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$1,600 welcome package + 200 free spins
$1,600 welcome package + 200 free spins
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VoodooDreams Casino Review

VoodooDreams is a Malta-based online casino platform. It is among some of the top-rated casinos, which have intrigued us the most this year. What we particularly like about VoodooDreams casino is their approach, which strives to make the whole experience special. It is different from thousands and thousands of other online casinos, which just stick to the basic package.

Any online casino that offers decent service for its gamblers is always appreciated, especially when it comes to safety and responsible gambling. But when casinos take it to the next level and offer something unique in the market, then they deserve extra credit.

Let’s discuss some of the main characteristics that define or separate VoodooDreams as a casino, which boast both uniqueness and personal character. See what you expect, once you decide to put your money on the platform.

Tournaments and duel system

VoodooDreams is different, in that it actually encourages the social aspect of gambling. If you are one of the types who enjoys the rush, which comes with gambling games but equally prefers a social, interactive aspect of group gaming, then you will be delighted to find out about VoodooDreams tournaments. The platform offers a sophisticated system, which will allow you to compete or team up, while earning real money.

The way it works: there is always at least one type of tournament going on at VoodooDreams interactive platform. Players, who have the highest number of points racked up, will be the ones to win the tournament. In order to participate in a tournament, all you need to do is enter a duel with another player. Get ahead of the game and obtain tournament points by winning duels. The players with the highest points win the tournaments. Simple?

Your rank in the tournaments can be checked against different leaderboards. You can access it by visiting the duel section, in your account menu. There you can see your rank, previous games history, and number of games, won in duel mode. It is a handy way of keeping a clear track of things.

More details about duel

The duel system is quite interesting, with some specific sets of rules and features, which need to be taken into account. Especially if you are here for the first time!

To explain it in simple terms: in duels, you play against other players, in popular games like slots. Once both of you are connected, you wager your own money. The game lasts for an agreed duration of time. As the game goes on, players who are winning actual money are able to deal “damage” to the other players. Eventually, the one left with the most “health” on their account will be the one with the most points. It will automatically make them the winner. As you can see, the system is fairly straightforward.

That is it, for the most part. The premise, on which you win is not a secret, with no hidden rules or anything that can put you in a bad spot, especially if you are just a beginner. The only thing to remember is that there is a predetermined minimum of spins, which will make you eligible for the prize. This is an equivalent of wagering requirements but in duel mode. The principle is the same. 

Now, you are most likely wondering: what is even the point of doing anything like this? Well, the chances are that you are asking that question because you have not seen any other casinos try to offer anything similar. But that should not be a reason for you to lose your interest. Read on and we explain its added value.

Gambling can definitely be a lonely experience sometimes. A feature like this feels like a breath of fresh air, giving players a nice opportunity to socialize. Maybe even make some friends on the way? It also adds a nice touch of competition to it all. For some people, it can boost their motivation, which will push them towards earning more money.

What’s the tournament system like?

As we mentioned earlier, there is usually one active tournament at VoodooDreams, at any given time. To give you an idea of what you can expect, we will go through some of the active tournaments right now, so you can see what they look like. These tournaments are usually repetitive, meaning they occur more than once. With that being said, they may be subject to some changes, so simply look towards them as a reference.

When visiting the tournaments section, you will be greeted with the list of tournaments, which are currently active. These several tournaments are split, based on their time-frames. They automatically start, depending on their specific timing. All registered players are automatically eligible to participate, by playing in duels. This is one of the greatest perks of the platform.

  • The four-hour tournament: This tournament automatically starts every second hour, and lasts for up to four hours. The prizes are 10,000SP, 8,000SP and 6,000SP for first, second and third places, respectively.
  • Evening tournament: This tournament starts at 18:00 CET and ends at Midnight. The prizes for first, second and third places are 25,000SP, 20,000SP and 15,000SP.
  • Daily tournament: This tournament starts every Midnight and goes on for the whole day. The prizes are 50,000SP, 30,000SP and 20,000SP.
  • Weekly tournament: This tournament starts at 00:00 every Monday and runs for the whole week. Prizes are 250,000SP, 100,000SP and 75,000SP.

You can easily keep track of how far ahead you are against other players, just by going to the leaderboard section! This tournament feature is a very nice add-on, which allows players to get a little more competitive. It makes their entire online gambling experience much, much more engaging. Try it out for yourself now.

Promotions and bonuses

VoodooDreams offers some of the nicest bonus or promotions systems online. Congruent with the website’s name and its main theme, many of its promotions have special names. They are usually referred to as “spells”. Spells are always subject to variation and are likely to change during the time you spend on the platform. To date, this is one of the most interesting bonus systems we have seen, on any website! Let’s quickly go over the system. We explain how it works here.

Besides the money that you actually win, each spin gives you experience points (XP) and spirit Points (SP). Experience points allow you to reach higher levels on your account, giving you access to better bonuses. As mentioned, they are called “spells”. You can then use your SPs to “cast” said “spells”.

When using SPs to cast spells, you will be granted a bonus! The cost depends on the value of the spells themselves. They usually become more and more powerful, with each consecutive use. If you have enough SPs, you can actually choose your own bonuses or the value itself! This gives you a lot of flexibility, allowing you to set the game, in line with your preferences.

What specific bonuses are there?

The bonuses, called spells, are divided in four different types: Blood Spells, Dark Spells, Light Spells and Spirit Magic. Let’s examine each one of them:

  • Blood Magic: This allows you to receive a set amount of free spins with your next deposit. These bonuses are sometimes restricted to specific games.
  • Dark Magic: This gives you a deposit bonus.
  • Light Magic: This gives you an even larger deposit bonus than the Dark Magic.
  • Spirit Magic: This is the strongest spell at VoodooDreams, which grants you real money, with no wagering requirements. It also enables instant withdrawals!

Free spins and matching bonus

Any new player, who signs up at VoodooDreams, is eligible for the welcome bonus. You will just need to make a first deposit, which comes to a minimum of $25. After that, you will receive a matching bonus of 100%, for the maximum amount of $100.

Besides the 100% match bonus, players also receive 20 free spins per day, for 10 days running. You may use these free spins for the Book of Dead, a very popular slot game release. All that is required is to simply log in every day and play!


Playing, and testing out, this platform was a real experience! From their very intriguing duel or tournament system to the dream-like bonus scheme, VoodooDreams has really impressed us in how original they are. Sometimes, it is necessary to forget about money and play for its own sake, just to have fun. VoodooDreams does not only help you to access premium entertainment. But VoodooDreams takes it a step further, with the social aspect that comes with different tournaments. We highly recommend that you try the different features, which are offered by the platform. You will not be disappointed!

If you are looking for a complete experience from start to finish, then VoodooDreams is your place!