Tricks and Tips: How to Win at Bitcoin Slots


Tricks and Tips: How to Win at Bitcoin Slots

Interest in cryptocurrency gambling has increased significantly recently. Most gamblers prefer crypto casinos and Bitcoin slots over traditional gambling platforms based on fiat currencies and regular payment methods.

But the changes are not happening only on the side of enthusiasts and casino operators. Many providers have started developing and releasing crypto games, recognizing blockchain’s opportunities and benefits, with BTC slot machines leading the charge.

They are mainly identical to traditional slots, but the underlying technology makes them fairer and safer.

In the following sections, we will discuss BTC gaming machines’ features, characteristics, and mechanics. Besides, you will find tricks and tips to bring you closer to your first crypto win!

Understanding Bitcoin Slots

BTC slots are machines whose reels spin every time you pull the lever. Having determined the number of lines/stakes and started the rotation, you will observe the symbols that make up the combinations randomly.

If at least three appear on the same payline, you will be paid as described in the paytable. While spinning the reels, computer software will search through thousands of possible combinations in a second, and this is called a random number generator.

These days, providers do not limit themselves when creating Bitcoin casino slots. They often deviate from the established “rules” using 5, 6, and 7 reels. Although winning lines are present in every game, their number can vary considerably.

Bitcoin Slots in Casino

BTC online slots typically include a Megaways feature, increasing the ways to win. Instead of 20 traditional paylines, you can make 500, 1,000, or even 100,000 combinations.

The principles remain the same. You must place a bet and adjust the number of lines to spin the reels. The only difference is how you pay.

Having deposited in the casino, you will be betting in Bitcoins, adjusting their value with the appropriate button. Winnings will be awarded in crypto coins as well.

Choosing the Right Bitcoin Slot Game

Picking a suitable slot game is critical to your financial success. Once you have found a suitable alternative, check the essential criteria.

  • RTP (Return to Player). Set by the developer, the RTP is attached to each game. It indicates your winning odds. Accordingly, the higher the RTP, the better your chances of topping up your bitcoin reserves. If you find a video slot with a 95% RTP, you will get back $95 for every $100 wagered. Look for machines with an RTP of at least 95-96%.
  • Volatility. Although this parameter is listed in every game, many enthusiasts ignore it. High volatility features massive wins that rarely happen. At the same time, low volatility provides more frequent but smaller payouts. Choose games with volatility that suit your style and pace of play.
  • Bonus features. Look for games with plenty of built-in boosters. Exciting mini-games, expanding Wilds, free spins, progressive multipliers, and other features can significantly increase your prizes.

These are basic criteria to check when picking BTC slots. They determine when and what payouts you will receive, so consider them seriously.

Bankroll Management

Bankroll management plays a vital role in long-term success in blockchain slots. Decide how much money you are willing to wager before opening the doors of an online casino. Make sure this amount won’t cause a disaster if you lose it.

Once you have decided on your final gambling budget, divide it into several small parts and choose how much you will wager per round. It is recommended to start with minimum bets, increasing them after wins.

You can even record the amounts you bet and win. This allows you to keep a balance between wagers and incoming money. But never chase losses, which often leads to even more significant problems. Consider setting a win/loss limit after reaching, which you should stop.

Managing the casino bankroll wisely will prolong your gaming session and increase your chances of winning big. Otherwise, you risk losing everything you came to the online casino with, which can harm your life.

Understanding Bonus Features

Most BTC slots today have built-in boosters. It includes special symbols and various spin modifications, making them more lucrative. Here are the most popular bonuses you will come across these days.

  • Wilds. This is a crucial symbol in any slot machine. Its primary functions include replacing regular characters to complete their combinations and helping you pick up a prize. However, providers are increasingly adding expanding, sticky, and multiplier wilds, creating even more combos or increasing total payouts.
  • Scatter. This can be a standalone symbol or one of the extra wild features. Scatters are usually paid in any position, and when 3-5 of them appear on the screen, the gambler triggers the bonus feature.
  • Free Spins. When the bonus round starts, you will get a certain number of rounds during which the reels will be spun at the current bet and lines without your investments. You don’t pay, but you still win real money. Free spins can have boosters like extra wilds, random multipliers, etc.
  • Mini-games. You can unlock a mini-game using scatters or other symbols depending on the crypto slot. It is typically a continuation of the main story, giving you great chances for the jackpot and massive prizes.

Having picked one of the thousands of crypto slots available, find out what booster it comes with. The more bonuses involved, the more Bitcoins you’ll take home!

Maximizing Winnings with Progressive Jackpots

This unique Bitcoin slots online category is well-known for its giant payouts. Every time a gambler pays and spins the reels on any of the progressive machines, a small percentage of the bet is added to the jackpot.

For instance, if 10 players bet on the Mega Moolah slot, each increases the prize pool they are competing for. The bank accumulates over days, weeks, and months. As a result, it often reaches millions of dollars.

Mega Moolah Slot Image

One day, the prize will be paid out to a random lucky player. How to be the one?

Now you can find out how to win the top prize. Some machines allow you to do this only in the bonus round; in others, it is enough to land the corresponding symbols on one of the lines.

If you are playing at the maximum bet at that moment, be ready to grab your BTC jackpot!

Gameplay Strategies

If video slots for you are more than catching symbols, you need to improve your skills and knowledge. You can win more Bitcoins when you use one of the strategies below.

  • Martingale Strategy. You can find many complicated words describing this approach to bets, and we are here to simplify it. The strategy applies to all casino games with 50/50 winning odds. The idea is to increase the bet every time a spin does not bring profit. Eventually, the combination will appear, and this win will cover all your previous losses.
  • Flat Betting. Following this strategy, you should wager the same amount each round. If you have a bankroll of $200 and you decide to wager 10% on each spin, you will spend exactly $20. This approach will prolong your playing session. Besides, you’ll stay structured and consistent.
  • Stop-Loss and Win-Limit. The idea behind this strategy is elementary. You have to set an amount you can lose/win. You should end the game and return later upon reaching either of them. If something goes wrong, you will not lose too much. Even if you keep winning over and over again, you will be able to leave the casino before the lucky streak is broken.

Each of these approaches is worth a special consideration. Study each of them in detail and start using them in practice.

Utilizing Free Play and Bonuses

After learning about strategies for playing BTC machines, you must wonder how to practice them without risking your bankroll. There are two solutions that we have described below.

  • Welcome Bonuses. You can expect generous welcome deals when joining a casino that values its reputation. From no-deposit bonuses to packages under first replenishment, they include cash boosters and free spins. Use any compensation to rotate the reels and win real money with no risk.
  • Demo mode. Playing free Bitcoin slots no deposit is required. This is possible if you run the game in demo mode. You will get a virtual bankroll to bet without real investment. Such an approach gives you time to study the features of the slot machine and test different strategies. However, you should know that real payouts are impossible in demo mode.

So, you can start playing for free right now. Use welcome bonuses when visiting a new casino or enjoy demo slots with zero risk.

Game Variance and Payout Frequency

The variance is one of the mechanisms determining your winnings when playing video slots with Bitcoins. It can be low or high. Low variance offers frequent winnings, but you will find that they are not that big.

Casino Machine with Bitcoin

Meanwhile, high variance slots provide infrequent payouts, but you will settle for solid amounts. The variance is always indicated in the slot machine specifications, so you should check it before the first bet is placed.


If you haven’t played video slots with cryptocurrency before, ensure your first experience will be risk-free. Choose casinos with solid no-deposit and welcome bonuses to increase your starting bankroll.

Alternatively, you can begin with demo slots to explore their features and generosity without investment. You will have enough time to test Flat Betting and other strategies and decide which suits you.

You will know what to expect from spins when making the first deposit. Then, enjoy the best Bitcoin slots and win real money!