unique or one of its kind. Monthly bonuses are certainly one of them. But we argue that the biggest added value, which comes from playing with SpinShake lies in its choice or selection of slot games. Are you a slot player?

Then you are in luck! SpinShake is bursting with fresh releases, from some of the world’s top developers. Again, we will get there, but now let’s talk about what you might when you register with the provider. SpinShake is a platform, waiting to be discovered.

A generous choice of top slot game releases and monthly bonuses, which will keep you playing for a long time.

We have analyzed the Canadian market for some time now. One thing is certain: the competition is fierce. Many providers are trying to lure in new customers by “outdoing” one another. What do we mean? Each promotion, which comes out on the market is closely scrutinized by the competitors. Each platform tried hard to stay on top of their game. But it is simply impossible to follow up with some of the newest releases.

We barely keep a tally of the new bonuses, promotions or rewards. And we have been in this business for ages! This is why many players have decided to act on their instincts instead. They are choosing to play on the platform they know that they can trust. We like SpinShake’s honest attitude towards online casino games. Their vision is simple: “we promise you the best online casino games, complete with awesome promotions”. Nothing more, nothing less.

We would like to congratulate SpinShake on their frank approach. This is exactly what players around Canada are looking for. Let’s face it, online casinos have never been more popular. It is easy to get lost among all the offers out there. Finding a casino, which understands the real value of online entertainment is proving increasingly hard! We welcome SpinShake’s way of doing business. For a long time, we were all looking for a quality platform, which would put the expectations or needs of the players first.

Hold on, as we guide you through the choice of online casino games, available on the platform.

How does SpinShake describe its own catalog or range of releases?

You can expect anything from live “online blackjack to online slots, with anything in between”. The platform is certainly banking on variety, which definitely scores them points with different categories or types of players. Another outstanding feature we associate with SpinShake is the overall quality of releases. You can expect some of the most vivid, high-definition video slot games, available on the Canadian market! Take a spin or watch the reels, rolling in front of your eyes.

You will surely notice what we mean in no time. You can choose between traditional or video slot games, casino games (such as blackjack, poker or roulette) and scratchcards. Any of these options will bring you instant rewards, provided that you land a win! Are you a strategic player, who knows exactly what they are doing? We invite you for a round of poker! Do you trust your luck and are you up for a quick spin? Then, you might want to try your fortune in one of the fresh slot game releases.

Really, there is something for everyone. But as we said, what really stands out is the range of slot games. Some of the slots are well-established, fan-favorites. These include 7 Fancy Fruits, Hot Spin, or Starburst. In fact, there are numerous classic slot games, which will attract all profiles of online casino players. If you are more into theme-based releases, you are in for a treat! What can you expect to find in SpinShake’s vast catalog?

Games such as Bonanza, Gonzo’s Quest or Western Jack will take you to a different world. Whether you are a Spanish conquistador, cruising through the waters of Amazon or a Wild Wild West cowboy, preparing for a duel in a busy salon, you can expect premium quality entertainment from its newest slot releases. This cuts all the way through to the core of SpinShake’s philosophy.

To cite or paraphrase their mission statement, you can really get “the best of the best” from the online provider. With SpinShake, you can safely expect to get exactly what it says on the tin!

SpinShake’s key features and functionalities

Now, that we have presented you with the general feel of the online casino, we will walk you through the main features of SpinShake. Get familiarized with SpinShake’s main features! See what you can get for yourself.

First of all, we would highly advise you to pay close attention to any promotions. SpinShake regularly changes its promos. Many of the new deals are available for a set period of time. Do not expect them to hang around forever! Other special features, such as Happy Sunday Free Spins, apply to certain days of the week. As the name suggests, the promotion is exclusively addressed to slot players.

But some of SpinShake’s offers are not open to everyone. What do we mean? Join the VIP club now and find out the provider’s ways of rewarding its loyal players! You will certainly not want to miss out. Get the first dips or try fresh, new releases before anyone else. The rest is a secret, but take our word for it: it is really worth it. If you have just started out, there is a generous welcome package, waiting for you. Did you just register your account? Today is your lucky day. You might be eligible for an extra $1,500, on top of your deposits and an additional 200 free spins.

We should also mention that SpinShake is a trustworthy, well-established platform. What do we mean by that? It is registered with the Maltese gambling authorities, additionally regulated by the strict UK Gambling Commission. What is more, it is an active partner in different responsible gambling initiatives, such as Game Care or Fair Play. SpinShake has made all the effort to make its transaction and payment methods as open or transparent as possible.

Cash in or out, using a credit or debit card of your choice. SpinShake will accept your regular bank-issued MasterCard or VISA. If in doubt, you are always welcome to get in touch with their dedicated customer support team. They will solve your problem with no further delay, thanks to the live chat option, available in the top right-hand side corner.

Do we need to say more to convince you to pay SpinShake a visit? If you are still unsure, you can always try one of the demo versions, which are widely available for most of the slot games. One thing is certain: Canada is fast-turning to online casino games. See what the hype is all about!